Kind, trained humans rescue osprey stuck to nest with fishing line | USA TODAY

The San Diego Human Society untangled the bird and gave it a hydration injection before setting it free.

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The humane society got a call Sunday about an osprey tethered by fishing line to her nest atop a 40-foot-tall spotlight pole in the coastal neighborhood of Ocean Beach, the agency's spokesperson Nina Thompson told USA TODAY.

The osprey attempted to take flight and free herself, but could not because the fishing line only allowed her to get a few feet above the nest. Her partner osprey could be seen flying around nearby, watching the nest and continuing to "bring food to the three nestlings since the other parent was unable," Thompson

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  1. Thank you so much, San Diego Human Society! All animals are truly beautiful and spiritual. I can’t bear to eat them. For a long time, I have become a vegetarian.

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