Justin Trudeau to Michelle Rempel Garner: 'I listen to our experts' | COVID-19 in Canada 1

Justin Trudeau to Michelle Rempel Garner: ‘I listen to our experts’ | COVID-19 in Canada


Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and Conservative health critic Michelle Rempel Garner debate the decision to delay COVID-19 vaccine doses.


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  1. Ahhh! Mr.justin “pass the buck” Trudeau is at it again . He’s like a cartoon character “ah? Which way did he go George, which way did he go”

    1. @Seasoning the Obese won’t put my life in danger with untested vax to hopefully prevent another being sick

      you do you

    2. two manufacturing runs are “on hold” and no causal relationship has been suggested or proved… so shut up already

  2. Trudeau is a master at avoiding answering questions. I don’t believe I’ve ever heard a straight answer from him or anyone in his cabinet

    1. @Johnny Allison you are exactly why the world is do divided and what do you know you’re a liberal.

    1. Dictators and or Dicks
      don’t answer questions,
      especially if their puppets.
      Privately owned Central Bank puppets.

    2. Yup, typical narcisisst, and in this case the dangerous kind. Always dodging deflecting and projecting!

    1. Are these the same ’experts’ that said a mask won’t help – and now we’re better off wearing two?
      The same experts who said there’s no data to support air travel is a major spread threat – to now we should have ‘Covid’ passports?
      The same experts who said Covid is less transmissible in children than adults?
      I could go on…
      There are no Covid ‘experts’.
      Just shills.

  3. Trudeau needs to answer the question instead of bad mouthing the opposition. I loose respect for any party that does this. There have been so many wrongs that the Liberals have done and if it was any other party the voters would want to oust them but since it’s the Liberal party it seems to be okay. There needs to be more intelligent debate instead of hollering. Looking forward to Raybolds new book coming out in October.

    1. @BrotherAlpha That’s all conservatives operate on – austerity – cut backs in everything but the oil sector. It’s why they’re such failures at everything.

    2. @Vianka Applebaum What does that even mean? and who are you talking to? It’s not hard to look up Canada’a history information’s at your finger tips if you have no clue.

  4. Typical … when you’re back is up against the wall, accuse others as “Anti Science”. Justin, please please please just DISAPPEAR!!!

  5. As usual, Trudeau can’t answer the questions and then accuses others of being stupid and ignorant

  6. He doesn’t listen to anyone. His experts fucked up all the way through.
    Science…. really???
    Need an election he’s gotta go!

    1. Let’s let the conservatives play their cards a little longer before calling election. Gotta win over the swing voters or he will just be in again

  7. When are we voting this guy out ?! Damage is done let’s move on to the next leader to complain about

    1. It’s a direct answer. Experts advice is being taken. If Hill wants reasons then she should ask the experts.

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