1. If the dead guy was White or Latino or Asian…It is highly unlikely that any of us would have heard about any of it at all..
      The dead man was an armed criminal who had shot a woman and was a fugitive from the law with an outstanding warrant for violent crimes. He was considered armed and dangerous. He resisted arrest, assaulted the officers, and endangered their lives by entering that car starting it, and attempting to flee with the officers partially inside the vehicle. Her prosecution and sentence reflect all of those things.
      If he was not black and had the media not cared. Nothing would have happened except a suspension and possible termination of her employment.

  1. Best news I’ve heard all day. 2 years for seevice to the community is still unjust but much better than the alternative.

    1. I guess. She shouldn’t have gotten any time. That POS Wright created the dangerous, panic situation that caused his death. There needs to be a message sent as well that it’s NOT OK to run from the police. Daunte Wright is dead, and that’s a tragedy, but he was not this model citizen his family and the media have made him out to be. He was a violent felon who robbed a woman at gun point and had multiple weapons violations against him, one of which was the warrant that led to his arrest that day. He was a POS.

  2. That judge disagreed with the family’s victim impact statements. And to compare his death to George Floyd was an insult.

    1. @Kevin Gunnery
      Thanks bro, your right. I have dyslexia and ADHD that’s why my sentences are always off. Have a nice day though.

    2. Not only that but they were both wrong George Floyd and Dante Wright. They both caused their own deaths and should be the only ones held accountable.

  3. How shitty are you at your job that you “accidentally” shot somebody. For generations her family will be cursed Bc she has no remorse. How can you smile in a mugshot and cry fake tears in court. My heart goes out to his family and all the families that the justice system has failed.

    1. Gimme a break. Don’t run from the police! If he cooperated and went into custody, he’d be alive today, end of story.

  4. This is a miscarriage of justice. I’ll never buy her bs story, sentence her the same way you would anyone else. Yet another case of a cop receiving special treatment.

    1. That’s is such an ugly way to say you’re getting some kind of vindication. Please stop for the love of God.. so humanity can be better as a whole.
      Maybe I should ask… Who has been mistakenly shot in your family? I will wait….meanwhile…please 🤫…because you don’t have a dog in this fight.

    2. @Sharron Wells-Farmer no one in my family has been stupid enough to put themselves in that situation and to be honest I really don’t care. I just wanted to comment so people like you could be offended

    3. Exactly! Wright was not this model citizen his family and the media make him out to be. He was a violent felon who created the chaotic situation that killed him and the judge clearly took that into consideration. I would’ve sentenced her to time already served and released her. Maybe a year of probation.

    4. @Sharron Wells-Farmer How many members of your family have felony gun charge warrants and then try to evade police when they’re being arrested, endangering the lives of police and the general public by fleeing?

  5. I feel like 3-5 years would be fair considering all the circumstances, being on the service for 20+ years and make such a huge mistake like that is pretty baffling to be honest though.

    1. @Blank41 You are correct…Resisting doesn’t warrant a death sentence. But shooting a criminal fugitive charged with shooting two people and is considered armed with a firearm and dangerous starts reaching inside a vehicle after assaulting an officer and starts it with two cops partially inside the car i an attempt to flee risking great bodily harm to the officers. IS JUSTIFIED.
      I would have shot him the second he started the vehicle to protect the life of my partner. And I would not have reached for a tazer at all.
      And I doubt they could have prosecuted me under those circumstances.

      She was indicted and convicted for making this mistake causing the death of Dante…
      Not her decision to use deadly force

    2. I feel that time served and probation would’ve been appropriate. This woman doesn’t belong in prison, she made a tragic mistake in a chaotic situation caused by a violent felon trying to evade arrest. Don’t run from the police!

  6. I loved the heart and words of the judge. To bring to light and rememberance Ms. Potters record and record of service was needed. I’ve had experience with good and excellent law officers and then those that were not. For the judge to define Ms. Potter was needed for Dauntes family to hear. They don’t know anything except what happened (son being shot by law) and what all else that has been happening that is appalling. Hopefully Dauntes family will be able to hear and see what the judge said and find healing and peace. Dauntes life is just as valuable now as it was. Personally I can’t completely imagine how Dauntes family feels as well as Ms. Potter. Both sides are in pain. We all have responsibilities whether driving a car, raising a family ECT. For the most part we do the best we can and sometimes things happen. Mistakes, a accident unfortunately things occur. It does make a difference whether any person’s behavior or character is in faulter- drugs, alcohol, foolishness ECT. or a mistake in the midst of a situation that causes hurt or harm to or from another. Hopefully Dauntes family and Ms.Potter will heal peacefully as the lord gives to each one. Let him heal-
    To remember the beauty of Dauntes life is worth far more than holding the pain inside and for Kim to receive forgiveness for the devestating mishap that has so many in tears over Dauntes, no longer here yet he (I believe) remains.

  7. The judge clearly exercised common sense, that Daunte Wright was a violent felon who tried to evade arrest and endangered public safety by fleeing the scene. He created the chaotic situation by trying to flee, and running from the police puts lives in danger.

    1. @Sven Haight You’re the one that brought up Babbit. I never said she was innocent, I could care less about Babbit, I would’ve shot her too, ditto w/Wright. The world’s a safer place without either one of them.

    2. @Nick Edwards the hell there ain’t. Look at the George Floyd riots, how many blacks were arrested and charged with looting and arson? They went after Rittenhouse, but not after any of the thugs that torchedvthe cities.

  8. Wright family sentenced to LIFE
    Potter family sentenced to 2 years

  9. He got what he had coming to him. You can’t act like that in life and not expect that kind of outcome. I wish she never said taser taser taser and did it on purpose she would probably not even have been charged.

    1. Agreed. This was a felony warrant, she did her duty, removed a violent felon from the streets and made the community a safer place. She deserves a medal.

  10. She’s got it sweet in isolation. She doesn’t deserve any type of pitty party. There’s people in isolation getting beat and starved for things they didn’t do. I don’t wanna hear it.

  11. if a man cop did this he would get 12 years easily. a woman judge of course is gonna go soft on her. if you notice, potter went from crying saying im sorry! then, look at her face when she is sitting there, she looks so mad. she is only sorry she has to go to prison she dont care about daunte. unfair and ClowN world.

  12. She shouldn’t even have been in court. No crime committed.
    Another thug low life criminal, attempting to resist arrest dies. If he was killed by one of his bro”s, we wouldn’t have heard a word about it, because that’s a normal occurrence to them.

  13. She should be free. Daunte Wright lived a life of crime. He was violent, and would have killed someone without a doubt. Free Kim Potter.

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