Keep Up With The Climate Challenge. | Chris Hayes | MSNBC 1

Keep Up With The Climate Challenge. | Chris Hayes | MSNBC


Chris Hayes discusses the role government plays in relation to climate change and natural disasters.

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Keep Up With The Climate Challenge. | Chris Hayes | MSNBC


  1. The news hasn’t talked about all the Texas crops that were destroyed by the recent winter storms.

    The winter crop of broccoli, cabbage, cauliflower, beets, spinach, lettuce, kale, peas, bok choy, kohlrabi, radish, turnips, rutabaga and others were all destroyed.

    Climate change is going to hurt everyone, from the farmers to the consumers and everyone in between.

    1. @Greg M, this is a short clip from a show of a couple of days ago. That said, MSNBC did cover the losses of the crops and to the farmers and so forth. Also inmates who couldn’t flush toilets,. and hospitals who were screwed. Cheers!

    2. I have warned my friends in Canada to stock up on citrus products before prices rise. Canadians also do not depend as much on American produce, as we can find fruits and vegetables from Latin America and Africa during the winter season. Also, the American news media is obviously trying to keep a lid on any INFLATION from rising consumer prices for food and shelter. The Federal Reserve has been bailing out Wall Street with more than $4 trillion, last year, but thinks help for working people will hurt the economy. Thus, don’t expect more than a supplement to an unemployment check. You’re not getting a LIVING WAGE. There is no INFLATION, which would hurt the stock and bond markets for the wealthy!

  2. President Biden cares deeply for the Environment and Nature. His policies will make Earth a Greener and Happier place to live in.

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    1. The frightening thing is that these “Rebeca’s” walk among you America…
      …similar to other cult members, such as Trumpeteers.
      A warning from afar

  4. Snow in San Anselmo,
    My waitress, my waitress, my waitress
    Said it was coming down
    I said it happened, it hadn’t happened in over 30 years
    But it was laying on the ground
    But it was laying on the ground
    — Van Morrison

    1. The global warming ‘experts’ told us it snow would be a thing of the past. They said that little children will never know the joy of playing in snow in the winter Olympics might need to be canceled because of lack of snow. They also said the Arctic would be ice free by September 2013.

  5. Q: Is man made climate change real? YES.
    Q: Knowing human population growth, is it likely humans will fix it with an immediate and sustained world wide response? NO.

  6. เราดีใจที่เห็นการช่วยเหลือซึ่งกันและกัน ขอบคุณ

  7. Republicans still live in alternate reality to deny humans have changed the atmospheric dynamics that result in extreme weather including hurricanes, winter storms, droughts, wild fires, polar ice melt, beach erosion, species extinction, lost rain forest, ocean acidification, soil erosion, crop failures, diminishing fisheries and finally human kind.

  8. Good Governance in GQP Texas? Not! We can do better, vote Blue Texas, join the rest of the US power grid and for f%cks sakes, winterize the wind turbines.

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