Kirk Krack discusses training the stars of ‘Avatar: The Way of Water’ | USA TODAY

Kirk Krack, free-diving coach on "Avatar: The Way of Water," talks about training actors to hold their breath. The film is available now on digital.

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There's a few components that go into a top-notch breath-hold, Krack tells us.

The first, he says, is a trained instructor. Breath-holding can be dangerous when done alone, especially in water, so, if you're interested in breath-holding, please do it under the guidance of a certified instructor.

The second, he says, is to do several warm-up breaths before a big hold. These involve inhaling air as low into the stomach as possible without engaging the chest, pausing for two seconds, slowly letting the breath out like a balloon over the course of 10 seconds, then pausing for another two seconds before inhaling again and repeating.

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