Key ‘Atlantic’ Reporting Confirmed By Other News Organizations | Morning Joe | MSNBC

Key 'Atlantic' Reporting Confirmed By Other News Organizations | Morning Joe | MSNBC 1


According to reporting in The Atlantic, the president disparaged the intelligence of service members, and asked that wounded veterans be kept out of military parades. Trump called the reporting fake news yet other outlets have also confirmed. Aired on 09/08/2020.
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Key 'Atlantic' Reporting Confirmed By Other News Organizations | Morning Joe | MSNBC

98 Comments on "Key ‘Atlantic’ Reporting Confirmed By Other News Organizations | Morning Joe | MSNBC"

  1. Delusional man says soldiers are in love with him, lol.

  2. Mr. President, I’m a soldier- and I speak on behalf of ALL soldiers: we do NOT love you. You embarrass us. May God help us.

  3. I’ve never voted for a Democrat before…. There’s a first time for everything!

    • @P rotoin Being a no doubt die hard Trump supporter do you believe that those in the military that died in service to their country are losers too?

      PS…Fox News verified the article in The Atlantic as being factual as did other news agencies.

    • @Tracy Armes Cheeto in Chief. I’m dead 😂

    • youtube watcher | September 9, 2020 at 2:22 AM | Reply

      @P rotoin Not yours., necessarily mr sarcastic instead of reasoned argument. the country is full of decent people who deserve better. Nothing on the chasm between the stature of a reagan and the unending self-absorbed con man. Really? Once you corrode your soul (or your party) you cant get it back. But you have fun in your bubble.

    • @P rotoin How about Trumps major promise to repeal Obama Care?

      I remember Trump tried at the start of his term in office, yet had nothing to replace it.

      Can you imagine the millions of people that had pre-existing conditions now suddenly without insurance because Trump hadn”t thought that one out?

    • @JC 4 Evur He’ll replace it with something better in his next term. You can’t do it all. I think Obama was complaining that you can’t get it all done in one term. Of course, he didn’t get anything done in two terms. But Trump has already achieved what he promised – enough to re-elect him in a landslide.

  4. | September 8, 2020 at 11:24 AM | Reply

    Trump just called himself “an Animal”
    … he’s wrong though, animals don’t denigrate, monsters do.

  5. Andrea Quattropani | September 8, 2020 at 12:38 PM | Reply

    I’m not a loser!!!!!! I’m proud to have served my country. My family has so many veterans and active duty members who are very proud!!!!!!!!

    • Marsha Crishon | September 8, 2020 at 7:39 PM | Reply

      That’s right Andrea Quattropani you and your family members that severed in the military are not losers you all are Great Heroes you all are so so Brave and you all deserve Respect much Respect 🇺🇸 🇺🇸 you all keep us safe and i can’t say enough words to describe how Amazing you all are and THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH FOR YOUR SERVICE 🇺🇸 GOD BLESS you all and your Family 🇺🇸 ❤

    • But my question is do you believe that he would speak such a thing and are you even surprised? Or do you think they’re just picking on Trump again because its everyone else faught for reporting his bad behavior? I truly wonder how much more of himself he has to show for people to see the real DJT. And does it matter enough to allow him to continue to lead the highest office.

    • Lawrence Sanchez | September 8, 2020 at 8:23 PM | Reply

      You are a citizen, and you get to vote according to your heart.

    • Cerebrosity Cerebrosity | September 8, 2020 at 9:54 PM | Reply

      Thank you for serving for us.

    • Andrea Quattropani | September 8, 2020 at 11:20 PM | Reply

      @jadavision I’m not suprised, that’s just who he is.

  6. mhharley - Books Alive! | September 8, 2020 at 12:47 PM | Reply

    He always projects. His accusations always describe himself.

