Kingston College Wins 4x100m Relay FINALS Class 1 Boys | Boys and Girls Championship 2023

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  1. Nkrumie needs to stop looking around and focus on his lane and race. He does not want to get disqualified for lane infringement if he veers into another lane. Congrats to KC and the other teams.

    1. Leave the youth it’s a highschool championship in whicj he knows he’s winning and therefore he was gloating a bit it’s been done forever and will still be done locally and when they get to the big times they won’t do it unless ofc he is dominating like that and feels the need like il you never see the older athletes doing this yet all a them prolly do it at champs

    2. Agree 1000%.. its now a habit, I dont think he realizes how often he does that. I counted at least 3 times in this race.

  2. I can never understand why many athletes begin slowing down before the finish line. That mistake could be the difference between a medal or a record.

    1. Yes, that was a blatant slowdown. The slowdown wasn’t even gradual.
      But there are reasons for it.
      1. It kills your opponents’ psychologically.
      2. It prevents injury.
      3. It allows you to gauge the advantage gained on the other aspects of your technique. Let me explain. Have you ever seen Bolt deliberately start or take the bend slowly? Why was it always at the end?
      Well he was notorious for his slow to average starts, (that’s why he hit those hard), he’s also known for running a fantastic bend, that’s why he usually shuts down after the bend. Now, when he slows down , mimicking fatigue, he can gauge how good his start ( in particular) was by the gap between himself and the field.

    2. I hate when athletes do that . Run right through the tape especially when you are running as a team. I was always upset with Bolt when he did that.

    3. See that you and the others in the comments section don’t have a clue about the sport. Why should he exert himself for a record when there is bigger things ahead for him later in the season and pro. And cause injury to himself.Leave him alone.

  3. So time does not matter? He slowed down and he tends to look around. Our athletes are forming some really bad habits

  4. Honestly I would love to know the name of that guy that ran 3rd leg. He is as fast as a bullet.
    If he has decide to continue running he would have past all anchor legs and caught up with Nkrumie

  5. Worst leg was the last leg by KC irrespective of who he is. Why is he always looking to his right and slowing down? Its unfair for his teammates to run their hearts out without receiving the true time. I hate when anchor leg runners do that. KC could have easily run sub 40.

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