Keilar on GOP: Nothing says 'I hate cancel culture' like cancelling someone twice 1

Keilar on GOP: Nothing says ‘I hate cancel culture’ like cancelling someone twice


CNN's Brianna Keilar rolls the tape on the Republicans voting to censure party members who voted to convict former President Donald Trump during his impeachment trial. Even those who avoided censure, like Utah's Sen. Mitt Romney, are still facing criticism from voters.

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    1. @Danny Oakenfold more observable facts , and dont ask me to ignore the man behind the curtain. , lol. you didn’t think your metaphor thru , now did you

    2. @George Hackett lets see biden got the vaccine under trumps tenure , trump brought you the vaccine in the same time frame that biden said couldnt be done , and had already secured commitments for the vaccine to be purchased as soon as it was approved . all biden had to do was sign a check . in fact all boden had to do was stay out of the way and his goals would be exceeded as long as he didn’t screw it up. if you examine bidens “ plan”. it did absolutely nothing .

    3. @tony blackmon wow you forget about what happened after that? The southern switch. And again I’ll point out that the kkk today is RIGHT WING. That’s you guys.

    4. @Tanner lol. sure just the tip hahahah. socialism is Communism and it always enslaves and must be kept by murdering its opponents . every example of it always becomes the same . propagandists try to make it sound pretty until they find out that they were being used and will not benefit. but they always find out to late and become victims of their own deception .

    1. @kim Nah, not all of them. Trump just gave the Republican Party a bad name. I even have a few Trump supporter friends who don’t even mind that Biden won.

    2. Mitt Romney is a Democ—Crap in the Great Republican Party! Does this “traitor “ think that people is stupid, would u plz vote him out Utah

    3. @Steve N No, because they *ARE* the ones faking votes. GOP projects their wrongdoings onto the Dems.

    1. @Robert Fritzenkotter – Remember when OAN, Newsmax, FOX NEWS, Mike Lindell, Sydney Powell, and Rudy were sued by Dominion for spreading the exact same bullshit you are?

    2. @Robert Fritzenkotter remeber the time you filed 64 cases surfing voter fraud, had 3 recounts, and lost or withdrew every appeal? No, of course you don’t! You have like a very beutiful thing up there.

    3. @Robert Fritzenkotter Did you even read your own document? It says nothing about Biden or the democratic party, it says that one foreign government (Iran) attempted to scan dominions website and that dominion sold some patents to China. There is nothing about the Biden campaign giving themselves 30 million votes. Not to mention the paperwork itself has been redacted including the signature and name of the supposed person which means it could have been written by anyone, anywhere which makes this affidavit completely useless.

    4. @Don nawzd Says the guy that voted for a sexual predator, Trump, for president. The Access Hollywood tapes don’t lie.

    1. Fake news CNN is so obsessed with Trump. They literally bring him up incessantly. They’re making him relevant by continually pissing and moaning about him.

    2. @Mimzy Jinx What news source do you take seriously? What criteria do you employ to decide whether something is true or not? There’s literally video and written proof of the events in this story, so I’m not sure why I wouldn’t take it seriously. I mean, I have eyes and ears.

    3. @JJS 1990 I really wish they’d stop covering every move Trump makes.

      Edit: to be clear, I’m not on board with your stupid “fake news” narrative. That didn’t even exist until Trump drilled it into your soft heads.

    1. Mitt Romney is a Democ—Crap in the Great Republican Party! Does this “traitor “ think that people is stupid, would u plz vote him out Utah

    1. Not the most favorite?! It’s not even on their scope!
      Ask a trumpanzee what integrity is and the response you’ll get is “fake news – there’s no such thing!”

  1. Thanks, for speaking out and using your voice for truth. Individual 1 is trying to pin “cancel culture” on Democrats while Republicans are using it constantly before our eyes. Gaslighting. On January 6th individual 1 tried to cancel out an election with his army of thugs.

    1. @J W “The founding fathers anticipated this.” The founding fathers are spinning in their graves.

