1. @Jon Dickinson
      No, let’s ignore everyone else who is yellow, brown, white, purple and has WAY more MERIT because Biden WANTS a black. Ridiculous!

    2. Rosie whatever your name is….racist much??? If it was an asian, a native American or “someone purple” you’d be here with your phenomenally racist comment.

  1. Finally, a black Supreme Court judge to end the criminalization of homelessness. When a person goes homeless whether it be a war or a world epidemic they should not be tortured for losing everything they once had. The richest man in America can buy every homeless person in America a $100,000 home pay for all food and utilities (for the rest of their lives) and still have $600 million a year living on the interests of what is leftover. Having the right to sleep and use the bathroom is a human right that should not be criminalized. When your body hates you for being human you don’t have much self-esteem left. Nobody should go through life hating who they are because they are human it is mentally ill! People are not products to be bought and sold and in some cases disposed of but it has happened before. Privilege does get its way in America but some things just go too far.

  2. lnvesting in crypto now shouId be in every wise individuaIs Iist, in some months time you’II be ecstatic with the decision you made today.

    1. 😭 I’ve seen a lot of recommendation about Mr Michael Novogratz, Please can I have his info? I want to invest 2,000usd with him.

  3. Besides the wrong fact she was nominated by Biden, I agree she is talented, smart and very intelligent black woman who got many more experiences that nobody never had in the US Supreme Court. *All the black folks love her*

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  5. You can’t even say what you’re trying to say in plain English because of this thing called law that you love.
    Law essentially means anything you say or do can be held against you. Why would you love being stuck in a weird game of using a language to discuss an idea that can then be held against you?
    Reminds me of 1984 and Stockholm syndrome.

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