1. She was the greatest Queen in history of the world. A truly amazing woman. The world is grieving with the British.

    1. @B Bodziak I am much more concerned about the damage and corruption that the class and honours system does to the country.How do you know how many tourist pounds are from people who visit the uk for its castles and stately homes that have nothing to do with the royals? Why do people visit versailles and fontainebleu when there is no french monarch? Are you seriously telling me that nobody would visit the tower of london without the monarchy?

    2. @Potato Joe by not conquering or subjugating more people(well, there was that Irish kerfuffle). But still, low bar to hurdle. Perhaps “least evil” is a better term than “greatest”

    3. @Shaun McKenzie I respect your opinion and yes, I do know Diana would’ve been Queen of Consort if she stayed married to Charles. I just think Diana was way more humble and actually cared about making a difference in the world and being there for the people. She didn’t care about anyone’s status or background. It’s why she’s still so loved & respected by people around the world even after death. She’s was our queen.

  2. Good on Charles for being so ‘accessible’ so early in his reign. I’m not a royalist particularly, but I understand the importance of the family to the UK.

    1. @jhzheffph hhingklele Have you read “when a government becomes a corporation what you need to know”? It isn’t overly long and if you read it you will realise what I mean. We need a royal family which is loyal to us.

    2. I think he will do fine. He’s a thoughtful and sensitive man. If takes up the sense of duty from his mom, and the no nonsense, get it done attitude of his dad, he will be a good King. ❤️

    3. @David Stephen if “no system is perfect” like you say, I’ll take the most democratic one thanks. All the talking points you listed were carefully crafted by Royal PR managers 😂

    4. @VENTURE HOLLY The U.K. system is the most democratic one, or at least close to it. The monarchy have no say in policies or politics – that is what makes it stronger than somewhere like the U.S. where politics is being bogged down in constant Court cases and has done since the election in 2000. Democracy cannot be decided in courts.

  3. Such grace and dignity in the midst of the saddest day. So much respect for this man – the King. With love from America.

  4. I find it mindblowing that I’m 22, and that she have lived for over 4x (almost 5x) my lifetime. She’s been alive looong before I even came to life. I was born at the end of her life, that hit me hard.. Even my grandmother, who were 3 years old when Queen Elizabeth became queen, she died 4 years ago. So even a generation have come and gone while Queen Elizabeth have been ruling the country. THAT’S wild!

    1. @Sugar Xyler the Cherokee Wouldn’t those two sisters of your aunt’s, also be your aunts?

      I assume neither was your mother, as you’d likely have said as much.

  5. Deepest sympathy and condolences to His Majesty King Charles III and the Royal Family on the loss of a beloved Mother, Grandmother and Great Grandmother. We as a nation are mourning our wonderful Queen of over 70 years. We were incredibly lucky to have had this truly amazing lady as our Sovereign. Thank you Ma’am. You kept the vow made on your 21st birthday. Rest now, reunited with your beloved Philip. God Bless Queen Elizabeth II. God Save The King. 💔🙏🏻🇬🇧🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿

    1. @Tom Leary she is replacing Lady Diana n promoting an unfair situation
      She showed no respect for a marriage and wins it all
      The crime has paid n the mistress is being honoured consort or not
      Do you agree with that

    2. @B Bodziak  
      Our deceased Queen didnt go to the so called wedding
      She tolerated what she couldnt prevent n prepared the future of the Monarchy = William n Kate
      But Charles gave her his covid n she is dead now …

      Do you agree with that

      Camilla is replacing Lady Diana eventually n promoting an unfair situation
      She showed no respect for a marriage and wins it all
      The crime has paid n the mistress is being honoured consort or not
      Do you agree with that

    3. great to see charles is keeping up the queen’s great racing tradition with the announcement that he has entered Camilla in next year’s grand national….

  6. From UK: This is all so weird. A King. Yesterday was a genuine shock. Elizabeth II might have been 96 with ‘mobility issues’, had reduced her duties as you might expect to happen at that age, but only days ago she received a new PM and so I had sort of expected her, though fragile, to be around for a while longer.

    I’m not a staunch monarchist, but I have nothing but the highest esteem for her to have been so steady for such a long time.

    1. @Potato Joe You know England has over 2000 years of culture right? Try starting at around 500 AC, maybe then you might have a better understanding of why their monarchy is so important to the Brits. Or hell, start at the Arthurian leyend, that might be easier for you.

    2. @Virgilio yeah theyve only had a parliment for what 100, 150 years? And the monarchy actually still has the power to disolve parliament if they went.