  7. Look at how he has spoken about his generals in the past. The guy is despicable..

    • BREAKING NEWS! Biden is learning how to make fortune cookies. Joe knows he will need a new career after Trump wins the election. Biden’s residence may be change as well, Joe didn’t say where he might move, but we heard he is learning a new language. Could it be Chinese? LOL

    • Oh the story about Trump disrespecting the military, has been found to be lies perpetuated by Goldberg and found to be lies.
      When Trump was ask questions from The Atlantic, the first question was asking about Trump’s Soul? REALLY what lambrain asked a set up question like that ? It was a scripted interview so Biden can have a rehearsed answer. The reporter here (Saagar Enjeti) was deflating the lies peace by peace. Saagar saying the Democrats are doing whatever they can to discourage voters. This is because they are terrified that Biden can’t cut the mustard (and they are right). Look Obama & Biden got us into the last war. So who wants war? It makes no sense the way

      Think about this logically for a moment. Trump has honored Vets from the beginning of his presidency. Why would all of a sudden TRUMP think like this? However devious democrats do.

    • Trump is the one that went after the Veterans Administration for the dishonorable ways they were treating our veterans (not Obama/Biden.) The reporter that is debunking the lies name is Saagar Enjeti. Saagar from immigrants is showing that Trump is not a races. So again this boils down to Goldberg wanting to sell his book and his soul, at any cost. DEBUNKED!

    • @Ginger Kenchel omg gtfoh!!!!!!

    • @João Nunes why u exclude them>

  8. “I’m not guilty of saying that?!” Now I’ll go on a 40 min rant to prove my innocence.

  9. It’s so painful watching him speak. Most of the time he just rambles on and on.

  10. Agolf Twittler was a draft dodger. That tells you everything about his concerns for the military.

    • Ginger Kenchel who ever even said I was a democrat please explain as I never even touched on that topic as our founding fathers knew that if the parties were created it would just cause more arguments and well civil unrest. I’m not worried about what the 44th or 45th POTUS are doing as Obama is already getting up there in ages and DJT is honestly just playing around in office.

    • @jason cole 1977 was just yesterday certainly not enough time for a person to review and see where they may have been wrong. Regardless keep reaching far back in time…and why would that point even matter to you?

    • @Ginger Kenchel hmmmm what was Trump doing to Putin, Xi, and the one he exchanges live letters with …oh yeah Kim Jeong Un? Giving Blow jobs? By your anti-logic it would seem so

    • Can someone tell why Joe Biden was given least half dozen DRAFT DEFERMENTS to the Vietnam War..???

    • @leslie barwick Why did DC lifetime crook Joe Biden say he knew in advance of 9/11 and why did he not gaslight it like most other things he opens his big mouth about…in politics…???

  11. onelonelyplanet | September 8, 2020 at 1:23 PM | Reply

    Let’s see how this gets defended as locker room talk!

  12. He loves the troops so much he dodged service with his bone spurs.

    • @Liz Chelle
      Dishonorable discharge doesn’t mean his life is ruined. He bounced back and moved on. The children of ALL politicians use their connections. I was honorably discharged after nine years and later worked for Defense Contractors and used connections for free airline travel all the time. Or I got free military flights from my Dad, retired Air Force and air traffic controller on an Air Force base. That’s life.

    • @Keith Steward That’s sad for people like us who has no connections to exploit. I can’ find any info other than he was discharged – then that is even worse and if that is another son or daughter caught with cocaine, I am sure will be charged but daddy is well connected. It seem that he has no shame after that and continue to use his connection in all business dealings overseas mainly that he isn’t qualified for. Again not fair but as you said, life goes on. 🙁
      This one, a rumor makes me more sad if true since it’s difficult to get into an Ivy league – one of the children of a politicia was high on mary jane when taking SAT and said that it doesn’t matter what I get, I get in anyway because of who my ….. is. Sadly there are more qualified poor students qualified and yet could not even get the same chances like the children of well connected.

    • @Liz Chelle
      I found articles about his discharge online, and yeah it’s true. When those things happen just fight harder thru it. Honestly, I lost every stripe at least once for weed during my time in. Times were different (76-83) and I wouldn’t give up.

    • @Keith Steward I did find something but nothing about charging him or if he was dishonorably discharge (I know you said it doesn’t mean anything), so I guess that’s life.

