Kevin McCarthy defends George Santos: ‘I’m standing by him’ | USA TODAY #Shorts

Speaker of the House Kevin McCarthy explained his decision to "stand by" Rep. George Santos, who has admitted to lying about his personal and professional background.

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Speaker Kevin McCarthy explained Tuesday night how Rep. George Santos could exit Congress through the House Ethics Committee, though he has continued to stick by the embattled freshman Republican from New York.

“If for some way when we go through Ethics and he has broken the law, then we will remove him, but it's not my role,” McCarthy said. "I believe in the rule of law. A person's innocent until proven guilty."

The speaker elaborated on the issue to reporters this week in his most extensive comments about Santos since members were sworn in earlier this month. McCarthy could not by himself expel Santos from the chamber even if he wanted to – that would take a vote by two-thirds of the House – but he could marshal his caucus for such a vote in the future.

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    1. @Bourjois M I never got elected because I lied, also I am not the subject of this discussion.

      Stay focused

    2. And the dumbasses of this country believed him. When will humans learn? Seriously? When are people gonna realize to keep their nose in their own business?

    1. Nice of the public to stick their nosy little fingers in the voting booths and vote in those who do not uphold the law. Thank you America.

    2. @paul harrison   It’s sad that Americans aren’t self aware enough to realize that although they complain about the problems in America, they play a big part in what they are complaining about in the first place. And I mean that even outside of politics. And I laugh. Cause it’s deserving.

    3. @smokingthereefer92 you are not blaming me cause most the people I vote for never win because of 2 corrupt government parties. I complain because only the corrupt are winning and most of the new generation is completely dupe by 2 faced politicians who lie straight to our faces. Just saying

  1. ethics isn’t always about the law…….. go take an ethics class…… it’s about behaving properly

    oh yes, we know that lying is not against the law …….. but lying is unethical

  2. And this is why McCarthy should not be speaker! Side with the liar because he’s just like the rest of you. Santos should not be in congress along with countless other, but he is a proven liar, and that is not what we need at this time.

  3. Of course Kevin is standing by santos ….santos is one of the boys …or whatever he is ….just when you thought ….

  4. McCarthy said the words “I believe in the rule of law” with a straight face.
    Santos is the living embodiment of the GOP party.

  5. If Santos were a Democrat, the religious right wouldn’t hesitate to call for his resignation. What’s wrong with you, McCarthy?? Don’t talk to me about double standards where this crap is concerned.

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