Kellyanne Conway Offered High Position! 11/21/16

Kellyanne Conway Offered High Position! 11/21/16 1


Kellyanne Conway Offered High Position! 11/21/16

Kellyanne Conway reveals Donald Trump has offered her a high position in the Trump Administration – Kellyanne Conway Interview – November 21, 2016

23 Comments on "Kellyanne Conway Offered High Position! 11/21/16"

  1. We do not want to hear or see M
    Kelly on YouTube

  2. ME ME ME -gyn!

    • MK is 100% all about MK only. She flaunts her sexuality, flirts with men on
      her show, and then plays both sides of the fence. Her book did dirt on
      Trump, and she should be barred from being able to set him up. She is a
      sociopath who will take advantage of every angle to make herself always the
      centre of attention. Trump needs to get a restraining order as Kelly will
      do anything to make sure Trump gets impeached.

  3. ugh m. kelly. cant stand her!

    • All the swear words like C, B, W, are too small to encapsulate the bimbo
      that Kelly is. She has no conscience, will lie, distort, and fabricate any

  4. WE WANT GRETA!!!!

  5. Fairness means reporting the facts without taking sides and pushing a
    political or personal agenda. I don’t give a rat’s rear end what Megyn
    Kelly, Rachel Maddow or anyone else “thinks”. Just give me the facts and
    keep your opinions to yourself.

  6. The more I see Kellyanne Conway, the more I realize how brilliant movie
    actress and SNL performer Kate McKinnon is at playing her.

  7. smelly is jealous that Kellyanne is liked by Trump and she herself is
    loathed by Trump. She makes it sooo fucking obvious.

  8. SS DD (Mudbones) | November 22, 2016 at 8:37 AM | Reply

    Originally I wasn’t a Trump fan, but the media’s constant bashing and
    unfair attack made me pay more attention to him and why they were so intent
    on constantly bashing him. I really like what I seeing so far from
    President Elect Trump, KEEP IT UP! GO TRUMP!

  9. Tricked again into watching Kelly. Dump Megan!!

  10. Sunshine7 sunshine7 | November 22, 2016 at 10:39 AM | Reply

    I hate to click on a video and not know its going to be Smelly! I refuse to
    watch this idiot!

  11. I love Kellyanne. Such a classy, conservative woman. I like Megan Kelly
    too, even if she might seem a bit too progressive sometimes. I think she
    does a good job and she has weight and presence in her interviews. She is
    not a pushover.

    • Droepram That bitchy so-called newscaster megan is flat out nasty…she did
      a 2 hour skank show on Howard Ster’s radio show that was XXXX rated

  12. Watch out american people !! George Soros is a bloody evil ! He wants to
    control America and other countrys, hes behind all destubs.

  13. Critical coverage? lol

  14. Megyn Kelly should have a restraining order against her. As she has been so
    slanderous, especially seeking out and purposefully goading Trump, she
    should not be allowed within 100 feet of Trump or the whitehouse. I cannot
    state emphatically enough what a slanderous horrid inappropriate person
    Kelly is. She will always be a kick him in the balls type of gal.

  15. Bruce Jacobson | November 22, 2016 at 6:51 PM | Reply

    I have a good feeling about Kellyanne that she will never let herself be
    swayed or bullied by Kelly

  16. I heard Trump spokesperson say he will not prosecute Clinton.Absolute
    bullshit Trump. I guess the Clinton’s are above the law. Hey everyone we
    are suppose to just turn a blind eye to pedophilia and corruption.The onion
    slowly peels.Trump should be held accountable since he was elected
    primarily on TTP and Clinton investigation prosecution. Every one needs to
    tweet Trump with the hash tag #ClintonAboveTheLaw . Whats next, forget
    Jullian Assange getting a pardon.

  17. Fox needs to dump megan

  18. Kelly is only interested in fishing, not what interviewee’s answer to her

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