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  1. Keeping secrets are unhealthy. Speaking to a person to whom a person will be in the relationship in the long haul and seasons; there should be a safe place and space for open and honest conversations and communications with each other. The key word is TRUST ones ability to trust your heart to be honest to the other person.

    Collect DATA, know each other and Vet your heart and their spirit.

  2. Everyone not going to know every little things about the next person and or others. But pertinent information about that person needs to be in the know; not to allow outside entities and other individuals to form cracks in the foundation of the relationship that which is not a situation-ship or an entanglements, lol lol

    Again, VET VET VET family lineage and bloodline in any relationship before taking the next step into the WE ROAD for the long haul and seasons of good bad ugly and bereaved. Just saying

  3. Loving the conversation viewpoints and points-of-views of men-versation (manversations) conversation.

    Thank you both Sir’s

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