Kansas GOP Caught Plotting To Rig Redistricting | All In | MSNBC

Kansas GOP Caught Plotting To Rig Redistricting | All In | MSNBC 1


    1. I am so tired of Republicans claiming to be fiscally conservative, responsible, and leaving a mess. They are such corrupt liars.

    1. @Tyvolus they are trying to tell those that think jesus isn’t God and what fools most of world is for falling for that trick,YOU WORSHIP A MAN AND CALL IT GOD.GOD IS A SPRIT AND YOU KNOW NOTHING OF IT .KNOW MAN THINK IT’S SELF TO BE GOD WHAT FOOLS.

    1. GOP : Government Of Putin, Republicans : Putin’s Patriots 🖤🧡💗❣😍👌❣

    1. Democrats are heavy it. Look at how that scoundrel Newsom recently had signatures omitted; there actually enough people here to take him out BUT notice how the left is covering for him, forcing us to his demonic politics. And what about Omar? Hmmm talk about screwed up!

    2. @Danny R 😂😂, hypocrite,your party got called out for cheating and the best you could do is blame the democrats,woow,you guys are spineless

    3. @Danny R what about omar? Are you talking about how she was accused of ballot harvesting, but that incident was revealed to be a plot to smear her by project veritas with no substance?

    1. @mik3ymomo got my dual citizenship with Germany and left in 2016. Glad I’m not there to see the hate and violence trump is instigating. Got my absentee ballot in the mail last week Biden/Harris 2020. Enjoy your civil war.

    2. Mike Russell I’m a veteran, I’ve always been ready to fulfill my oath to uphold the Constitution from threats both foreign and domestic. The blood of patriots and tyrants as Thomas Jefferson famously wrote. The rats are the first to leave the sinking ship. Germany is a good socialist place for the socialists to run away to.

  1. Stop telling the rest of the world that the United States is the model for democracy and representation of the people. It isn’t.

  2. Gerrymandering *_IS_* illegal.

    Usually it’s difficult to prove in court.
    She just publicly announced their plan to gerrymander.

    1. Currently, it depends on WHY you’re gerrymandering.
      Apparently politics is a legal reason.
      All gerrymandering must be made ILLEGAL.

    2. It was a Federal crime. But the Supreme Court ruled last year that it was up to the States. Which means if you live in a Republikkkan State, the Republikkkans will not prosecute gerrymandering if it benefits the Republikkkans.

    3. @George B. Wolffsohn I’m assuming Barrett will be appointed. Then you have 6 appointed by Republicans, and 3 of those appointed by Trump. It’s not rocket science.

    4. @Greg M then everyone that does not like this in their state must move. It is better than a protest to tell those criminal GOP that we won’t work for criminal states. This must change or they’ll continue to cheat our nation must as if they are communists !

  3. *if Trump had tested negative for COVID, we’d all know about it. he’d have a Poster in the Oval of his neg result.*

    1. There is no way Trembling Con Don Chump is Covid-19 negative. He is still coughing plenty of Covid-sh💩t. His lungs are filled with it.

  4. Once again Republican are such a minority Party that is disappearing – they have to do any thing – from voter suppression to jerrymandering to get their minority candidates elected – you are seeing a declining minority party do any dirty trick and any illegal act to stay alive – the numbers are not there – in 5 years there will be no republican party – Trump has killed it.

    1. Good we could become a one party state where you get to choose 2 Democrats instead of either a Democrat or a Republican.

    2. watching from canada: this is not a bad thing. you actually might get something done if you didnt have to continually stop the GOP from bad faith antics and dirty tricks.

  5. Every republican president has given a recession but this takes the cake 🤕

    When will Americans learn ?

    1. Never, they’re victims of their own self-delusional internal propaganda that tells them that they’re role models for freedom and democracy.

  6. The irony about Confederates is that, while denying who and what they are, they publicly double down and triple down on the racism, cronyism, bias, and corruption. *Beneath contempt.*

  7. Daily Reminder: Trump called Corona Virus a Democrat Hoax that will “magically” disappear.
    I pay more federal taxes than Donald Trump.

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