Justin Trudeau’s full remarks on election call

Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau calls the election for Oct. 21, and takes questions from reporters on SNC-Lavalin, jobs and his party's priorities. #elxn43 #cdnpoli

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  1. Funny how he calls election day before globe and mail story breaks.

    The PM of Quebec blocks RCMP investigation stating cabinet client privilege.

    RCMP will not conduct investigation during election.

    Justin trudeau is a liar and needs to go

  2. If Liberals would stop giving away billions of taxpayers money to their cronies then conservatives wouldn’t have to make cuts to balance the budget.

  3. Yeah we all can say the same thing Trudeau, ! But can we be crooked as you ? Take a big fat hike loser ,we don’t need you robbing Canadians with your ideology ideas !.mixing up are country. … you Ser should take your BS else were.

  4. the liberals did not create a million jobs; the world economy has. Look at Doug Ford; are we going to give him credit for Ontario leading Canada in job creation?

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