    2. @Allan Bell Typically when people say America is great, they attribute it to its accomplishments. Things like its endless list of inventions, such as electricity, flight, the telephone, cars, etc. Or they also attribute it to being the first modern democratic nation, or how it win WW1 and WW2, and the cold war, or how America has been a beacon of hope, stability, and freedom for hundreds of years. Yeah, its had its flaws, but its still been the best nation this planet has ever seen, with possibly the exception of the Roman Empire.

    3. @J W yeah, we all saw how the leftists booed their own further presidential candidate, right?

  2. After this is all over, the people who will stand out in most minds and hearts will be the women of media who never cracked under pressure and retained their dignity in the face of overwhelming odds. Brianna Keilar will be one of those we remember and honor.

    1. @Cropper Copper considering that Kamala Harris got nominated VP simply because she is black and is a woman proves my point.. she is a terrible politician and leader.

    2. @NBK And that’s why she got elected VP because, you said so? Because, that’s what you want to believe?

    3. @Cropper Copper no because the facts are right in front of you.. this is a woman who slept her way into politics in the 80s and early 90s in San Francisco.. does willy brown ring a bell to you?

    4. I’m not a Trump fan or Biden fan. But I am a facts person. I do not get my information from media or online. I get my information from official government records and statistics. Some of my information I have gotten from this years congressional hearings and Senate hearings. Read these facts and explain how our election was not fraudulent. Keep in mind my whole family is Democrat. Facts are facts:

      1. Trump won 84% of the Districts in the US. And received 72 million votes a record.
      Biden won 16%. Of the Districts and they believe he received 80 million votes. Zero college Political professors believe this is possible.

      2. Trump received more “in person” voted than anyone in election history.
      Biden received the fewest “in person votes” in US history.

      3. Las Vegas State Gambling Authority canceled presidential wagers on The day after election siting election impossibilities and fraud. Specifically citing the impossibilities of achieving 80 million votes after only winning 16% of the Districts. No winning President has won less than 69% of the districts. And the millions of overnight votes were not believable.

      4. Trump won the absentee voting count by a small margin.

      5. Biden won the unsolicited mail out voting count by 97%. A truly impossibility. Even given that fact, not enough mail out votes were sent out to achieve 80 million votes.

      Why were all the law suites thrown out. It’s simple, every Judge in every State ruled the right way. A judge will not hear a case that he believes his ruling won’t matter. Example a State court’s ruling won’t matter.

      The Supreme Court noted that there were major problems with the election but just like in the case of Bush vs Gore the process would take years to resolve and hurt the Executive Branch.

      I don’t care who won. What I care about is from now on we have to have fair real elections.

      Just FYI weekly there are more lottery tickets bought than all the votes in any Presidential election. The lottery committee can tell you where a winner bought their ticket and what time. The lottery committee can produce a report stating how many tickets were sold, what time each was sold and location. And it will show the numbers of each ticket.

      Our election process Is flawed on purpose to allow room for fraud.

  3. This is like being in a relationship with 70 million abusers.
    It is past time for an amicable separation.

    1. @shane A there was something about a fraudulent university, stealing funds from a charity, and boasting about being a sexual predator on tape….just for a few “facts” about a certain someone’s morals. I could go on.

    2. @Pamela Peterson you know what i couldn’t care less about his personal life because if we use the same measure eveyone even St Biden is not exempt!!! But the media is an expert in demonizing people. I care about his policies as president. Im not electing a goody two shoes im electing someone who can make this country succeed and im surprised he delivered – record breaking black and latino employment, women employment, high wealth values, revamped the military, record breaking tax cuts and countries giving their fair share. I also dont want to use my taxes to fund abortion and he did it. So i may not agree with his personal decisions and not as twisted by the media but i for sure agree with his policies. How about Biden? Why cant we talk about him and hold him to the same standard? After all he is the most popular president in all of history!!!

