Katyal: GOP Lawyer During SCTOUS Hearing 'Tried To Nullify The Voting Rights Act' | The Last Word 1

Katyal: GOP Lawyer During SCTOUS Hearing ‘Tried To Nullify The Voting Rights Act’ | The Last Word


Neal Katyal, former acting U.S. Solicitor General, tells Lawrence O'Donnell that the lawyer representing Republicans at a Supreme Court hearing argued that the Voting Rights Act "should basically have no teeth to it and that ran into hot water from even the conservatives on the court" because the Republican argument was "contrary to the plain text of the law." Aired on 03/03/2021.
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Katyal: GOP Lawyer During SCTOUS Hearing 'Tried To Nullify The Voting Rights Act' | The Last Word


  1. You have a Republican party that is acting with full fascist intent. And they need to be punished severely.

    1. @Gage King No, LGBTI people want equal protections enjoyed by heterosexuals under the law, nothing more, nothing less. You shouldn’t be able to fire a person, deny them services, accommodation, housing, healthcare, transportation, employment, marriage, partner benefits, insurance, etc just because they are LGBTI.
      It is not a difficult concept to grasp.

    2. @Gage King that’s not how sexuality works. Sexuality is not a choice – you can’t teach a person to be one thing or another. Sexuality in innate like skin colour. Homosexuality is completely normal and natural.
      Unlike religion which is completely a choice to believe in one or more gods and the superstitious nonsense contained in those “holy” books.

    3. @Ash Roskell There’s a large percentage of America that is perfectly accepting of what the Republican party is doing because they don’t want democracy they want to rule. They are terrified that their country is changing from being white, christian and male dominated and for many of them what the GOP is doing is saving them. They are small minded and easily led through fear and anger and that is precisely what the Republican party is utilizing to manipulate them. They have gone down the fascism checklist and made enemies of the press, intellectualism, non-christians, gays, and non whites and if you are against those groups you are considered a patriot.

    4. @Kansas Hunting/Fishing yes google meaning of demogogue, democratic socialism, sedition. Also a review of Hitler’s rise to power.

    1. @David Goldman Does Putin’s mangoo taste like Vodka? You would know because that’s what you have been felching outta yer boy Trump.

    2. The continued need for individuals conveying information that is constructive, thought provoking, developing frameworks to the solving of problems that is not tied to a political leader.

    3. And the battle is on. David and Jim.No reports yet? Someone better watch for the set up? The bait is real

  2. The message was clear when Donald Trump said that if Americans could vote by mail then there would never be another Republican president. The Republicans want to make it as difficult as possible for people to vote because they believe it will benefit the Republican party politically!

    1. @emerald stone We. the people, doesn’t exist in the Republican party, and yet 74 million Americans, most of who are working-class Americans voted against their own self-interest in the last presidential election because they are single-issue voters who are unable to see the big picture.

    2. @Sheila Boston You are assuming that America is going to come out the other side and I am still concerned that the Republican Party will destroy American Democracy first and the America that I know and love will be gone forever!

  3. I find it interesting that almost every voter fraud that has been reported are Republicans committing the fraud.

    1. @oltedders Fine. But I’m for giving TX back to Mexico (yes, giving, not selling to them), and putting Trump’s goddam wall along the north border. Gotta keep the rif raff out of the U.S.!

    2. @Tom
      The U.S. needs Texas as much as Texas needs the U.S.
      How about just systematically remove the Republicans from office in Texas.


  4. Curious how they don’t put the same fervor into a platform and policies that people will vote for!

    1. @otis calhoun Sadly true, but all is not lost. We can hold recall elections and pull them from office but we must move quickly and not hesitate to exercise our authority over them.

    2. They can’t get their hands , out of their deep swampy, pockets. So there’s only one way to do it. Cover and guard.

    3. @Lord Mitchell We can hold recall elections and pull them from office without having to wait until the next election.

    4. @ML Feathers Isn’t it a matter of collecting enough signatures on a petition to hold a recall election which would get it on a ballot and up for a vote on whether or not to hold a recall election, then if passed the recall election would take place?

