Keilar presses Democrat: Why didn’t riot report include the word ‘insurrection’

CNN's Brianna Keilar asks Sen. Gary Peters (D-MI), who chairs one of the committees behind a new Senate January 6 report, why the report on the security breaches during the Capitol riot did not call the event an insurrection.

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  1. This is pure BS. I KNEW it was happening! I was watching a damn Trump speech in fear of what was about to happen. I’m a housewife in the Deep South ! How did I know, yet they did not ? Total BS, everybody.

    1. @R Smith Wait until you see the breaking news tonight on the NFL network. Sources say that the NFL is investigating the Super Bowl. Several Tampa Bay players never took their helmet off during the game, and immediately after the game these players let the field and did not attend the trophy presentation. Word is the Buccaneers had other NFL “Stars” on their team to assist them in their Championship win over the Chiefs.

    2. @Dicky Jones Wait until you see the breaking news tonight on the NFL network. Sources say that the NFL is investigating the Super Bowl. Several Tampa Bay players never took their helmet off during the game, and immediately after the game these players let the field and did not attend the trophy presentation. Word is the Buccaneers had other NFL “Stars” on their team to assist them in their Championship win over the Chiefs.

    3. @Leroy 100 I wouldn’t call it fake but they frequently report before getting all of the information and have to issue corrections. There’s also a lot of gossip type journalism with disclaimers. They don’t outright lie but I do check source material to make sure the reporting is in context .

    4. @Matthew Reed You should be asking why didn’t the Secretary of Defense deploy the National Guard. Or why didn’t the DOJ make a case there was a domestic terrorist act in the making? Both leaders, the Secretary of Defense and the Attorney General are Trump appointees. No?

  2. This report is sorely lacking in details. It’s almost like the people that compiled this report were more interested in blaming the capital police than finding out the truth of what caused the INSURRECTION.

    1. @Akon Fenty So then 400 plus people who have been convicted of armed attacks were wrongly convicted?!?!?!?!!? ALL of them?

  3. The way they pussyfoot about what happened makes you realize that each and every lawmaker was essential okay with the capitol being overrun. Wonder if they’re gonna try again this summer? Say, August?

    1. @John B those places release people at random, they have their own protocol for release on bail. Nothing to do with Kamala or anyone else making donations to them.

    2. @Richie Tattersall Antifa is a bite off 1930’s Anarcho Atheist Jewish Marxist Antifa. I know exactly what they are, they are Communist. Fake ones but still deploy their terror tactics and manipulative lies labeling everyone a racist just like 30s Commies did.

    1. No one has a problem with charging anyone who instigated violence. Here are some handy facts you need to throw back at the 6/1 Insurrection Hoaxers:

      1. There were no weapons, it was a protest (Compared to clubs, shootings, lootings etc)
      2. Trump Clearly told supporters to protest Peacefully Patriotically let you voices be heard (Compared to democrats and the media who instigated and funded riots)
      3. No right wing leader ever stated support for violence and have no problem with prosecuting anyone who used violence on Jan 6. (Compare to Pelosi, Waters, The squad, Media, and dozens of state level DA’s and prosecutors who were literally letting them back out to recycle the violence)
      4. There were no deaths caused by the protestors despite the massive media misinformation by outlets like the NY Times who propagated the lied that Sicnick was killed by supporters giving the democrats in congress the use of his body as a political prop, with the NY Times recanting the story on the day Trump is exonerated in the Senate.
      5. The producers of the 6/1 Hoax have the same sponsors as the Russian Hoax: The MSM, Deep State rogue elements of DOJ/FBI and the DNC leadership. Coincidence?
      6. This last point shows the hypocrisy of the Hoaxers… They used the death of an unarmed man carrying out criminal acts (Floyd) to instigate riots while they fully supported the point blank shooting of an unarmed woman protestor, with absolutely no self awareness or not even a peep from the media. Under what circumstances is it ok for police to shoot an unarmed protesting woman?

    2. @Wilmark Johnatty Wait until you see the breaking news tonight on the NFL network. Sources say that the NFL is investigating the Super Bowl. Several Tampa Bay players never took their helmet off during the game, and immediately after the game these players let the field and did not attend the trophy presentation. Word is the Buccaneers had other NFL “Stars” on their team to assist them in their Championship win over the Chiefs.

  4. The fact is calling it anything but an insurrection is leaving out a fact. You are not answering this question.

    1. @Jacob Calham The FBI said nothing of the sort and the Boston bomber didn’t have a fire arm. You racists are terrible at arguing.

    2. @Jacob Calham You racists just make crap up. BLM never committed any violent acts, let alone attacking the Whitehouse. I’d liberals tried to kill trump he would be dead. We aren’t cowards like you, running after the first person gets shot. We won WWII.

    3. @ManexCorp Japan was also a foriegn power. This insurrection was done by domestic terrorists, and a lot of how it happened is still unknown, other than trump and some allies got his supporters in DC and urged them to attack the capitol building. But a lot of the logistics are still unknown, as are some of the criminal involved.

