Kellyanne Conway Rips Pathetic, Lying Media! 11/20/16

Kellyanne Conway Rips Pathetic, Lying Media! 11/20/16

Kellyanne Conway Interview about Negative Media Bias towards President Donald Trump – November 20, 2016


  1. The Media has destroyed any good standing with the people. It’s is a media
    agenda and not how the general public feel’s. You all should be ashamed of
    your self’s your not journalist’s your paid shills.

  2. Can’t Stand Megan Kelly, all she cares about is herself. I don’t trust
    anything she says.
    Kelly Ann is terrific, good choice President Trump!
    RESENTMENT OF THE MEDIA?? NO, we don’t believe a damned thing they say.
    gossip mongers and liars abound in MSM.

    1. Things Megyn Kelly is famous for:

      1) being the hot headed blonde bimbo on FOX who yells at all her guests

      2) Fighting with Donald Trump

      3) Accusing Roger Ales of sexual harassment (which was never proven)

      4) Shamelessly using airtime to self promote her book “Settle for Whores”
      which no one will buy

      That’s it folks

  3. lol, a protective pool? lol “in case something unfortunate happens”. lol
    wtf vultures. propagandists. The Lying Media is not fit to wash jock

    1. John McGuirk Exactly , how is the media a protective detail ? that’s such a
      bullshit excuse , he has a secret service detail for protection , the media
      just wants to be there in case something unfortunate happens so they can be
      the first to get all the juicy details , such lying scum !

  4. Maybe Hillary Clinton should take some notice to the type of woman that
    Kelly is. Determined honest upfront and straight to the point. Don’t stop
    not girl we’re all behind you. Go get them Lady !

  5. the Entire World, not just all of America, have no doubt just how CORRUPT
    our Media is, they continue to prove that, Journalism is Dead in mainstream
    media, MILLIONS get there information elsewhere as a result, God has
    exposed these liberal Criminals.

  6. Why anyone in mainstream media would refer to New York Times at this point,
    just seems pathetic, most bias outlet in America.

  7. Well, if idiot parents had not pumped their precious snowflakes full of
    their personal bias against Trump during the campaign, they wouldn’t need
    to talk to them later about it, now would they. See, there are unintended
    consequences for being a blithering idiot cum bad and irresponsible parent.

  8. The American people stood together really strong to put Trump into office.
    I think we should be able to come together again to get rid of the bias
    media. We should be able to depend on media outlets to inform us with real
    and true news.

  9. campaign in 4 years.
    We knew most of the journalists are liberals, because they all live in the
    liberal cities, the 2016 election map should tell you the fact. and not all
    of them hold the traditional value which is to take neutral political
    position in the journalism industry. how could someone does not respect
    democracy and supports riots create chaos could be a good American and earn
    respect, what a bunch of typical liberal hypocrite.

  10. i wish i was as smart as KC … she’s so lawyerly , calm , steadfast ,
    solid … and can pack blueberries like nobody’s business

  11. Ya they should close all the fake mainstream media…cnn..msnbc and the
    likes of these puppet media…they have been highly destructive to the
    nation…pathetic liars

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