1. @Jbaz I’m definitely a better person than you are! That much is clear. I’d rather be mentored by someone who lived it then by someone who didn’t. My cousin made some mistakes when he was young and ended up in prison. He served his time, got out, started a successful business and never looked back! My point: PEOPLE CHANGE! Only in Amerikkka are people punished over and over again after theyve served their time. On your second point,as if white people aren’t meth heads and opioid users You racists are out in full force tonight! Keep being a racist judgemental prick and see how well that works out for you

    2. @edwin nieves agreed to everything you said till the black cop white guy. I would say he should of listened to the officer that happened to be black and if not then one less useless person wasting air.

    3. Do you know the name of the 7 year old blk girl shot 6 times and murdered in Chicago this past weekend while with her dad waiting in a McDonald’s drive thru?

      Of course you don’t.

  1. if there was no video it would have been a very different story, thank god for cellphones now, now the government has to change the laws

    1. What is the point of having a justice system , jail or prison if police are killing people, shooting them on sight. I do agree with everyone here that there is no question that there are criminals and thugs out there committing crime and they should be accountable and “ARRESTED!” NOT killed! Like I said what is the point of the justice system, jail or prison if police are not willing to get the accused there. Instead they want to shoot and kill first. Alot of criminals are hurt people, mistreated, unfortunate, misguided, mentally ill. If given an opportunity to be arrested put in jail, counseled , and given treatment, Alot of these criminals can turn their life around. Not all are capable of doing the work to turn their life around I understand, but there are many who if given a chance , and given treatment, will see the light. They just need an opportunity to live. That’s why there is a such thing called a ROCK BOTTOM. Many people can change if they surrender and accept that they’ve hit ROCK BOTTOM. It takes working with these people and giving the help they need. Look , no one is perfect. So let’s not judge automatically without knowing everything that got these criminals there. If you are free from lies, never committed an infraction, never cheated, or a sinned against anyone go ahead and cast the first stone. If you are perfect.
      Let these people live another day, given them a chance to see if they can turn their lives around. Wouldn’t you all want that for your children????a second chance? Don’t kill these people . De-escalate , arrest them , take them to jail. Use the justice system. Give people a chance to rehabilitate. Police officer are not above the law.

    2. Even it wasn’t recorded he still killed George lmao. I’m just glad it was recorded otherwise he would have gotten away with it.

    3. Ahahahahha oh boy that’s rich. You think this will change ANYTHING? Don’t be so naive. The lawlessness of the ghetto IS the plan. When they all take each other out, one less problem the Dems have to deal with.

    1. @Rebecca Newman lol one becomes the grammar police when they have nothing else to say now back to your regularly scheduled tv programming

    2. @Rebecca Newman lol you criticizing others grammer yet you used a comma after you used and? Loooool so funny

    3. @Henry Smart Weed isn’t a “drug”..Its from the Earth..God put it here for me and you..Smoke on playa

  2. I’ve been hearing the media saying things like “the first step toward progress”. The justice system worked this time, probably due to the fact it was of such a public interests. A first step is going to have to be much larger or sweeping than one officer being charged for murder. Something like reform toward the entire justice system, which has many mechanisms for carrying out injustice. This is where the conversation needs to be.

  3. Nobody is saying George Floyd was an angel but he deserved to be treated like a human. Thank you.

    1. @Dedrick Lucious REPUBLIKKKLAN??? Did your mommy help you with that clever spelling? Dear, you need two more Ks.

    2. @Kay Elliott I doubt Ashley Babbitt had 3 times the legal limit of fentanyl in her system either….like George Floyd did.

  4. It’s not so much about training as it’s about screening at the recruitment level! The screening of who we give a badge and a gun to must be more extensive to avoid hiring those type of people who no amount of training will make them a good choice! Chavin had NUMEROUS complaints against him for excessive force. He SHOULD never have been able to do what he did! Training is needed, screening must be performed, and complete!

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