  5. I’m not buying that it was a failure of intelligence and leadership. It was planned from the very top and unless those people are held accountable it will happen again.

    1. @TJ Wallis … and McConnell is in charge of security of the Senate. How much blood is on his hands? Tell us cup cake. The blood is on trumps hands period. The buck stops with him and this started with him bull$hitting everyone with lies about the election.

    2. @TJ Wallis wrong. The Sargent of Arms of the house reports to her. As does the Sargent of Arms reports to McConnell.

  6. The cowardice that is on display by these people we’ve elected who’ve omitted insurrection is ridiculous, outrageous and terrifying & is indicative of a downward spiral of this country.

    1. @porkbelly0713 Pelosi has had a fine run but it’s over in a year now matter what happens politically. She won’t be voted out because she won’t be running. Take that to the bank.

    1. @RDF1nner Is it? Republicans act by nature. Democrats consciously decide to support Republicans; not all. So who is worse? Those who commit atrocity by nature or those who knowingly conceal it? There is no good choice. That’s the system we have.

  7. Peters’ cowardice is obvious as he sweats in the Keilar interview. His cowardice is as apparent as the INSURRECTION itself.

    1. What, did the insane loon Republicans threaten to kill his children on Youtube? That might an excuse for the cowardice displayed here. DISGUSTING!

    2. @Dicky Jones
      Gotta feed the troops. Especially when they are being pwned by Caligula J trump.

    3. @karriim00 imagine taking everything out of context so you can feed your paranoid and pathetic delusions, screw off

    4. @NBK The context here is that some loons actually stormed the Capitol using tasers, flagopoles, bear spray as weapons to beat down the police so they could stop Congress from its duties. In reality the only thing out of context are the words you uttered about going in peace.

  8. It’s widely known it was an insurrection…. Unless you’re one of many GoP Senators Congress men/women and oh, about 65m deluded trump voters

  9. You’re missing the point! There was no response because they all knew and the “right” people were installed in advance to let it happen.

    1. That’s what I say. That’s why the republicans don’t want it investigated any further. So the republicans don’t want to support and investigation to find out who organized and funded the insurrection and now we find out that they had maps of the tunnels at the capital. Expecting the guilty to investigate themselves is absurd. We should ask our downers for help, start a go fund me what ever, but those responsible must be held accountable. Less we lose our country to these crazy’s.

  10. You can tell he’s uncomfortable with the question and I think the Democrats bowed to the GQP once again, by not including the word insurrection in the report.

    1. ​@Susan Teeter
      So, the only thing you know about voter suppression is the requirement to produce a photo ID😯! What’s wrong with you? Do you work for Gary Peters, Merrick Garland, or Joe Manchin? You want the Democrats to oppose ZERO resistance to the steady and methodical destruction of our democracy by TrumpRepubliKKKon lawmakers. Have you, personally, paid for someone’s voter ID fees? That’s an unconstitutional poll tax. Have you started a fund to reimburse the lost wage to folks who have to take time off to vote? Because I’ve mostly voted in “red” districts, I’ve never spent more than 5 minutes casting my ballot. Where I’m now, voting by mail is a routine.
      Why not fight to make sure that voting is made easy for EVERYONE, no matter who they vote for, instead of simply bending over and letting the TrumpRepubliKKKon impose to most of us their regressive and anti-democratic policies? I’m guessing that you do side with the TrumpRepubliKKKons to oppose abortion. I lived for years in democratic countries in Western Europe where I NEVER saw such a deliberate effort to disenfranchise a category of voters as what we are seeing in this country. Your/My constitutional right to vote is not a f#@%ing “entitlement”😱! OMFG😲!!! What nasty stuff are you really smoking? In about 20 years, this country will be minority-majority. You probably know that this scares the hell out of Moscow Mitch (he won’t be around when it happens) and the rest of the TrumpRepubliKKKons … You can easily guess what they are doing about that.

    2. @Pyladin You are not making any sense at all. By every sensible measurement, the BLM riots were worse than the 1/6 disturbance. There have been more BLM riots, the riots went on for longer, more people died, more were injured, more property damage was done, there was more terrorization of the general public. By what measurement was the 1/6 disturbance worse?

    3. @Belly Dancer Em What do you believe makes the 1/6 event an insurrection that doesn’t apply to BLM riots?

    4. @Jack Bauer
      And THAT, Jack, is exactly why we are so angry about Democratic cowardice.

      People like you will latch on to that cowardice and say:

      “See, they didn’t call it insurrection. That proves it, we were right all along. Q was right, Trump was Right, we win. This is just the first domino to fall. Trump will be back in power by August.”

      Now you didn’t say all that, but your allies have. The same allies that carried rebel flags, NAZI symbols, and a shirt supporting the murder of Jews. 6 million, in case you didn’t know.

      No,Jack! I do not believe all Republicans are racists or White Supremacists. But if you have to understand our confusion.

      If you hang out in a biker bar, wear a leather jacket covered in patches, have a helmet and an “old Lady”, can you blame us for thinking you ride a motorcycle?

