Kornacki Breaks Down New York City’s Ranked Choice Voting Experiment

Eight Democrats — including former presidential candidate Andrew Yang and the perceived front-runner Eric Adams — are running for the Democratic party’s nomination to become the Mayor of New York City, replacing term-limited Bill De Blasio. This will be the nation’s largest city's first time using ranked-choice voting, and the biggest experiment of this voting system to date. Steve Kornacki breaks it down.

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Kornacki Breaks Down New York City's Ranked Choice Voting Experiment


    1. Oz voters have no problem with it though some do not take it seriously enough just like we in the U.S. also do not sometimes.

    2. australia needs to have multi member constituencies for the house like they do for the senate. otherwise the two party system continues

  1. Maine has had Ranked Choice voting for 5 years! NYC is confusing because they have so many candidates. Check out how Maine has made it work!

    1. @PaG1989 I just voted here in NYC, there are more than one seat to fill. Also ranking Public Advocate, Comptroller, Borough President, and City Council.

    2. It’s not confusing. It’s just how is going to be when you have a lot of candidates that people at least slightly respect

    1. @eagle lion529 you have no incentive to do that. If your second place vote matters that means your first choice has already been eliminated

    2. @KJV1611OnlyTruth compromise. still better than gettingyour 3rd place choice elected for example

    3. @Und3r_Bank3r oh. well it works well in ireland so if the irish can figure it out, so can nyc

    1. If former Republican Adams wins, the city will go down hill, no reason for anyone to stay or come as tourists.

    2. @David Goldman guess you like minorities and homeless people harassed by police and no real change in crime

  2. Thank you for explaining the New York City’s mayor’s race. It’s a “ballot saving method” …I guess you would say. I love that MSNBC’s Steve Kornicki has finally explained to viewers …how this process works in New York City! (I wondered about it …but didn’t know how all these candidates would be there in New York City and how the winner of the mayor’s race would be selected.) Thanks for Steve’s robust explanation today from southern Colorado!

    1. @Jason Daley consider ranking Andrew yang in your top 3 at least. Hes a very good person and actually has many progressive policies to elavate the living quality for new Yorkers. Remember that Andrew yang voted for Bernie sanders … Remember that. Bernie was and is his inspiration. But sometimes his words get taken out of context because he isn’t part of the corporate establishment machine. Our city would do well under Andrew yang. If given the option between yang and Adams which seems plausible now, i would by a mile vote for yang. Just compare his core policies of helping the poor and compare that to deblasio 3.0 on steroids mr Adams. There is no comparison.

    2. @michael murillo speak for yaself..im a REAL new yorker and we are going to get it right ….except for staten island

  3. Democracy??? In the USA???
    Wow, I forgot the US used to be an active democracy…

  4. I pray that this will be the new wave. Sick and tired of “parties”. Would cripple dark money and expand choices “By the People”.

    1. @Jared Forbes Adams, you mean the guy that wants 300-400 kids to be taught by one teacher and permanently move schooling online? Lmfao

  5. Rank Yang to block Adams. NYC doesn’t need a former Republican, consistent liar, and corrupt mayor.

  6. Come on the polls survey happened on june 3-9 before the actual early voting on june 12. Yang will win.
    Never heard from people they will vote for adams.

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