1. Threw up is more like it. A politician murdering his song during Queen mourning, he wouldn’t have been impressed at all.

  1. The phone rings in the middle of the night
    My father yells “what you gonna do with your life?”
    Oh schwabby dear, you know you’re still number one
    But clowns they wanna have fun

    1. @wheelerone Justin runs Canada with as much inherent “talent” as the so-called singers on the initial elimination round of “American Idol”. You know, the ones who thought they sang like Mariah Carey but sounded worse than Drew Carey. Justin is the William Hung of Canadian politics. 😑

  2. As a Canadian I am SO very Embarrassed by this CLOWN. The nite before the Queen’s Funeral. Could have only been worse if MEgan joined him

  3. Sure embarrassment to every Canadian!! So disrespectful, how’d he ever go to church today and pay respects to the Late Queen?! Or sing any of those Hymns, that have been sung today at the services?!

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