      You may not be a racist, but the things you say are repeated and encourage others who are racists.
      You have no discretion.
      As long as your ally drinks the Orange Trump Kool-Aid you are OK with them. Would you normally hang out with the Q-Shaman? I kind of doubt it. But you’ll support him because he had the courage of his convictions.

      What did you do?

      You seem willing to open your mouth and spew ridiculous nonsense, support obvious lies and try to tell us we aren’t seeing what we are clearly seeing.

      You expect us to believe your impossible lies, but are not willing to listen to a single word we say. You just keep telling us how Obama and Gramma Hillary are so much worse. But offer no evidence of anything.
      Remember how Benghazi would be her undoing? LOL Couldn’t make anything stick even with a crooked AG who would have loved to get her. You had no evidence then either… But I am way off topic. Sorry about that.

      The Right seems fine sending money to Matt Gaetz, while calling Tom Hanks a pedophile and Satanist, all because he exercised his 1st Amendment Rights and held a political opinion they don’t like.

      Your position is impossible and beyond ridiculous. You need to think more clearly before you get yourself into a situation you hadn’t anticipated.

      But there is one thing you don’t mention. Republicans refused to participate if they didn’t take the word insurrection out.

      Without their ridiculous and useless participation you would have claimed they were acting like dictators and ignoring bipartisanship.

      It is called a NO WIN situation.

      Besides, this was a logistical investigation designed to explain what went wrong with the police readiness and why it wasn’t anticipated.

      And there is hints that evidence may come out Republicans were involved in the planning. Some legislators may have assisted the traitors. It happened in Idaho.
      If that turns out to be true, we need to know.

      But all we get from the Right is more lies, more hypocrisy and a lot more talk of civil disruption and violence. Like they just can’t wait.

    5. @Leo The Nomad
      They truly believe they are entitled to say anything they like, lie and make up conspiracy theories.

      You have made the critical mistake of thinking they want peace and reconciliation.


      This is so painfully stupid to me. They cannot believe the things they say. They just lie and call it righteousness.

      No, Leo, they are perfectly OK having their cake and eating it too. And when they are done, they will come for your cake too. Believe it.

      A hypocrite has no problem having it both ways.

      Unless Dems grow a pair and quit trying to make friends with people who hate their guts. But that seems terribly unlikely.

      Never make the mistake that humans won’t be humans. We aren’t civilized yet.

  11. America will never move forward, as long as lawmakers are to afraid to acknowledge what happened, on this day in America… smdh 🤦‍♀️ rn.

  12. “To call things by their proper names is the beginning of wisdom.” Socrates. If you call it what it was (an insurrection), then you can respond to it (as an insurrection). Otherwise, we’re just treading water!!

    1. @Jacob Calham alright, then.

      Common sense says that Trump’s lapdog, Barr, would have been the first to come forward if there were signs of fraud in the election. It also says that Republican and Liberal judges alike wouldn’t have thrown out cases with merit. It also also says that months without substantial evidence or proof that people claim to have would most likely suggest that the entire story is fabricated.

      Common sense also says that anyone who believes a verifiable liar deserves the path their set down.

    2. @DB Cooper Barr was not Trump’s lapdog he was a disaster. If that were true the DOJ would not have pursued Trump’s associates. Republican and Liberal judges can do whatever they want. You don’t prove things by refusing to hear cases. If you believe the story is fabricated you will have no objection to more audits and investigations and legal cases. If you are correct, they will vindicate you. Until then it’s not useful to pre-judge.

    3. @Jacob Calham I’m not opposed to recounts and audits.

      I’m opposed to recounts and audits being repeated over and over while the followers of the lie continue to cling to it despite negative results.

      I’m opposed to the divide that is only being widened by the repeated claim that it was stolen, despite the lack of aforementioned evidence.

      At what point does one admit that IF another power wanted to tear us apart, this may be exactly how they’d do it? Sowing the seeds of doubt, pitting American against American, comparing the right to fascists and the left to communists, and trying to convince us that even our election process cannot be trusted?

      Sounds like a plan that is working, if that’s what’s going on.

      Because let’s be honest here: the ONLY reason half the country doubts the results of the election is because one person told them they should, and the majority of his party fell in line.

  13. If they have a commission to delve into this they will find lots of Russian contacts with lots of Republican Senators. OOPS Republicans don’t want that.

    1. @Belly Dancer Em Yes. And I too dont like it, but is this really important? I want the report to uncover facts that may lead us to understand how the insurrection happened and not if we should call it one. But again I understand where you are coming from, call it what it is ffs.

    2. @My Name breaking windows and crawling through it is ground for assassination? Interesting 2 years we’ve had, according to you 1000s should be dead right now not just one unarmed white woman

  14. How anyone looks at those videos and claims it was “mostly peaceful” or like a tour of the building is beyond belief. SMH … #delusion and #denial

  15. “To focus on the facts” here’s a fact, it was a insurrection! I’m disappointed the Democrats are cowards too, but not surprised.

  16. This is exactly what George Orwell warned against. Keeping accurate written records of historic events is essential . Minimizing and marginalizing will only serve the political revisionist who want to manipulate its citizens.

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