Keilar and Berman call out GOP who voted against honoring police 1

Keilar and Berman call out GOP who voted against honoring police


CNN's Brianna Keilar and John Berman roll the tape on the 21 Republicans who had previously expressed their public support for police and voted against awarding the Capitol police a Congressional Gold Medal for protecting the Capitol during the January 6 insurrection.
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    1. Change the politicians that need to be changed, but don’t waste a good diaper just because you don’t know what the hell you’re doing! If you changed every politician every few years, you would be wasting their experience and expertise. If they prove to be good, then keep them. If not, you will soon have a Congress full of politicians they have one simply by having big money come in and advertise for them with lies and propaganda, so before you know it, it will be a corporate Congress and you would feel like a jerk.

      In other words, add term limits and you will soon have a never ending supply of corporate congressman who don’t give a damn about you. They’ve all sold out to the biggest buyer.

      You don’t waste a good diaper and you don’t waste a good politician!

      Of course, the number of Republicans who are good politicians I can count on one hand…

    1. @Dicky Jones why because CNN post news fox refuses to show you? Poor baby. I bet you think the election was stolen too. Lmao

    2. @Prince Vegeta-son, thanks for showing us again how quickly Republicans turn on police when the police aren’t doing what THEY want.

  1. It must surely beg the question : who are the real fools – politicians or those who elect them?

    1. Across the NATION, 11% voter turnout is the reason the same people are elected and reelected to Senate and House. It’s OUR fault the unqualified are voting their own salary increases and less to/for you and me.

    1. @Bill Goodman LoL I didn’t lash out at you. I listed facts and checked your comments with the truth. You are just like Derek Chauvin’s lawyer… asking people to not believe their eyes, their ears or that little thing called common sense. But I do hope you get a ticket out of Delusionville one day.

    2. @Shawn Awesome 77 then how did 140 cops get injured? Harsh language and the geriatric diabetics flatulence?
      Honestly, a lot of it was because your army of weaklings was so completely ineffective.

    3. @Shawn Awesome 77 Seems you require a dictionary lesson and a fact check. Insurrection: a violent uprising against an authority of government; synonymous with a coup attempt. Armed: equipped with or carrying a weapon or weapons (not exclusive to firearms). So yes… they were insurrectionists and yes they were armed, with and found things to use to attack officers with things like flagpoles, pipes, bats, bear and other chemical mace, brass knuckles, gates, etc.

    4. @J Jones when you start making threats, that’s when you lost the argument. Just give up and stop watching cnn, north korea style propaganda

    5. @LD lol. You seriously believe that. Firey but mostly peaceful protest. You swallowed that. But trump’s to blame. You are just ignorant of facts. You are not delusional you are stupid. Sorry. Seek help. Therapy will help.

  2. None of these politicians give a damn about any one of us, protecting our democracy, upholding the constitution or doing their public service.. #Smh

    They care about protecting their pockets

    1. @Ben Davis I’m quite certain it will get higher…… that wall on the border….the irony

    2. @Jessica Believe Jesus is Lord i apologize. I have been dealing with people trying to force their beliefs on me my entire life but you are right and I overreacted. Truthfully, I wrote another scathing comment but thought better things before sending it. Please just accept my apology and just let it go at that

  3. This is where Mike Pence needs to call these reps out but he’s too much of a coward to openly admit what happened.

    1. He showed when he didn’t back down he’s not a coward. He’s corrupt but not a coward he stood for the Constitution. He’s not the same as Trumplican traitors.

    2. @b s I don’t call it even when the right sticks to BS conspiracy theories and deflection to detract from the seriousness of Jan 6. Your guy nosferatu above said democrats incited and defended rioting all summer to get votes. That doesn’t pass the conspiracy theory smell test, it’s bonkers. You guys have so many baseless talking points all for political gain but nothing real when anyone asks for evidence in court or out.

    3. @II nosferatu II – is your ‘brain’ on vacation? You’ve been caught up in that orange cloud too long!

  4. Always has meaning has just been suggested.
    at all times; on all occasions.
    “the sun always rises in the east” – Except when it doesn’t say the Surly Whirlies, Churls.

    1. Problem is, unless something like this is aired on FOX or the other right wing terrorist networks, the Republican voters will never heard about it. They’ll believe that every single Republican supports police 100% and they’ll believe the lies that Democrats are defunding the police (which has never happened and has never been proposed anywhere) and that Dems are trying to take away peoples’ guns (which they’ve had countless opportunities to do and never have).

    2. @Adam Taylor Agreed… there is a good reason why Faux & Friends are banned from several other countries.

  5. Who are they trying reach here? The republicans with conscience already left the g.o.p. the rest is only interested in conspiracy theories.

    1. What does that even mean? Who are you even referring to? – the 30 pedophiles in the Lincoln Project? Conspiracy theories? How’s that Trump/Russia collusion one going by the way?

    1. @II nosferatu II if it were true that democrats can’t lead, how come the last 2 republican administrations ended in abysmal failures and the last 2 democratic presidents ended with multiple years of economic growth and President Obama inherited a terrible economy and financial crisis but handed over a winning economy to Trump. And now president Biden has to clean up the mess left by Trump. Simply, you know not of what you speak

    2. You’re right! The Democrats do! Just like the military. They are still yawing them for political show outside the Peoples house!

    3. @II nosferatu II, you’re showing us exactly how the Republicans stay in power. They’ve brainwashed a minority into believing that, no matter HOW bad they are, Democrats are automatically worse by default. Therefore, they don’t actually have to do a damned thing–just say “You have to vote for us or the evil atheist Commie socialist secular humanist critical race theory Antifa BLM liberals will WIN!”

    4. @Gerry Swaim why are dems cutting police funding? Why are cops leaving forces in dem run cities? Is it because they feel valued? How do they feel about Capitol police being given medals? Y’all want everything equal and fair, right? Don’t claim democrats support police, just because Republicans don’t want to award them medals.

    1. @brian collins Only when the blue beats the crap out of minorities, but when they try to stop an insurrection, suddenly no more backing the blue

    1. better than Hank “Guam will tip over from too many people on one side of the island” Johnson

    2. @Lynn Carson LoL or alternatively Repubs will say: “What if we send them to the dark side of the sun? The side not facing towards us?”

  6. Hopefully, law enforcement individuals around the country take notice how hypocritical republican lawmakers are, especially when they are in the voting booth in the next election.
    If law enforcement keeps voting republican they deserve what they get

  7. So they only stand behind the blue when it suits them, and when they are dealing with all things black. Okay got it

  8. Do they say hello to the Capitol Police officers when they enter the building or do they not make eye contact like the cowards they are.

  9. I want to know what crimes these republicans have committed. They are clearly being blackmailed.

  10. Maybe Congressman Clyde barricades doors at all his vacations just in case, you know, tourist decide they want to enter his room….

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