1. No witnesses, censored broadcasting, trial held when most people are asleep. Yup, no one is trying to hide anything here.

    1. joshua knows baby! If you wanted to know what I was you could have asked. It’s not exactly something I can hide sweetheart 😌

    2. joshua knows and for your info. I have a life and I have gotten ahead in my chosen profession. Doing what I loved for as long as I wanted. My problem is I actually love my country and hate what racists are willing to do to it.

    3. @Tapin4pardude The majority of Americans polled on the UCLA Berkley campus agree that Trump must be removed. There, I fixed it for you.

    4. Not only was that a joke but now you see why it’s hypocritical to not have witnesses in the Senate. Congrats you just taught yourself something about the committee that does these hearings

    1. @Tom Kudub swamp? The greatest institution in the world. Words of a desperate man. Watch how the Senate schools the house. Let your tears flow

  2. I certainly didnt expect to see the fall of America in my lifetime. It was a nice Republic, it will be missed.

    1. @k Gio If you call allies distancing away from us and making trade deals with Russia than I guess your right. Trump did Putin proud.

  3. Chuckie: Witness are very important. – except in the house impeachment where only the dems could call witnesses. Send it back to the house!

    1. @davids11131113 It is a fact that repubLIEcans have lower Intelligence Quotient.
      So do religious people especially christians.
      NO WONDER christianity & ReichWing politics go hand in hand.
      Dummies who ignore reality it is a prerequisite for faith in both cultish institutions.

  4. Here’s another interesting point. The framers of the constitution were very concerned about Pardison impeachments which is exactly what the house of representatives did. They impeach the president along party lines with total disregard for the Republicans and their desires during the proceedings. Now, all of a sudden the Democrats aren’t getting what they want in the Senate and it’s a problem?
    Don’t tell me about the Republicans in the Senate protecting the president, who is a Republican, when the house of representatives impeached the president in a totally Pardison proceeding.

    1. Makes sense to release all witnesses ON BOTH SIDES. So this means the Gimp who started this mess has to come out of hiding from Schiffs desk lol.

    1. @Montag theMagnificent “could you imagine Mitch pumping away on top of his wife. Think about what he might look like right before he busts” . no. we don’t speak like that.

    2. I have nothing but evil thoughts right now towards all republicans. Even those I know well. My question to them is what fucken koolaid have you been drinking for you to not see the truth for what it is? I’m ashamed of every republican that comes out with the oh all I see is they hate trump. No! We hate his polices and attempts to over throw this government!

  5. 10 hours of oh hey can I get these documents? Oh hey can I get these witnesses? Oh hey can I get these documents? Why…. Are we doing this right now?

    1. A black man became president now any white man can become president an defile the Constitution smh. Sad….

  6. When everyone knows its rigged. Can you still call this a trail? Why did Senators bother taking an oath to be impartial when they vote along party lines on the most important issues.

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