  5. On an even playing field, the CONservatives know they are done. A bright orange stain is indelible on the whole party

    1. That’s right. The GOP was forced to drop its mask in the final days of trump. They cannot pretend to be, “for,” democracy or the Republic any longer. They know they can only persuade Fascists to vote for Fascists. The pretence of being a Democratic Party is over for the GOP. Their only move left is to try to grab as much power as possible, on their way down. They’re facing oblivion, but then, so is the Republic. Only one side can win . . . outrite

  6. There wasn’t widespread voter fraud in 2020, there was just WIDESPREAD VOTING, and the more people vote, the fewer elections the GOP will win; they said it themselves.
    Here’s an idea…maybe instead of fighting to suppress the vote against them, the GOP could change with the times, and give us something better to vote for.

    1. Republicans were able to keep a lot of their senate seats, picked up house seats and won countless state elections. A lot of it was gerrymandered. The only thing they lost was the Presidential Election. Cause its impossible to gerrymander. But possible to voter suppress tactics. If they can shave off 2 percent they win a state.

      Instead of insulting That poor ELEPHANT They should Change it too better represent them.. THE DINOSAUR!

    3. @Alexandros Theodorou

      Your entire government is non democratic. How can someone with less votes win an election? How do all states have 2 senators when some states have 10x the population than another? Equal representation my behind.

  7. 1.
    The meaning of conservative: averse to change or innovation and holding traditional values in a ( political context) favoring free enterprise, private ownership, and socially traditional ideas. This is not the Republican Party of this day !!! You don’t even know what you got yourselves into…because…your party stands for none of these values !!! Now…you lie…cheat or steal…to win !!! Now you are humbled…your god Trump…got you there !!!

    1. That’s likely true. But it still is more powerful to let the listener come to the conclusion on her/his own.

  8. Agent orange – I won, if you only count the legal votes.
    GoP – let’s make illegal to vote for the opposition.

    1. @David Goldman NO. The problem is you and people like you: mean-spirited and (WILLFULLY) ignorant, a deadly combination. Fascist? Sounds like the GOP… PROJECTION, PROJECTION, PROJECTION.

  9. I guess nominating a honest candidate that cares about the people isn’t an option the Repubs want to consider?

    1. They would rather stack the SCOTUS with misfits, stoke misinformation over and over and suppress their own citizens, from even the basics to survive, on a daily basis, as long as they can cheat and fill their pockets. Disgusting

    2. Funny, can you keep either in your pocket. Lol. Well really your not their concern. Remember what the Texas mayor said? And he meant that. When someone tells you what they think of you believe them. But you don’t have to accept it.

    3. They can’t say it, but “an honest candidate that cares about the people” would definitely *not* please their biggest political donors.

    4. honest candidates.. ??? Remember , the Republican party is the party of Joe McCarty, Nixon , Agnew and Trump ……among others ….Honesty is an outdated principle in the Republican party…

    5. They have absolutely no ideas!!! That’s why all you will ever hear them say are the same lies over and over!! Immigrants are coming for your jobs, Democrats want your guns and don’t forget Democrats are socialists!!! Meanwhile, the red states receive more handouts than blue states!! That is verified and checked fact!!! They are weak lying cowards and people that vote for them aren’t any better!!! They all thought they were so tough on January 6th, why don’t they come forward and say hey, it was me!! I am a patriot, here I am!! Instead of all getting caught hiding in their mother’s basement!!! And having mommy cry about the food they are feeding them and they mean old jailers aren’t cutting the crust off her babies bread? Lol!!!

  10. How do you go home and tell your kids, that my job, is to deny United States Citizens, their right to vote and Sunday morning you in church, praising Jesus.This are Evangelical’s.

    1. This is easily. Just live in a red state and warp reality so much that it becomes an alternate reality where lying is not a big thing. This is a huge problem. But enough Republicans have to drop out of their party if they do have a conscience. Democrats… should however not go too far left either… but it is clear to see which party is more honest.

  11. What the “H” is going on in America. Everyone has the right to vote, period, full stop, end of story, and to the republicans, let it go!!! We all know, you can’t win unless you cheat.

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