1. At first I was outraged by the remarks he’s made but then I realized it’s a good thing. He’s digging his own grave. He just needs to keep talking.

    1. Baxter Stocksandbondsman – I think that might be true but I would think he may want to get elected so that he can avoid criminal prosecution when he is just a private citizen again.

  2. ” Excuse me!” Translation in Kelly Anne Conway speak… “I’m not having a conversation here, I’m making a speech”!

    1. Your the kind of guy that would never want to use the “N” word about a black man.
      “Neighbor” scares the hell out of you.

    2. Dah Gerl how does he work out for you? The Obama blame game is old, get yourself some fresh material because right now your grasping at straws.

    1. The white con men party has been trying to get the Clintons for 30 years. Nothing has ever come out about them doing anything illegal. All the charges are from wacked out conspiracy fools like tRump and his terrible party of racist white men.

    2. @Dave S It does seem to be the case at this point. They’ve never managed to find the Clintons guilty of anything after 30 years, meanwhile the Republicans keep putting criminals in the White House who actually get convicted of political crimes, even while they’re controlling the justice system themselves and trying to fire anyone who investigates them. I guess as a Republican you have to start believing even the law is biased against your corrupt politicians at some point.

    3. @JSK Haha! I know! How weak is that? I guess they, like Trumpy, are so feeble, they don’t realize that he’s running against Biden, not Clinton or Obama. Sad.

    1. @Duke Makedo did you hear about the China virus, that is slowly spreading all over the world?
      Well, in China, they got it right off the bat.

    2. T’Rump’s lack of protecting America for MONTHS while trying to make it political killed over 100,000 citizens. And the deaths keep climbing. T’Rump virus is about right. Doesn’t matter where it started…but then again his no testing strategy has to make one wonder. Three strains of this virus and China has strain b, US has strain a, some of Europe has strain c. Interesting isn’t it. There are some who believe that illness that doctors were seeing over a year ago was COVID. It was new and they had no idea what it was. Now we know.

  3. Notice how she refers to it as the “other term”. 😂😂 She obviously knows she shouldn’t say it lmfao

    1. Jim Kilroy
      It a book about mortality. Teaching people the rights and wrongs of life and the flawed human nature in us all.
      Religion provides moral guidance as well as a set of moral codes for people. Moral codes are restrictive in nature; it prevent human being form becoming slaves to their emotions. Preventing them from surrendering to the narcissistic nature as well as their desire for instant gratification. And this is done through fear. If you breaks the rules of the Bible you go to hell and if you don’t you go to heaven. Many people follow these rules because they don’t want to go to hell. Hell is scary. The Bible created the mortality system of today’s civilization and was the basics of the legal system.
      The idea of murder being wrong came form the Bible. The idea of human beings being fundamentally more valuable than any other living organisms came form the Bible. It’s the oldest ethical/ moral book in the world.

    2. Joanna Martin ….exactly….we dont, and will never know the color of Jesus’ skin. And if it matters to you, the color of His skin, then, to me, THAT sounds racist. 🤔🤔

  4. I’m waiting the day comes to never see again the cryptkeeper girlfriend on national television.

  5. THERE she is, she has been out-Kellyanned by Kayleigh Magananny lately. Had to get back on the old dead horse and beat it some more.

    1. Kaylaid will look like Kelly Anne Crackho in 5 years. Meth, whoring and lies turned them into skeletors.

    2. @anthony wright I didn’t know he was into diaper play but if he likes pee i mean what the hell

    1. She looks like the crypt keeper.. She has always looked like a malnutrition flu happening as she speaks. What is she teaching her kids? Where is her husband?

    1. Covid Kelly Conway is exhausted running around the White House and trying not to get molested from Big Daddy Donnie’

    2. Like every single one who is in this administration deniers of reality and defending trump …. otherwise they will sack

    1. As the great George Costanza would say to Jerry on Seinfeld: “It’s not a lie…if you believe it”.

  6. “A racist says racist things”, a truism.
    Meanwhile, Moscow Mitch minions away his own wife’s support 😛

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