1. 😂😂😂😂😂 So hilarious!! What about checks and balances being made on the biggest grifting American family of all time . The Trumps!!!

    1. Regarding: “Can we impeach lawmakers who give aid & comfort to the enemy?”
      We can, and did with agent orange, TWICE.
      And yet, it neither removed from office nor precludes him from holding office again.
      Try to make sense of THAT.

    1. @11B Oooo, what a zinger. You’re so clever…not. Why don’t you tell me what I wrote incorrectly instead of veiling all your comments?

    2. @Nancy Griffin you’re already more confused than a chameleon in a bag of skittles from my original comment apparently. Therefore it would be pointless to continue arguing with someone who parrots words like projecting and veiling without knowing the definition of them or the context in which they are used.

    3. @11B You’re a hoot 11B. You, yourself, are spouting nonsense then claim those responding to you are spouting nonsense when they aren’t. That’s projecting.
      I know that you can tell that I’m highly educated and you just can’t stand it.

  2. I’d love to see McCarthy try to tell the Pentagon they’re not going to get that money. I’d really want to listen in on that conversation. I don’t think McCarthy understands how *one-sided* that conversation is going to be.

  3. Love him or hate him, with regard to our Democracy and defending democracy, Pence has stood up for the right thing numerous times.

  4. “checks and balances” are necessary, unless it’s yet another massive give-a-way to Republicans and their donors. Take the Paycheck Protection Program an an apt recent example

  5. I like how Republicans are so concerned about taxpayer money while doing everything they can to avoid paying taxes themselves

  6. If McCarthy wants to save taxpayer dollars, maybe he and all career politicians in Washington should vote to reduce their salaries and perks that waste billions of our money. So nearsighted!

    1. I suggest Kevin McCarthy and his supporters for reduced taxes for the Rich and Corporates, go and get a real job, instead of grifting off the hard-working real American taxpayers. They may find achieving KPI’s in a “real job” difficult to achieve – their performance review scores could be interesting. I’m talking about REAL JOBS that contribute to American Society – not Rich Boys (make believe) Jobs.

    1. @Pokey not quite. He was gerrymandered out of his district. But I don’t think he’s leaving politics, which is awesome news

    2. @Lemberg Native I feel like you’re not familiar with the voting demographics of Illinois.. The little tiny corner at the top called Chicago with 11 million people is blue, allllll the rest of the state on the map (about 3 million people) is red.

  7. When a Republican Congressman says “Oversight” they mean stuff my pockets, but NOT so noticeable as to be actionable. Plus, would McCarthy start bleating to the Feds if Mexico wanted San Diego and Palm Springs?

  8. Adam is the epitome of a true patriot, whether the U.S. citizens realize or not, this is a tragic loss. Sir I wish you all the best in your future endeavors. May God Bless you now and forever. Thank you for all you have done Sir.

    1. He’s going to be an important figure in our politics going forward. Has solid values, courage to stand up to blatant bad behavior. Maybe he should switch to Democrat and become a sensible moderate force in that party.

    2. @Cindy Isbell Congress hasn’t declared a war since WWII my guy. Technically, the US hasn’t been at war since WWII. Vietnam never happened, Korea never happened, the bay of pigs never happened, Iraq, Afghanistan, etc. Congress never declared war. The president just decided to declare war, even though by the constitution Congress is the only branch with the authority to declare war.

    3. @snipman 80 I’m currently washing my cat, I would send my wife, but she’s currently taking care of elderly donkey 🐴 He just got back from the vet. He had a bad reaction to the vaccine. When I’m done washing Garfield
      I’m definitely going to get the first fight to Poland. Will you be joining me where you located?

    4. @snipman 80 the fact that you guys feel a need to come up with a name for people from the same party who disagrees with you really shows your nature. Really mature.

  9. My unforgettable WW II father fought the Nazis from Normandy to Berlin, then served in the Korean Conflict. I miss Dad but am thankful he never knew that his country would be betrayed by its own president and Republican Party.

    1. I thank you and your family for his incredible service! Yes, I was flabbergasted to see McCarthy make this claim. Lower than low, he shrunk to the most ignorant reprehensible creature in that once sentence, worse than we knew him to be. We need a star to appear for the GOP, but all we have is crickets…

    1. I’m glad that you got the point People want to complain about the economy but the Economy started going bad in August 2019 if people go and see the news they will realize that and they want to have an excuses

  10. GOP (1987): “Mr. Gorbachev, tear down this wall!”

    GOP (2022): “Mr. Putin, how much can you contribute to my campaign?”

    1. Zein aktore harrigarria, hain da creampiedCam naturala ezen
      bizitza osoan ezagutzen duzula dirudi………
      Eta bizitza osorako zurekin eraman nahi duzuna da..
      Zer bainu-eszena den hau… . ..❤❤❤ ….. Eskerrik asko jauna… Gidoilari jatorra

    2. You promised gorbachev that nato wouldnt expand if he dissolved the soviet union then in 1991 nato overthrew poland and lithuania. Now you’re a suprised pikachu

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