Kornacki: Adams’s Projected Win Shows ‘Parallels’ With 2020 Primaries 1

Kornacki: Adams’s Projected Win Shows ‘Parallels’ With 2020 Primaries

Steve Kornacki unpacks the results of New York City's democratic mayoral primary. 
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    1. And you might very well be wrong. Adams is a Cop, and most of the cops were for Trump and supported these whack groups like Qanon. You’re handing the whole thing over to the police union. Think it over.

  1. Hopefully the people in America that vote realize the reason they complain is directly related to GOP controlled Congress, senate and most states legislators for over a decade… it’s time foe change … trying to give the Democrats a chance throughout the country

    1. @Bill Sbac umm in 2019 we had the best economy in over 50 years, the lowest unemployment rates among minorities in decades, and the highest household income increase among minorities in decades, and Trump funded historically black colleges so they don’t have to beg for money every year. Far more than democrats actually

    2. @Bill Sbac also, I’d like to know what exactly you’re talking about. The three top most successful groups in this country aren’t white. Asian, Indian, and Nigerian Americans outperform all other groups to include whites by every measurable metric. They earn more, are higher educated, live longer, have fewer police interactions and lower incarceration rates than whites. Please explain how that’s possible in America?

    3. @Dustin Caso

      Sure just cut every regulations against fracking for oil in our nature preserves and you’ll make money… Cut regulations on chemical corporations so they can dump toxic waste into your rivers and streams and you’ll make money… Give Trillions of dollars in tax breaks to the corporate elite and they will make money on Wall Street, but you won’t… You see “Dustin”, we’re supposed to be about something more than MONEY… right? We’re supposed to have standards, right? And where are your standards Dustin? Do you have any?

    4. @Dustin Caso

      Hooray for them, I didn’t mention any groups by name, you did. But again (it’s always “again” with you guys) what have Republicans ever done for the poor? What have Republicans ever done for anybody who isn’t already rich? NOTHING. They hate the poor, hate the needy, hate anyone that might cause them to pay taxes to help out. Republicans are not Americans, they are the rich… and the rich have no country.

    5. @Bill Sbac I literally just explained how 2019 saw the greatest economy in over 50 years. Putting America first, deregulations and tax cuts led to record low unemployment, and record wage growth in over 50 years. What have democrats done for the poor? How is the war on drugs working out? Or the war on poverty? Both started by democrats in the 70s, how are those things working out today?

  2. Adams NYC Dem win couldn’t be worse than Curtis Sliwa- Guardian Angels qualifications GOP win.

  3. Adams: “I’m the face of the New Democratic Party”

    Me: “What does he look like?”

    1. Choosing a former cop to be Mayor… I guess the police union is happy to hear that huh? Now they’ll do whatever they want with impunity.

  4. Maybe its time to let go of the personality cult approach and look at ideas through a lens of ideology by focusing policy policy platforms and their outcomes. Too many people just vote for charisma or disposition, and fail at engaging with the substance of governing. Ultimately thats what matters.

    1. In other words vote Democrat because Republicans have no policy beyond fascism and destroying democracy in the name of an orange traitor.

    2. @Gene Montoya I think a renaissance of education would solve many problems. Education is knowledge and wisdom and has a public interest. Skill acquisition is job training, and prepares workers for the needs of the private sector. The former is investment, the later is subsidy.

  5. How’d 136K ballots get pre-loaded into the machines before one vote cast ??..Just Askin’ !!

    1. They were test ballots. To see if it worked correctly, But they did not delete them. Human error that’s how.

    2. @Deborah Freedman..I guess running the ballots thru the machines wasn’t part of the testing, huh ??

  6. I’m a Democrat and that’s probably the dumbest headline I’ve ever seen!!! Eric Adams is absolutely not the face of the Democratic party. Most Democrats are moderates that lean slightly to the right or left.

  7. My only concern about Adams is if a career NYC cop has the necessary integrity to be a good mayor. I have my doubts.

  8. Trump now starts a class action against Twitter, Facebook and Google.
    This man just can’t keep quiet. It hurts his massive ego. Good luck Mr
    Trump. How longwill your cash last?????

    1. “His” cash will last as long as his dimwit sheeple are too dumb to know they’re being fleeced… so forever.

    1. Don the Con killed Ashli Babbitt when he lied to her about winning an election and sent her to the Capitol to break in and try to stop a Constitutionally mandated counting of the certified electors. The police officer wouldn’t have shot her had Don not sent her.

    2. @Suomy Nona and i have other information, there was no storming of the capitol, and there could not be, since the doors in the capitol building are on magnetic locks and it is impossible to open them from the outside, besides, there is a video of how the capitol security itself lets the protesters in, there is also proven information that not Trump supporters but provocateurs from antifa disguised as “MAGA” simbols entered the capitol

  9. Wasn’t he a republican and now a Democrat? Kinda like Trump huh no doesn’t work for me

  10. Biden, policies aside l,is a better man, then any GOP current leader,I think trump’s is losing huge numbers i
    Of supporters,people r tired of the b.s.,the supporters he does have r a lot more vocal,then Dems, biggest problem is they have no platform,just anti Dems . No substance, no actual plan of action

  11. This guy again? “Hillary in a landslide” last time I recall seeing this political activist and paid DNC shill.

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