Kim Potter trial concludes with closing arguments | USA TODAY 1

Kim Potter trial concludes with closing arguments | USA TODAY


Closing arguments begin in former police officer Kim Potter's manslaughter trial.
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Jurors were set to hear closing arguments Monday in the manslaughter trial of former Minnesota police officer Kim Potter, who fatally shot Daunte Wright while yelling "Taser" earlier this year.

Potter, 49, cried on the witness stand Friday as she recounted what she said was the "chaotic" moment she shot the 20-year-old Black motorist during the April traffic stop-turned-arrest in the Minneapolis suburb of Brooklyn Center.

"I didn’t want to hurt anybody," said Potter, who is charged with first- and second-degree manslaughter.

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  1. Couldn’t stand listening to grandpa anymore. He’s coughing, blowing his nose and won’t stay behind the plexiglass. The case is about what Potter did. Not all of that coulda, shoulda, woulda, that grandpa is yelling about. I was hoping that some sane defense attorney would speak. Not that old jerk.

    1. right?! I felt like I needed to sanitize my screen every time that crusty old fart got up there spewing his phlegm all over. Feel bad for everyone in that room.

  2. They confused Deadly Force with Tazers.
    Tazers Are legally considered Less Than Lethal. Using a Tazer isn’t considered “Deadly Force.”

  3. An Honest Mistake isn’t Manslaughter.
    Didn’t the perp cause the dangerous situation by Resisting Arrest and trying to drive away?

    1. Wrong.  Running away from police is not an offense punishable by death. Those who think its good you don’t love police officers because if you kill like what Kim did, you won’t get away with it.

    2. He did. Escaping and running away is always what lead to arrestees getting killed. But they want to escape. That’s what they get.

    3. @Davy Crockett But it was an accident! An Accidental Death! The Police didn’t Cause the Situation. Police are allowed to shoot a fleeing suspect- You can’t allow a dangerous person to get away just because you can’t run fast enough. But she Thought she was using a taser, (not a lethal weapon.)

    4. @B. Eder it’s not an accident if it is reckless. If you lose control of a car and kill someone it is an accident. If you lose control because you are driving 20 miles over the speed limit that is a crime. Same here. If there is an accident, but you go against your training and use a deadly weapon in a way you aren’t supposed to. That’s a crime.

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  4. She can cry all she wants..she will still get locked up. There’s no way she’s coming back no guilty. Do you time. You should have known better between a gun and a taser. That’s why you guys spend months of training.

  5. About tasers, there’s a case about officers causing heart attack because they used it several times on an arrestee. It doesn’t seem to work for other people. Like bullets bouncing off on their body. Taser should be looked at carefully because it causes problems in police work instead of helping both sides.

  6. Some people are even thinking of buying tasers because of the peace and order situation we are encountering at present. This situation is an eye opener. Why not just use pepper spray?

  7. The problem for the defendant is that a suspect was killed during an arrest and she pulled the trigger that killed the suspect. Pretty simple … with whatever weapon she chose to kill the suspect is a mute point … she caused the death of a suspect who is innocent until proven guilty. Whether she purposely killed the suspect is also immaterial … whether she is remorseful as well … she still caused a suspect’s death when making an arrest … and being sorry is also immaterial. Manslaughter must bring a guilty charge with jail time because cops are expected to arrest suspects safely and without harming other citizens, or they are told not to make the arrest until the later is insured. She caused the suspect to lose control of the car when he had his foot on the gas and she shot him dead and that car left the curb and went into the path of traffic and hit another person in that vehicle, and then ran into someone’s yard which too could have killed someone who had nothing to do with the arrest of this suspect. When a person ends up dead who is neither a threat or is armed … whoever shot the suspect must pay for it with time in jail, as well as any financial considerations that her crime caused for other people and property. She was the cause of the suspect’s death, the car the suspect hit while dead at the wheel, and the property damage to the vehicles and to the land where the car ended up entering and stopping in someone’s yard.

  8. The old defendant attorney may have COVID and may be spreading it freely among those he is sitting near without a mask on. He certainly sounds like he is in the 5th day of the symptoms before the fever develops. He and his fellow attorney both are out of control with their overt reactions for the prosecutor’s closing arguments … the Judge in the Georgia trial cut that crap out immediately and warned the defense attorney for Arbery’s shooter that it taints the jury with such reactions without being able to consider the arguments being provided to them during the trial processes. He never did it again but these two act like they are not in a court room and there is no one talking about the reasons the jury needs to consider the case in their deliberations, and the defendant herself is sitting between each of them probably wanting to tell them both to change seats with her so she is not in the middle of this acting out, like both of them are 12 years old and never hear a prosecutor’s closing argument before in their lives.

  9. Kim Potter has a very Nasty Disposition to began with, and she had that same attitude, when Officer Luckey was trying to handcuff Daunte Wright, she took over when Officer Luckey was handcuffing Daunte Wright, she took over in a aggressive way, as if to say, I don’t have time for this, she was like, Tazer Tazer, with a gun in her hands, I put some of the blame on the other Officers as well, they knew she had a Gun in her hands and they just stood by and didn’t scream out, No that’s a Gun, Stop!!

  10. Quit censoring. Let everyone see what the prosecutor is showing them so there are no complaints about the verdict

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