Key Witness In Impeachment Investigation Asks Court If He Should Testify | The Last Word | MSNBC 1

Key Witness In Impeachment Investigation Asks Court If He Should Testify | The Last Word | MSNBC


Katy Tur interviews New York Times reporter Michael Schmidt who reports: "A key witness in the impeachment investigation filed a lawsuit Friday asking a federal judge to rule on whether he can testify” – and the decision could have implications for other witnesses, like John Bolton. Aired on 10/25/19.
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Key Witness In Impeachment Investigation Asks Court If He Should Testify | The Last Word | MSNBC


    1. @January Snow The only troll here is you. I’m sorry you couldn’t see that. But wait, I’m not surprised since you’re a trump worshipper. You talk about evil when Trump is the epitome of evil itself. You’re just too full of yourself to even admit it. I’m not saying Democrats aren’t in the wrongs on many other things. I have called them out times and again over issues I don’t agree with. So please keep that foul mouth to yourself. Every time you open it to assume something is a waste of fresh air. There are already too many of you as it is

    1. I did nothing wrong. It wasnt me. You should look into the people accusing me, I hear they do really bad things.

    1. @Goose K Actually it is exactly like what was done before. Starr did the investigation against Clinton and turned over his entire investigation to the Republican House. He did all of his questioning of witnesses in secret, he used subpoenas and multiple grand juries. In this case the DoJ flat refused to investigate so it falls on the House to do it itself. So of course they question witnesses in secret. That is a standard part of any investigation into criminal activity. The Democrats were not allowed to call any witnesses in the Starr investigation and were also forbidden to call any witnesses when the House voted to impeach. Clinton wasn’t even allowed to call any witnesses in the Senate trial.

      Yes, things are very different now. Trump and his “administration” are violating every norm in existence. They’ve flat ignored dozens of subpoenas. They’ve invented multiple non existent immunities and privileges for the President. The idea that the President cannot be investigated at all for any criminal act is laughable but just this week the President’s lawyers tried to argue that. Luckily the judge was having none of it. Clinton and his administration responded to every subpoena issued by Starr, the House and the Senate. When Trump meets that standard you can then maybe have a leg to stand on that Trump is not a vile PoS that must be impeached and convicted ASAP. Of course it is likely that the documents and testimony those subpoenas demand would provide more than sufficient evidence to get the same result.

    2. @markj6700
      Really? Because I’m Conservative and support Conservative ideals, that makes me immoral?
      Okay Buddy!
      What’s funny is that I never once even said that I thought Trump WASN’T guilty or anything about that. I’ve strictly been talking about the process. Which has been confusing for me, because I have some people who say it was the same since Bill Clinton, then I have other people who say things changed in 2015, then things changed with Benghazi, etc.
      So, I’m sorry if I have questions, and an slightly confused with things. It’s not like this is an everyday, very common, type of thing.
      Do I think that Trump is the perfect man? ABSOLUTELY *NOT*.
      As somebody who is strong in their beliefs as a Conservative (which you wouldn’t understand, because you are obviously on the other side of the isle), I don’t appreciate you saying I’m *IMMORAL* just because you “think” I’m in full support of Trump.
      Your comment actually just speaks volumes to your lack of candor and education.

    3. @Carlitos
      Trump’s lawyers literally argued he could shoot someone and not be charged or even investigated until he left office.
      We’re not being dramatic.

    4. Let’s be fair, it’s been a few decades since Republicans have resided in reality with the rest of us. They always try change the rules to suit their needs.

  1. Bolton is fear of mafia Trump to testify in Congress so asks court here and there . No one is above the law.

    1. @Katie Kane bolton is a mega warhawk hes responsible for a million deaths and counting he should be in the gitmo prison he you dont think ditz w created the war on terror no its mr moostache..for superfunds for him and cheney to dole out to private corps for technology advances not our military and thats where it disappeared to..really.

    2. No need to ask for a court’s decision; just refuse to testify to a Kangaroo house misguided inquiry and support your President.

    1. @Samwel Nyamwaya You are right. The Republicans did. But I as do alot of people believe it’s being done wrong and not public enough.. They are more than likely coaching someone that obviously has previous bias against the president to say do and repeat exactly what needs to be said..So come on man you gotta admit it’s not right.. And who is this witness? We would’ve known already..

    2. MikeflightFPV at the end of the day trump has broken hella laws asked for foreign govs to interfere in our elections not once but 2 times

  2. Our founding fathers declaration ensures that We the People cannot be ruled nor is the President above the law.

    1. @lelennyfox34 Open your eyes to the corruption and FBI failure to protect and defend. So far many top FBI talking heads were forced out of the FBI in disgrace and that is just the tip of the iceberg. Trump was install by Hillary. WHY? How did she do it and you fail to see what she did to split the Democrat voters?