    3. @ski e Parliament is older than that actually.
      The monarch dissolved the Parliament in the 1600s but that’s what led to the rise of Constitutional Monarchies

  7. “We will meet our families.
    We will meet our friends.
    We will meet again.”
    Queen Elizabeth
    Rest in Peace
    Long Live The King.

    1. @Nick Nack Paddy Whack You Ain’t Black Jack He has too much dignity, honor, and respect for tradition to get on that train.

  8. God Bless Queen Elizabeth, rest in peace….she will be missed. And God Bless King Charles, may he rule with the same honor and dignity as his beloved mother.

  9. To lose your (iconic) mother and step into leadership at the same moment…. And yet greet this crowd with grace and patience. 💜🙏

    1. It’s really hurt when you lose your love ones I lost my wife at 40 😭💔 and it’s really hurt since then I’ve been alone 😔 what am i really to say we miss you Queen Elizabeth 💔 what do you have to say about this Margo Romero?

  10. I’m from the UK and he had to do this. Yes its sad about his mother and we’re all sad. But he has to immediately show his leadership and strength if the country ever needed it in crisis…… that’s what us british people love about the royals and will never get rid of them….. priministers come and go etc kings and queen’s don’t, they stay in the background until crisis happens and we love that it gives us hope and strength through dark times🙏🏻💙…. RIP ma’am & God save the king🙏🏻🙏🏻.

  11. So glad to see he is receiving a warm welcome and condolences. After all the controversy and drama they see him as not only their king but as a man who has lost his mother and nows bears the weight of a realm on his shoulders. So glad to see this kind of reaction.

    1. It’s really hurt when you lose your love ones I lost my wife at 40 😭💔 and it’s really hurt since then I’ve been alone 😔 what am i really to say we miss you Queen Elizabeth 💔 what do you have to say about this Callyann Brewington ?

    2. Me too. Ofc he had drama before but I dare to believe he didnt want that to happen either. Se seems happy now with his great love on his side. It seems like he will be less distant to the people aswell. Wishing him the best of luck!

  12. This is the first time in my life of 62 years that I have witnessed a new Monarch in England. This is living history, right here.

  13. I’m sure I speak for many of my fellow Brits when I say a huge thank you for the kind words, love and respect you have shown from all over the world in these very sad days, for this amazing, iconic woman, who has been a constant and reassuring presence in life for over 70 years. It is the end of an era.

    Love and respect to all ❤️

    1. As an American we have a kinship, like cousins, probably our closest cousin and ally, other than Canadians. We share many values and a history. We share ancestors who founded this country. How can you think of England and not think of Queen Elizabeth. She led an amazing life with dignity and poise. She was a mainstay for 70 years, longer than most people have lived. I get that she felt like everyone’s grandmother. She was closest to the heart of Brits, but people from around the world could see that she was a class act, performed her duties admirably. Sorry for the loss of your country’s matriarch.

    2. @Jason Carney why do you get a democratically elected head of state, yet we have to remain subservient peasants for your amusement/curiosity?

  14. I was born when Her Majesty was 32 years old. I grew up here in then, the newly independent Malaya and the British influence was still pretty much prevalent in my early years. I studied in an English medium school and my love for the Queen’s English prevails to this day. I have always admired Her Majesty for her grace, decorum and steadfastness in ruling over Great Britain, the United Kingdom and many other nations to this day. My country @Malaysia remains part of the Commonwealth. I would like to express my Condolences to His Majesty, HRH King Charles III and the @The Royal Family plus all the British people for their loss. @Queen Elizabeth II, you will remain forever in our hearts.🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🧸🧸🧸🧸🧸

  15. As a Brit, these scenes make me tear up seeing him reach for the crowds, a son who lost his mother, the warms and affection they have for him and he for them. He will do his mother proud! GSTK!

    1. @Sayora Clutz yes but thats a particular moment that didnt last long, I mean he said he felt trapped and tried to make it work. They were both starting to see others but in public they were married. He married the actual woman he loved. The public , we forgave him and understand. You are dwelling on the negative, amongst a sea of positives.

  16. I’m so pleased seeing this loving and respectful reaction from the crowd. Wishing King Charles the best during this most challenging time.

  17. Eventhough it’s His duty, yet it is still thoughtfull and heart warming of him to be with the crowds in such a difficult moment. He may not be a good Husband for his past life,but, he will be a great King i believe. RIP the great Queen the world will ever know. Long live the King.

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