Kenney apologizes for breaking Alberta’s health guidelines

Alberta Premier Jason Kenney has apologized for hosting cabinet ministers and other staffers at a Sky Palace dinner that violated health rules.

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  1. If we were playing bingo and each box represented a premier breaking the rules they laid down for others, we would have won the game by now.

  2. By setting a higher example, he means altitudinally… So he can’t be observed, unless by spy planes.

  3. Too stupid to be a Premier, that’s for sure. One day he says he didn’t go anything wrong, the next day he apologizes. Why do we put up with this crap?

  4. Punishment 2 weeks of picking up trash from the highway then 2 weeks as a volunteer at any hospital. LOL

  5. He knows that this is all against the data and basic science. Just open up!!! Go full Texas. If he tried he couldn’t alienate his voting base any more than he has. Brutal hypocrisy. He knew what he was doing, just didn’t couldn’t on getting caught.

  6. According to the laws enacted by Mr. Kenney, transgressions of public health orders are punishable by fines. Since our Premier took “full responsibility” he should pay the fines for ALL sitting at that table. Because of Mr. Kenney’s position maximum fines would be most appropriate.

  7. I wonder if he’s going to get fined and the others for breaking the rules they should get tripled for that

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