    2. @Julian Bury Yes and I think the law will prevail but Adam scruff is trying there best to subpoena the defense council and all the documents and affidavits of the defense team plus docs and evidence that the state depart has from ongoing investigations of John Durham and Horowitz.
      Don’t forget all these players are the same.
      From those guilty of losing billions in aid money to take dossiers its all the same group of people or affiliated with them.
      Looks like they divorced Russia for Ukraine to obstruct them or maybe use the intel committee to gage order or deem evidence as national security risk so it can’t be used to convict any of them with.

    3. @lelennyfox34 No point explaining checks and balances to these Trump worshippers. Most of them are either too stupid to understand or just never passed grade school

    4. @Ed Oliver The Republicans gave the committees the power to execute subpoenas in 2015 when they had the majority. The Dems are following GOP House rules.

    1. @Camden Keefer he could not testify to everything about trump. He could only testify on the report of obstruction and collusion. Not on the grand jury Indictments of the other crimes trump had committed. Thats why they were handed over to the grand jury. But trumps AG Barr redacted most of the Mueller Report to hide what they didnt want the public to know and alot of that is now going to be known.

    1. I think they’re going to haft to testify Congress has the right to investigate the president, Trumps just making it up as he goes he’s actually not very smart.

    2. It is also a quick way to get a ruling on the various ‘privileges’ that Trump has been claiming for himself and his adminstration.

    1. Andy Larson said “Dems are going down” but answer the question? Why try to stop testimony if there’s nothing to hide?

  3. “Constitutional immunity”? I know trump idolizes autocrats but I can’t believe this is happening! Shouldn’t we be taking to the streets?

    1. M F You’ve been taking to the streets for almost 3 years and you’ve been believing everything the media tells you for longer than that. Go ahead and take to the streets again, sheeple.

  4. Trump ” The call was a perfect call” so don’t testify since the call was perfect. So if it so perfect let them testify to back up your claims.

    1. They all heard the call, and read the transcripts. Even the the Ukrainian president said there was nothing wrong.

    2. @bc1969214 Its not word for word DAH!
      They dont put down ahh ahh,also its translated havent heard anyone say its not accurate (except demoncrats) Ukraine obviously thinks its ok.
      Wake up!

    1. Those republicans who are members of the committees running the inquiry Intelligence, Foreign Relations and Oversight can question the witness’s and have equal time to do so.

    2. @Jefryt 67 The republicans have been questioning the witnesses. Where have you been? All the republicans that sit on the committees doing the inquiry are in the room asking questions of the witnesses. Dems get an hour then Repubs get an hour. Dems get 45 min then Repubs get 45 min. If the Repubs don’t use their time (which they have used their time) that is on them.

    3. @napalm777 Wrong–All the committees in congress are made up of Republicans and Democrats along with Independents. At this time there are 47 Republicans sitting on the committees conducting the interviews. And, again, this is not an impeachment trial (which is held in the Senate). It is an impeachment inquiry (substitute investigation) where witnesses are interviewed to determine if Articles of Impeachment need to be drafted. Jeez, read the House Rules regarding investigations. They are on the House website and the House Rules were last updated in 2015, passed by Republican majority and signed by then Speaker John Boener (R)

    4. @Kevin Barry That is correct if the House drafts Articles of Impeachment. That has not been determined yet. An investigation is not a determination of impeachment. It is merely an inquiry to determine if charges need to be filed (In this case Articles of Impeachment). If it is determined that Articles of Impeachment need to be drafted, the House Judiciary committee will draft the Articles, present them to the entire House, and then a vote will be taken by the entire House. That is how this works. One step at a time.

    5. @Jefryt 67 doesn’t have to go anywhere my friend. Just the stain of being the 4th president to be impeach is the idea. The Senate will not remove him from office. However they cannot remove the term Impeached from permanently being branded to his name forever. Think about that. Forever. And when people read about it decades from now without the bias of his supporters. They will know why he was impeach because only the facts will be available to decifer from. And it won’t be as foolish as the Clinton impeachment. And you my friend would have been memorialized here on YouTube for seeing clear evidence and ignoring it for your selfish self interest. Country over politics my friend. Good luck with that.

  5. Executive privilege or constitutional privilege does not apply in a commission of a crime. This is another stonewalling tactic.

    1. God will take care of everything…All about timing…Karma.The laws of nature….the wheel turns equal for everyone that dont do right….

  6. Obstruct, collude, obstruct, collude, watch TV, rant, eat, golf, obstruct, collude, eat, watch TV, rant…

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