1. I love that she outright tells him that he is lying. I don’t see journalists do this often enough with Trump brown nosers.

  2. This guy is super annoying. “Hold on a second!” He thinks if he talks fast enough, nobody will notice that he’s lying.

    1. @deebee Because the video has 21k views. That’s why. And it ain’t climbing. It’s pretty par for the course for CNN and other MSM. Nobody cares for this nonsense except a rabid few.

    2. @Crom the Wise   diddly? Squat? You weren’t talking about the numbers, you were talking about awards, and particularly hers.

      This is a cable channel. More people are watching this and even around the world, so they can see her professionally excellent performance.

      If they work at CNN, it’s because they go through an extensive process of selection. If not, they’d bring Tucker Carlson, and they’d be watched by a deranged 30 % of the country.

    3. @Crom the Wise Well. Apparently you are. I see you commented a lot. So maybe practice what you preach? And also get a life. Everyone here is having decent discussion about her professionalism. If like you said nobody care. Please be that nobody as well.

    4. @Crom the Wise
      It’s you against the whole thread.
      Analysis is you’re another disgruntled whiner who doesn’t know true journalism. Go find others with your ignoramus outlook. No one here cares what you think.

  3. “Hold on a second” where do they get these jokers. Don’t mess with Brianna – she’ll call you out to your face!

  4. “We are leading the WORLD IN TESTING!”

    1. @Mary Ellen Burch except were not lol only if ur going off total overall numbers… which would be a funny way to juke the stats, since everyone else is using per million.. if we’re just using total numbers then more wite people a killed by police ever year.. are u saying blm is pointless ?

  5. Jan: “It’s 1 person coming in from China.”
    Feb: “it miraculously goes away.”
    Mar: “I don’t take responsibility at all.”
    Apr: Inject disinfectant
    May:“This is going to go away without a vaccine.”
    June: “it’s dying out”
    July: Still no mask
    Polls down: MASK!

    1. Fact check:
      Jan: Virus came from Europe
      Feb: It goes away around the world except US.
      Mar: Trump is held fully accountable for the outbreak.
      Apr: Trump’s fan died from the injection.
      May: Covid has mutated to different version and US becomes the worst pandemic country in the world.
      Jun: more Americans are dying
      Jul: Trump wears masks.
      Aug: Trump’s family got infected by covid.
      Sep: US deaths from covid over 200k
      Oct: DJ Index falls 30%
      Nov: Trump loses election.
      Dec: Covid is slowing down in US.

    2. @Angel My Jan: President Biden opens mental health facilities across the country to offer trumpers detox & trump disorder stabilization

  6. You can’t forget how, “The Donald” said that the, “Obama administration” stopped testing.
    Testing did not exist.
    That’s either a lie or complete ignorance.
    The virus did not exist until 2019.

  7. “But Obama did this, bla, bla, bla”, Obama was a 2 term president, unlike this clown that almost didn’t even make it one term.

    1. Plus the GOP wanted Barack impeached when we lost 5 people in this country to the Ebola Virus. I hate that anyone lost their life but we are at 140,000 deaths to COVID 19. WE NEED TO VOTE ALL THESE IDIOTS OUT IN NOV!

  8. “Hold on a second…let’s talk about this.”
    “Hold on a second…let’s talk about this.”
    “Hold on a second…let’s talk about this.” Proceeds to pivot and not talk about it.
    Good job to Brianna driving the point and getting all of this toady’s preposterous flailing in the public view.

    1. You would think they would at least send competent liars. Can’t they find anyone who’s actually good at lying? I mean do they realize we can all see the lie? Is this a power trip thing to where Trump wants us to see they’re lying or is he too stupid to realize we all seen what’s behind the curtain. A very little scared man.

    1. @BS HEY! Man, I just learned my people are from France. I actually didn’t know. Our family name is weird and we thought we were from Scotland until we did a legitimate study. We were Huguenots that immigrated to Virginia in the 17th century. I’m beginning to like the French. I’m beginning to truly understand my roots.

    2. @Crom the Wise i can tell you those kinds of TV “journalists” don’t exist in France. You’re so polarized that the media has basically given up on its role. The worst must be Hannity, Ingraham and Cuomo. There are some good ones like Wallace who, without being hostile, beautifully fact-checked your pres and asked tough and intelligent questions.

  9. Don’t know who this lady is but the day she realizes that the dude she’s with is a scrub, I’m moving in!

  10. So Trump is the “most tested” person in USA and people around him have been tested frequently, but for the rest of America, “slow the test down please????”

    1. @Charles Darwin But “the last 5 questions were really hard. The doctors were amazed… I aced those questions. No one could do that better than I did. I’m amazing!”

  11. “HOLD ON A SECOND!” is this guy’s way to say “don’t interrupt me while I’m lying here.”

  12. He said when our administration started we looked in checked-in there was no masks, because Obama left them nothing. so that means you knew the cupboards were empty for this long and you spent money building a wall before you replenish the stockpile

    1. Priorities! Plus they admit Obama left them the playbook on a pandemic..But he left the cupboards empty? That doesn’t even make sense

    2. Maybe on one of those periodic trips Trump makes down to the bomb shelter he could have swung by the cupboards where the masks were kept and noticed that they were bare? And he could have said, “Hey! Let’s get these shelves filled up.” Of course, he probably would have wanted them to be filled with cheeseburgers, but maybe, just maybe, someone with some brains would have had enough sense to say, “Sure, boss.” and then ordered N95 masks. (sigh) What a nice dream.

  13. Brianna is just so composed, informed and assertive. The “hold on a second” dude was not even in her league.

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