Kasie Hunt Says Cheney ‘Is Thinking About What Comes Next’

Kasie Hunt Says Cheney ‘Is Thinking About What Comes Next’ 1


  1. Liz Cheney is preparing to move into position as a prominent figure of a second republican party.

    1. @steven wooten
      Then continually display our built in ignorance to the world.
      Not that it matters after four years of Trump’s inadequacy.

    1. @Kandy Reiss I voted Democrat in 2020 & will continue to vote Democrat. I truly believe the Republican party is lost

  2. They were parading around a gold statue of Trump and now they’re making human sacrifices too? They don’t believe in science and now they’re going against the Bible too? 🤷

    1. All Trump followers are is the the voting bloc for the 1%.
      The 1% and Trump uses the poorly educated to win elections to then pass the bills in the House and Senate to benefit them.

    2. @7thpilot No the one that Donny spread to all his worshippers. It can only be transmitted butt to nose and leaves a slightly brownish-orange discoloration. It’s quite contagious among conservatives and also terminal to the Republican party.

  3. Cheney could get a majority of republican voters, it’s the politicians that don’t like her.

    1. Liz Cheney’s consistency contrasts vividly with the erratic behavours of the supplicant Retrumplicans.
      Schooled in the shadows of a very seasoned father, she appears capable of out shining her wily mentor.
      To doubt the clout of her support amongst the”old guard” would be disastrous for her opponents on the same side of the net.
      The real power plays will be unseen and could include some eye gouging in the unlit UFC ring?

    2. I hope you’re right, but the Trump supporters (and there’s many millions of them) appear to be as crazy as religious fanatics. They seem to take deep pride in their ignorance and fealty to the Orange Sphincter.

    1. Definitely. I wouldn’t be surprised if when he ran, they simply had two Republicans running one on each ticket to ensure that one of them would get elected. Happened in my town for mayor.

  4. Elise Stefanik doesn’t need to reassure conservatives. Conservatives need to reassure Elise Stefanik, or Trump and QAnon will turn on them.

  5. Liz Cheney….Just ***EXPOSED***THE CULT that is the RP!!!!!!…..America needs to wake up quickly!!!!

  6. Republicans: _”Liz, you can’t hang around us anymore because you won’t bow down and worship our God Trump.”_

  7. I love Liz Cheney’s forthright answers to being questioned about her ouster – eloquent, strong, to the point. And as for what come next, well, she will be more than the Republicans can handle. Someone should have told them “be careful what you wish for”.

    1. What is she gonna do serious question cause I don’t see that she has any moves and nobody is gonna save her they don’t wanna be next

  8. Republicans: We will not stand for cancel culture
    Also Republicans: Liz you’re cancelled.

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