Katrina Pierson Confronts Sanctuary City Mayor Over Defying Trump! 11/15/16

Katrina Pierson Confronts Sanctuary City Mayor Over Defying Trump! 11/15/16 1


Katrina Pierson Confronts Sanctuary City Mayor Over Defying Trump! 11/15/16

Katrina Pierson defends Donald Trump's common sense follow the law attitude towards immigration – November 15, 2016


20 Comments on "Katrina Pierson Confronts Sanctuary City Mayor Over Defying Trump! 11/15/16"

  1. Get Smelly Kelly out of here!!

  2. hopefully, Trump will crush this and set a tone for these schmucks

  3. When Federal funding is cut off, because these mayors are not following
    federal law, are they going to give the American Citizens, in their cities,
    a vote, before they double their taxes?

  4. Deport Criminals!
    There is no way to support this. NOT people CRIMINALS.
    He is completely disassociated from what is happening.
    This City Mayor need to be replaces ASAP>>>

  5. If they are illegal they are illegal. GO HOME.

  6. THEY ARE HERE ILLEGALLY!! That’s breaking the damn law right away… WTF

  7. cut off the cash, problem solved!!

  8. No problem, America is not short of prison space!

  9. So, if you can illegally slide across the “wall” you are safe and can stay
    in america forever for all the wonderful taxpaying freebies, with no chance
    of being sent back to their home countries.

    Illegals have zero responsibility to go into the military or do anything
    beyond sucking the freebie system dry. No consequences.

    A mexican surnamed mayor wants to keep his illegals happy, any coincidence?
    probably not.

  10. “These people” are illegal and therefor aren’t protected by the
    constitution and have no civil rights other than the right to return to

  11. Not much of a confrontation.

    Of legal immigrant households with children, 72 percent access one or more
    welfare programs, compared to 52 percent of native households. — Of
    households headed by immigrants in the country illegally, estimates are
    that 62 percent used one or more welfare programs in 2012, compared to 30
    percent of native households.

    That also does not consider the cost of providing health care been to a
    large hospital lately? We may have needed immigrants 100 years ago when we
    had factories in need of workers and land we wanted settled, which was the
    reason most came here – opportunity. Even then they were screened.

    The real issue is, why are so many people able to enter the country
    illegally when securing our borders is one of the very few things our
    national government is mandated by the Constitution to do?

  12. cut their welfare and watch these cities burn down in a week. The main
    thing these cities have is their breaking the law by harboring illegals.
    While we take care of the hajabi family… most veterans can’t get health
    care, housing, or a job. These liberals wanna open a soup kitchen? let them
    into your homes like sweden.. see what happens. FYI most of Europe is
    fucked.. cut all federal funding to these states and watch the crime rise
    and these mayors that put illegals first before americans…. are in for a
    treat. Want proof… look at chicago.

  13. They don’t have Civil Rights in the USA unless if they’re US citizens and
    these illegals broke the law and if I went to Mexico illegally you can get
    5 years in a Mexican Prison when caught

  14. duane campbell | November 16, 2016 at 6:38 PM | Reply

    oh, no megan smelly again. Had to turn her off! stop putting this idiot up!

  15. Chriszlaststand | November 16, 2016 at 6:39 PM | Reply

    These Mayors will be replaced. Or they will make up the difference raping
    the taxpayer. Study after study. We know all about studies.

  16. Chriszlaststand | November 16, 2016 at 6:55 PM | Reply

    This guy is funded by Mexico and the cartel’s. This could be considered
    human trafficking. Oh when the city does it it’s perfectly legal? It is a
    business to exploit these people. If you own a city and tell illegals that
    they can stay in your city but you have to work for them. This is
    racketeering. These people are preyed upon everyday they are used as cheap
    labor by builders, restaurants, factory workers. This has nothing to do
    with sanctuary. The business community city council and other get cheap
    labor. These are business people. So now they are stealing from the Federal
    government and the US taxpayers with the money they get. How is that money
    spent? The business community in these city’s are criminal.

  17. So let me get this straight they the illegals want to be safe but if we
    want it know way this is total B.S. and anyone who dosnt follow the law
    should be arrested common sense

  18. People who are in this country illegally do not have the same rights as
    citizens. End of story.

  19. Cameron Kerr Bôcher | November 16, 2016 at 9:50 PM | Reply

    Mayor Gonzalez sure does a lot of dancing around the issue. Perhaps one
    should be a little more direct in asking him things like; Are you a member
    of LaRaza ? Are the illegals voting in your municipal elections? Bet they
    are a great way to keep him in office. Seems he and Hillary have things in
    common, they both disregard the law.
    He should begin planning for reduced federal funds.

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