Kenney government trying to cut the pay of Alberta nurses | COVID-19 in Canada

Jason Kenney's government wants nurses to take a pay cut, but the push has workers threatening to strike. Kevin Green reports.

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  1. Maybe they should do another dancing Tik Tok video to explain how hard done by they are. Stunning and brave

  2. One of the many reason nurses came to work in Alberta was for the higher pay compared to other provinces. If the pay is reduced to be like every other province in Canada, what incentive are there for nurses to stay in Alberta??

    1. Alberta was rolling in money during the last boom which is why the wages were higher than in other provinces. Like other businesses the wages have to be rolled back to reflect the current economic reality in Alberta. The timing of a rollback is what needs to be addressed, not the rollback itself.

    2. Correct me if I’m wrong, but didn’t it just look like a higher pay because of differing taxes in Alberta?

  3. Unbelievable!! Who would want to cut nurses in the middle of a pandemic??? Cause we are not out of the wood yet…

  4. This guy is unbelievable.
    Is this how we thank our nurses after a year and a half of covid? How about Kenney takes a pay cut instead ?

  5. Give every nurse that worked during the pandemic a 2 week paid mental / physical health vacation recuperation break. And leave wages where they are or higher.

  6. If he tries this, he is gone.
    Nurses will walked away and suffocate this government.

    A criminal who came to pretend to be a premier
    Anti workers what a disappointment to elect this government .

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