Justin Trudeau says affordability measures coming in 2023 federal budget

The 2023 federal budget will include new affordability measures aimed at helping Canadians' navigate the ongoing cost-of-living crunch, according to Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.

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  1. The disgust I have for him, Freeland, and the entire Liberal party is beyond words. They have intentionally destroyed this once great country.

    1. @Pat Nadeau Great Idea!! I will be doing that from now on! Geez, why didn’t I think of it before 🤔😕

  2. I suspect “Affordability measures” means handing out more money, which ironically will push inflation higher making things less affordable.

  3. Funny, parents could afford dental care, didn’t need the two double GST payments and the few who received the rental benefit, which I think expires on the 31st March before you became pm.

  4. Trudeau speaking at a town hall in NL speaking to and answering softball questions from high-school kids.

  5. All this guy has done is made things more expensive and then try to distract with party tricks and empty gestures.

  6. A mp backbencher is set to receive at $15,000 raise. Let the mp’s live on 15 grand for a year and they might know about affordability.

    1. likely the lowest income bracket. Funny when I call the CRA they say I make too much money, but when I talk to the Bank they say I don’t make enough…hmmm what a system.

  7. Dental care for kids under 10 was always FREE so adding two more years is NOTHING! One has to also qualify for it depending on income!

  8. Sounds like more grabbing the taxes in one hand and then giving some back with the slight of other hand.

  9. When you see all the unfinished new housing projects everywhere in the country plus astronomical number of real estate listings , this is the time we are back to normal economic developments without much foreign interference.

  10. Justin
    I can feel myself getting DumBer just listening to you !
    I’m 100 % ready to vote ☑️ you out

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