Kamala Harris blasts Trump's 'weird obsession' with Obama 1

Kamala Harris blasts Trump’s ‘weird obsession’ with Obama


Sen. Kamala Harris says the U.S. President Trump has a 'weird obsession' with former President Barack Obama.


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    1. I didn’t care for Harper’s policies but at least he wasn’t an evil slime bag like Trump. Trump pulls more crap in a week than JT has since he has become PM.

  1. Establushment Democrats ran on Obamacare in 2018 and did nothing on it because they did the bait-and-switch to impeachment and forgot their constituents.

    Before that, for 8 years, Obama/Biden talked about having a public option but it was all talk. Now once again Biden is pandering to elderly and suburban voters on healthcare when he has demonstrably shown he is all talk and stated at various times over the years his intention to cut Social Security and Medicare, as progressives have pointed out.

  2. Kinda like the entire left’s weird obsession with Trump. I’d say they’ve outdone themselves there.

    1. I think they’re secretly in love with him. There are a lot of women who have fainted in Trump’s presence when they meet him. He exudes power and they can’t resist him.

  3. Harris, didn’t you say Biden was racist?

    Is it common for dems to say what ever they think will get them votes? Is it common to flip flop on major things like accusing someone of being racist or their stance on the major industry of fracking?

  4. The botox injections went too deep, her brain is smooth now….smooth brained fools are never the same….

  5. What does kamala (the decendant of slave owners) think about the allegations of joe’s son torturing children on video?

  6. Obama’s codename is “Renegade”. Search up the definition of “renegade”.

    1. Obama=Renegade POTUS ,Akhenaten=Renegade Pharaoh and what a resemblance. Barack himself said “Looks just like me” whilst touring Giza with Zahi Hawass. What are the odds?

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