Klein: ‘I Really Wish Senators Manchin & Sinema Would Do Their Duty & Make Senate Functional Again’ 1

Klein: ‘I Really Wish Senators Manchin & Sinema Would Do Their Duty & Make Senate Functional Again’


New York Times Opinion Columnist Ezra Klein joins Lawrence O’Donnell to discuss Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer exploring options to bypass the Senate’s 60-vote threshold and the obstacles to passing President Biden’s infrastructure package. Aired on 03/30/2021.
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Klein: ‘I Really Wish Senators Manchin & Sinema Would Do Their Duty & Make Senate Functional Again’


  1. Nobody wanted to live or voted to live under the Manchin presidency and Sinema Vice Presidency. Where the f@## do these Senators get off denying all of us the progress we need to satisfy their egos?

    1. Watch the short video “Finale” on the Borrowed Truths YouTube channel, and then pray that I am wrong.

    2. @ღSwnsasyღ _ Very well said!!! Sinema and Manchin have to decide what party book the want to own.
      Now is not the time for big talks, now is the time for big action.
      America is in the biggest crisis in its history.
      The filibuster is a great idea, no question, but it is not working in the current situation.
      The filibuster is only a rule, not a real law.
      Simple solution! Get rid of the filibuster as a rule, do all the right things that need to be done. Create a more fair and democratic filibuster with clear rules finally as law, just short before the next elections.
      Problem solved, no GOP interferance, and to easy rollbacks of the just implemented laws, for a long time.

    3. Us industry needs this infrastructure bill. They will make money and the people will be put back to work, the value of the work will be enjoyed for very long time. The taxes generated by the infrastructure improvements will regenerate the economy as well as make our government solvent. This will be good for every senator’s constituents.

    4. @ღSwnsasyღ _ No sir you fail at reading comprehension like most people. Meaning you probably don’t listen either. Just ready to spew dribble, an talk over people. Again Manchin votes with Democrats on big issues the majority of the time. Examples on big issues, no on the GOP tax cut. Another no on confirming the last Supreme Court Justice. Has voted yes on both stimulus bill packages. Will vote yes on voters Rights reform, an the infrastructure plan. Big issues sir not small carry favor issues due to his 70% constitutients Republican district.

    1. The repugs have obviously already committed themselves to the deal with the devil. You cannot bargain or make deals with Satan’s demons. Eyes open America corruption is not government.

    2. @derrill yager yeah no government isn’t the problem. It’s the big bad evil corporations

      Good lord what a fool

    3. @Car Ramrod82 am I a fool to see the truth of corporate operations within our government? Follow the money and you will see how corporations are selling off our tax supported infrastructure to foreign entities. For example the local power grid in the area was sold to a Canadian pension fund… Now drawing profits out of the country to stabilize and support their underlying peace and stability. Eyes open America. Corporations are about the power to make money, and that power corrupts totally.

    4. @derrill yager ah you mean lobbyists paying off elected officials. Ultimately who’s at fault? Be real nice if we had people of character today. Why I liked Trump, he couldn’t be bought. Why Washington had to get rid of him

      Businesses have always been ruthless. But what say you to a corporation that employees say 100k people? Sure, some people may be bad in there but to just say corporations are bad, it’s not a good argument. Plenty of middle class lives are supported by big companies. I know mine is….

  2. Ezra Klein’s frankness is beyond refreshing. Every voter who cares should call these two senators daily. Daily. They don’t deserve to be in the Senate if winning their seats again is all that matters to them. Guts matter more. They’re going to go down in flames if they don’t begin doing the right thing. How dare they.

    1. I do call them daily. I tell them that although I don’t always agree with their politics, I think they are doing a great job standing up for their constituents. Keep up the good work.

    2. Their constituents would be better off if the Senate was functional. McConnell and his repugs have kept the Senate dysfunctional for over 10 years and America needs its government to function. If the dims do not get something done they run the risk of losing power to the repugs who have shown their contempt for government function.

  3. ANY senator who does not vote with their electors needs to go away, since it has then become about power and money.

    1. I hate to break it to you, but WV is an extremely red state, so if he’s voting with his electors he’s not voting with Chuck Schumer

  4. Sinema was a contender with Martha McSally. They appear to lean Far Right, Detrimental to AZ and the country. Pls Vote smart, research.

  5. Forensic audits commencing in Georgia, Michigan, Arizona, Wisconsin and New Hampshire. That they won’t tell you

    1. @Katherine Jones Georgia court has ordered all ballots be forensically audited in Fulton County (Atlanta) after the recount revealed thousands of potentially fraudulent absentee ballots that were not folded, were on the wrong paper and appeared to be filled out by machine. In Michigan, court has ordered forensic audits of voting machines because the Antrim County machines were proven to be rigged.

  6. wishin’ and hopin’ and thinkin’ and prayin’
    plannin’ and dreamin’ and talkin’….. doesn’t get it happenin’

    1. Good point I have seen that a lot at work… Pointing fingers talk talk talk two hour meetings, and nothing gets done. Everyone wants to be in charge but most don’t know what they’re in charge of. Our last president was one of those finger pointers. We need government Representatives that at least have a clue.

  7. I find it interesting that the Senate makes up its own rules and puts in the rule that they can do whatever they want whenever they want if they just follow the steps. And I’m sure it is all written in legalese so no one but a lawyer could understand it. So even the Senators have to go through the Parliamentarian to understand it and know what the steps are.

  8. Everybody has a button they need pushed. The only question is how expensive will pushing that button be.

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