Kevin McCarthy calls out Matt Gaetz for challenging his speaker bid | USA TODAY #Shorts


  1. and with all those concessions and all those committee appointments. he doesnt care. he just wants the title. thats why he shouldnt have it.

  2. This is the most backbone in this dude is shown for years, and it’s only because he needs the seats that he said no. Not the crazy Nazi stuff, not the sex trafficking charges, but threatening his seats did he finally step up and say no to the crazies…

    Weird timeline

    1. if that were true he wouldn’t have gotten reelected. americans are tired of you people. you’ve turned politics into a joke

  3. He absolutely should not be Speaker if he gets upset about someone questioning him on anything let alone his bid for Speaker of the House.
    We’ve had enough childish shenanigans and narcissistic tyranny already, we don’t need more of it.
    Washington DC needs an enema.

  4. But did he call him out for his alleged sex trafficking? Rhetorical question, we know he doesn’t care.

  5. Thanks for ensuring the next speaker of the house is a clerk chosen by Nancy Pelosi . Keep going Republicans I’ll just watch and grab the 🍿.

  6. Oh! He has the record for the longest speech on the floor! Oh, yeah, ok. But you’re still a traitor.

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