    • @Liz Chelle
      Yeah, and even his Dad couldn’t save him from that one, they just kept it quiet. You won’t find the charge since it’s covered under UCMJ.

  13. Marla O'Hanlon | September 8, 2020 at 1:33 PM | Reply

    Wasn’t his words about McCain enough?I was done then.

  14. richard carter | September 8, 2020 at 1:56 PM | Reply

    Remember this and everything else he has said and done on November 3rd.

  15. Just imagine if the marines instead of saluting him, turned their back on him…..!!!


  17. “Only an animal would say something like that.”. The only true thing I ever heard Trump say about himself.

  18. “Only an animal would say a thing like that”
    Did Trump just throw himself under the buss?

    • Ginger Kenchel | September 9, 2020 at 9:30 PM | Reply

      A Good man who loves God and Country. Doing the right thing for all. TRUMP 2020

    • @Ginger Kenchel – “A man who loves money and Russia. Doing the right thing for Putin.
      Biden 2020 RIP. Harris 2021 – 2027

    • Ginger Kenchel | September 9, 2020 at 9:43 PM | Reply

      @Bob Leonard Now Bob go eat your Chinese fortune cookie. The message inside will be TRUMP WINS SECOND TERM! Oh did you know our Great President was just nominated for a Nobel Peace Prize for 2020 and 2021? Yep that’s My President!

    • Ginger Kenchel | September 9, 2020 at 9:59 PM | Reply

      Trump Nominated For Nobel Peace Prize — Just weeks after helping to broker peace between Israel & the United Arab Emirates, President Trump has been nominated for the 2021 Nobel Peace Prize. The nomination submitted by Christian Tybring-Gjedde, a member of the Norwegian Parliament, lauded Trump for his efforts toward resolving protracted conflicts worldwide… Love our President Donald Trump as he follows God law with God’s chosen people Israel.

    • @Ginger Kenchel – And don’t forget… He is Kim Jung Un’s lover as well!

  19. trump: “Only an animal would say that.”
    Me: “trump is an animal”.

    • @Liz Chelle The reporter has history of making up things?!?!?!
      What about trump? Has HE got a history of making up things? And NEVER APOLOGISE?

    • @Som Thing Trump is known for his blubbermouth and say what he thinks and that is well documented. I am not defending him but just showing if the source is just afraid of tweeter as claimed, it’s not enough to convince people that the anonymous source is credible given the past history of the reporter.
      How many people have already disputed the claim and was there when it happened? Even Bolton who is not a fan of Trump says the same. It’s election so what do you expect, but I guess people is just tired of rumors. Might be good if both sides will focus on policies how to get the country out of this mess and not scoring points. People are watching and that will come out when the election is over who they want to lead the country, if election is honest and fair.

    • @Liz Chelle trump has been documented several times talking rubbish about war heroes.
      Don’t you remember his ‘I don’t like losers (captured soldiers)’ comment?
      It’s not very difficult to believe that he trashed dead soldiers
      and didn’t want to visit their resting place.

      In order to defend himself, he lied about calling his wife at home,
      when his wife was there with him. He can’t even lie convincingly.
      The truth is always the opposite of what trump says.

      And trump couldn’t possibly talk about policies. He doesn’t have any.
      He doesn’t understand the concept either.
      He’s not there for the people or the country.
      He doesn’t understand these concepts either.
      He must be stopped from stealing the election,
      and he must be arrested and prosecuted.

    • @Som Thing We’re talking about a particular report and Trump used those words so many times even with his political enemies but that doesn’t mean it happened on that particular day where he needs to go. Dems since long are trying to dig dirt on Trump why would they sit on this since 2018? Why suddenly there is a ready made Dems ads on that particular incidence ready just on the same day it was released? Why Biden has a ready made statement etc. Also the timing was also when Pelosi, third inline to the throne in case the Pres & VP cannot perform their duties, was caught in hair salon violating her own rules that his nephew strictly imposed, then this came out? So many coincidences and I don’t believe in coincidence.

    • @Liz Chelle Do you believe in trump?

  20. even after all this, he still has supporters. absolutely deplorable.

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