1. @Steel Rain So what sort of idiot leads you into a fight where you are fighting with one hand behind your back? If you can’t fight without reservation, to win, why exactly are you there? And if victory would cost the reason that you’re invading, why did you bother?

      Russia has bled America in a dozen conflicts using this against us-my countries inability to truly focus on victory and instead fight half wars for half hearted causes. Welcome to the club Russia-the Forever War. You’ll fight forever but never, ever win. Victory will always be a tease they dangle in front of you, but never actually deliver.

    2. @First Last damn. I bet you call people from Chile or Columbia, “Mexicans” as well. Isn’t that what trump said at his rally? That we should be more focused on Mexico rather than Putin re establishing the once soviet border?

    3. @Tree Lover Do you have any questions? – Why is Ukraine stuffed with weapons to the limit while, for 20 years, Russia has asked not to bring NATO to its borders? And why did Russia enter Ukraine after the “peace-loving” Ukrainian authorities, at the suggestion of “friends” of the USA and Great Britain, shake the herds in front of Russia’s nose the threat of nuclear weapons. 14 thousand peaceful Russian people – women, children, men, old tacticians like you – slept peacefully, sweetly if they made a smile on their faces. The burning of people in Mariupol and Odessa went unpunished. Russia is not Iraq, not Yugoslavia, not Libya. The Ukrainian government is not a peaceful, harmless country for you. This is a time bomb, with a double face and double standards

    4. Putin repeatedly called Zelensky a “neo nazi”. Does he know that the Ukrainian leader is Jewish? Or that his relatives survived the Holocaust? Putin’s says his nuclear threats today on Europe and the US are in retaliation for new sanctions on Russia, but Putin’s threats now just sound more desperate.

    1. With Biden in office, ur ain’t getting proper judgement alright, and also, if America cares so much bout Ukraine it wouldn’t have directly lead to it’s invasion by being complacent during a false leaders installation, cowards.

  1. Makes complete sense. Invade a sovereign country then react to their defenses by readying your nuclear weapons.

    1. @Truanashabadapressure last time I checked, Ukraine is not “the west” and so far “the west” has teamed up with Ukraine and given them funding and equipment to resist Russian occupation. That’s not weak.

    2. Putin is scared. He knows the world is opposed to his invasion, and his invading army is looking like the Keystone Cops. He’s afraid his enemies, especially NATO, will see him as weak and attack him. Of course it’s not going to happen, but it’s kind of nice watching Vlad sweat.

    3. @Angel Lee ITS A LOT OF FINANCIAL HISTORY OF SOVIET UNION ABOUT CRIMIEA.Soviets borrow money.,.,to be paid by soviet California! We don’t know a lot about under table talks

    4. @Dwane Anderson agree! Plan is absolutely CRAZY, I think somebody afraid of TRUMP,because he may opened he is stinky..,true

  2. The one part of the video I saw earlier was Ukrainian soldiers that sent Russian troops running and Ukraine took their goods that didn’t get destroyed.

  3. I saw a video from an in home security/nanny cam in a residential building explosion. Just a reminder that this video on your phone is real life for many real people. Also a reminder to thank God for the easier lives we live

  4. I never imagined that the turkish government would’ve given Ukraine those badass drones….and boy are they doing their part

    1. @Tom Horton I didn’t think Putin would invade. He sure surprised me. But he’ll pay in the end, and the pushback from the Ukrainian people will be too much for his army to deal with. The Russians can occupy, but, like the Americans, Ukrainians own guns, and the police departments last I heard are giving out weapons to the people to protect themselves. The Russian Army is in for the ride of their lives.

    1. @Jock Young Ukrainian government officials are all American citizens, the president is just a puppet, and Ukrainian government forces shoot Ukrainian civilians, which you certainly haven’t seen because they don’t want people to see the truth that everyone is living in capitalist lies.

    2. @Friedrich Schrantz I understand what you’re saying, but also look at it from Ukraines perspective, they don’t want to be with Russia. Doesn’t matter if it’s Russias territory, that’s why revolutions start, which is why they’re at war.

  5. My granddaughter has a teenage friend from Ukraine who was adopted here. Her adopted family got word today a very kind man over there who was great helping them adopt this girl was killed today he had duo citizenship here and there but chose to stay there he worked with children with disabilities. So sad what’s happening there.

    1. @WEED GARDEN Main stream media always leaves that inconvenient fact out of the equation. Besides, how can anyone believe that Ukraine created a democracy with a coup?

  6. My friend lives right in the middle of Kyiv, and he’s in a bomb shelter right now.. It’s really sad and I pray he will be okay. 🙁

  7. This is so bad. How can a man live with himself knowing the outcome of his selfish actions is causing unnecessary deaths.

    1. he is a former kgb memeber, he can sleep and live his life very happy knowing the consequences of his actions, inhuman and evil

  8. As Chinese Catholic, I always stand with UKR and pray for this beautiful country all the time.
    God will bless you and punish evil invasion.

  9. War is never a good thing to the innocent who find themselves in the crossfire.
    People in many parts of the world give their opinions of what they are shown without a personal perspective of it. My hope is for opinions to be kept to the holder of them in effort that Truth be the only news presented. Since that will not happen, may the good in people rise up over the tyranny in them, that they may see the responsibility they hold to their own understanding and lack there of.

  10. I’m not the kind of guy who’s so obsessed with peace that I’d stand by and watch injustices like this be committed. Sometimes you have to fight, whether to protect yourself or someone else, because you know it’s the right thing to do. Being a bystander is just about as bad as being the aggressor.

    1. This isn’t about “keeping the peace” it isn’t out fight and NATO involvement means ww3 with not only Russia but Russia and China together which means the inevitable fall of the western world entirely, the U.S in its current state with how weak our military has become can’t and won’t sustain against that it’ll likely be the end of the world as we know it

    2. @0372Vet Our military is FAR from weak. What an uneducated statement to make. The United States defense budget costs more than the next 10 nations COMBINED. We are widely accepted as the greatest military in the world.

    3. @0372Vet How weak our military has become? Do you have absolutely any empirical data to support that mind-numbing statement? People like you just love to hear themselves speak in the same way they love the scent of their own gas. There is no indication of any “weakness” in our military. Our defense spending is through the roof. Our technology is constantly pushing “modern” into new definitions. Stop. Touch some grass, quit watching Papa Tucker, and pay attention.

  11. Hope they will be safe and stay in shelters, instead of going to war with guns and their crafted bombs as Zelensky called for. 🙏

  12. The people of every country have the right to pursue their own ideals and a prosperous life. I salute the brave Ukrainian people.

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