    3. @shane A @Count Choculitis is right. The GOP and your kind are the laughing stock of the world (no one can understand why you inflict economic damage and gun violence on yourselves for instance). I ought to know. I am an Asian living in Asia, and if you look at any of our media, or the media from Europe or the Middle East, you would see that too. I am also Christian, and many of us Christians outside of the US do not share your “brand” of morality or values. You push an agenda of hate against sinners by promoting legislation that hurts them, while you accept or excuse sin and sinful behavior as a necessary compromise to further your agenda or means to an end. Shouldn’t Christians love the sinner but hate sin instead?

    4. @shane A Ummm, excuse me, but having a fraudulent university, stealing money from your own charity, and sexually assaulting women is not just about that persons “personal life”…those are crimes for which most people would go to jail. But I guess that doesn’t make any difference to his “base”…that is until one of them is the victim.

  4. Hey Brianna . Love you and your commentary. You are a breath of fresh air on YouTube!

  5. Keilar says some of the most savage things while keeping a straight face and maintaining her composure…that takes some major talent to pull off!

    1. Why do reasonable people waste their time arguing with someone like Shane A? This guy is as delusional as Trump, he has drank the Kool-Aid, and has gone back for seconds and thirds. Nothing, absolutely nothing is going to get him to change his mind because the Kool-Aid has destroyed his capacity to see reality. Save you breath for those who are capable of rational thought. Just sayin.

    2. @MaxxJ says the rational thinker useful idito brainwashed by the media. Keep watching and listening to these liars – they make you one.

    3. @MaxxJ Because we’re bored during a pandemic and some people enjoy ridiculing morons. And I didn’t really argue with him, I just asked some questions.

    4. @shane A I don’t need anyone to tell me to hate someone; I do fine on my own. But you’re going to just skip over the fact that the media brainwashed you into giving the orange turd your undying loyalty? Also, stop bringing up the political stunts that Trump pulled to gain Black voters. There isn’t a SINGLE non-Black Trump supporter who voted for him because of what they claim he did for Black citizens. C’mon son!

    1. @Randall Marsh none of what you just spewed is true.. where is the fact checkers when you need them

    2. @Randall Marsh their lawsuits prove otherwise, they never lost a court case due to them being untruthful.. didn’t you see they just won against CNN? Are you daft? CNN was lying about THEM

  6. feels weird to be sad for mitt romney, but that video of him just tryna walk through the airport :,(

    1. Don’t feel sorry for him. He was in lockstep with the rest of them, and voted not to impeach rump. They’re all getting what they deserve because they should have spoken up sooner.

    2. No sadness here. He is more than smart enough to have seen that the GOP has been going crazy for decades and did nothing. He pandered to the loonies for years for his own good – this is called justice/

    3. @shane A
      Trump is and always was trash – yet the media respected the office despite the disgusting person holding it.

    4. @Pat Doyle Sure! This is one disgusting person who lost a 3rd of his wealth while in office and donates his salary back to the people. If he is disgusting how about Biden? Not disgusting just bec he is not Trump? What a low bar we got! The media doesnt want you to show that Biden is in cognitive decline and is not in-charge of the white house. I wonder who really is the president. I know who is Pres in name only.

    5. @Pat Doyle They only respect the office when a Democrat is sitting there. Where have you been all these years?

  7. The GQP is eating it’s own, and I say, “Let them!” They’re a bunch of ne’er-do-wells anyway.

    1. They’ve been eating their own since Gingrich and they just keep getting uglier and uglier with every evolution.

    2. You really soaked up the Qanon b.s. didn’t you? The media could get you to drink out of the toilet in 3 days.

  8. What world these people must live in, what hate they must have in their heart’s. Lost little people looking for someone else to blame for how their lives turned out.

  9. They culture they speak of is actually called “accountability culture”. And boy do they hate being held accountable.

    1. @Randy Reynolds Republicans love to hold women accountable for GOP men’s crimes; the poor for the crimes of rich crooks; and minorities for the crimes of white supremacist thugs.

  10. Brianna is absolutely wonderful. She tells the truth and isn’t afraid to hold people accountable.

    1. @shane A you could likely lose weight too, especially if you’re editing comments because you can’t type with your fat fingers…

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