Kornacki Takes A Look At Mail-In Voting By The Numbers | MTP Daily | MSNBC

Kornacki Takes A Look At Mail-In Voting By The Numbers | MTP Daily | MSNBC 1


Steve Kornacki goes to the big board to take a look at mail-in voting by the numbers. Aired on 05/21/2020.
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Kornacki Takes A Look At Mail-In Voting By The Numbers | MTP Daily | MSNBC

44 Comments on "Kornacki Takes A Look At Mail-In Voting By The Numbers | MTP Daily | MSNBC"

  1. A basic manipulation tactic of Trump’s and the GOP,  is to accuse your opponent of the exact thing that you are doing, so when you get caught doing that thing yourself, it doesn’t seem that drastic. Republicans know that when everyone votes they lose. The Repub party may not have the numbers, but they most certainly have the money. A large majority of money from Big Business and billion dollar corporations is funneled to Repub candidates. This money is used to buy republican politicians for the purpose of giving corporations control over our government.  

    In 2019, the NC Republican operative at the center of an absentee ballot fraud scheme that led the state to order a rerun of a congressional election was arrested and charged with obstruction of justice. The operative, Leslie McCrae Dowless, was charged with three felony counts of obstruction of justice, two counts of conspiring to commit obstruction of justice and two counts of possession of absentee ballots.

    Allegations that operatives working for Dowless illegally collected, and sometimes filled in, absentee ballots on behalf of Republican Mark Harris’ campaign emerged shortly after the Nov. 6 election. They caused the state to hold off certifying Harris’ apparent narrow victory over Democrat Dan McCready.

    During 4 days hearings, the state Board of Elections heard evidence of a well-funded and well-organized campaign to tip the election for the state’s 9th District in the U.S. House of Representatives, which stretches southeast from Charlotte.

    Ballot fraud is extremely rare. But when this case was uncovered in a congressional race in 2018, orchestrated by Republicans, Trump and other republicans looked the other way.  

    The election fraud committed in NC was the largest case in modern American history. Republican Mark Harris, hired a felon, Leslie McCrae Dowless, who promised to deliver unbelievable absentee ballot margins, as he had done in past elections. Dowless hired workers who went to voters’ doorsteps in poor, rural Bladen County, N.C., and “helped” them request, fill out and turn in their ballots. That help included forging signatures and filling in vote choices, and possibly even discarding ballots. The operation mostly targeted black voters. It also appeared the county elections board may have also leaked early vote totals to Republicans.

    Altogether, it was an egregious attack on our democracy, in an election where the margin was only 905 votes. Voters on both sides of the aisle were horrified. But not the Republican Party. When evidence of fraud emerged in the party’s primary, it’s state director, Dallas Woodhouse, turned a blind eye; later, when evidence emerged in the general-election race, he backed Mark Harris, in a lawsuit to be seated in Congress without an investigation 😲 while attacking the bipartisan state elections board and blaming Dems for the fraud. 😲

    It turned out that even the local U.S. attorney, who was appointed by Trump, had failed to act on warnings by the state elections board that Dowless had stolen votes in a different race two years before. Instead, the attorney’s office went on a fishing expedition for fraud committed by immigrants, under the guidance of Jeff Sessions.

    Trump and the GOP love to claim that voters commit fraud, even though it almost never happens, BUT, when one of their own was caught committing the worst case of voter fraud in modern history, they weren’t concerned at all. Just one more page from the Republican Party’s dirty elections playbook.

    • NotSure SureNot | May 21, 2020 at 7:35 PM | Reply

      Gop cant win without cheating

    • But when they find that votes have been turned in by dead people? How about you don’t have to be a registered voter? How about giving driver’s license to illegals? I lived in NC and it has turned to crap! What about the voting stations where they have people on video throwing away ballets? How about the DNC paying for a lie about Russia and Trump! All by the Democratic Party! As far as large companies paying in to the Republican Party don’t be foolish both parties take money from them. Open your eyes 👀 I don’t care what you listen to but use common sense.

    • Jeweled Bird | May 21, 2020 at 10:51 PM | Reply

      ​@David Shaw Widespread voter fraud is a myth created by the GOP to justify draconian laws that disenfranchise large swaths of the population that tend to vote Democrat.

      From 2000 to 2016, there have been 44 cases of voter fraud–out of one billion ballots cast. Not quite the scourge Trump and the GOP would have you believe.

      In your former state of NC, the GOP had their hands slapped hard by a judge over their voter ID laws, with the judge stating that said laws were enacted with surgical precision to lockout African-American voters.

      That’s the real crime.

  2. The Trump administration is killing Americans with its policies. It’s on the shoulders of All Republican Politicians who supported Trump during the Impeachment. They just don’t want people to vote!

    • Russian Bot | May 21, 2020 at 7:40 PM | Reply

      We know how you guys operate if we do mail-in voting and you lose you know you’re going to blame Trump and the Russians and you know you will

    • The mail in voting is to easy for Illeagles to vote and dead people to vote . Look at California they rejected over 200 thousand votes ,,

    • More people will vote this time than did for Killary Klingon

  3. If DJT challenged the mail-in and it was taken to the High court, he would lose.

  4. Utah is 100% mail in.
    It is also a republican red state.
    So, are all those ballots illegitimate too?
    **republican argument crumbles**

  5. Lord Sniffsalot wants to make it illegal for Democrats to vote.

    • Creator yes, he’s already reduced their numbers by allowing the virus free reign in the initial ” it’s a hoax” stage.

  6. Trump: “Putin and I DO NOT want to see Michigan and other states do mail-in ballots. Putin and I have discussed it, and we are both totally against it.”

  7. timber_beast | May 21, 2020 at 7:20 PM | Reply

    The Republican win in California defeats Trump’s entire argument.

    • David Willis So you rather have everyone dependent on government? You think we should change our country?why we are the greatest country and why do people from around the world want to move here! What political party supported slavery? Democrats! And of course you result to throwing out some stupid crap thinking that will get you point across? Good job! I’m sorry I might have hurt your feelings!

    • Jeweled Bird | May 21, 2020 at 10:10 PM | Reply

      @David Shaw No, I’d rather have leaders who aren’t morally bankrupt.

    • Nicholas A. Nope, I think Washington State has had a Democrat governor for about 30 years! And Oregon even longer, I’m just saying if you look at our cities on the West coast we have some big problems with drugs, homeless and crime. I love this country and I don’t want the rest of the states to do the same.

    • David Willis | May 21, 2020 at 10:26 PM | Reply

      @David Shaw West coast as in California? A state that has the population of 21 states combined? Yeah, nice comparison.

    • Jeweled Bird | May 21, 2020 at 10:40 PM | Reply

      ​@David Shaw It’s not just the blue states that have problems with drugs, homelessness and crime. The red states have the same with the opioid crisis. Drugs–and the fallout from them–are a nation-wide scourge.

      In any event, I’m far worried about the lack of integrity in our nation’s leaders than I am about any supposed slide towards a socialist state. First, socialism is already a part of our country: Social Security, Medicare, fire departments, public schools, libraries, roads, just to name a few.

      Second, and more importantly, the lack of integrity at the top of our government means that the foundations of our nation are being undermined, such as what’s happening with the rule of law. It means that corrupt men are profiteering at the expense of the common people. It means that what little governing being done is to benefit those in charge, not the rest of us.

      You know, if any other president had done what Trump is doing, the howls of outrage would’ve been heard on Alpha Centauri. Yet you are will to give him a wink and a pass. Why?

  8. Ranaldo Bobsled | May 21, 2020 at 7:21 PM | Reply

    Vote by mail is far less a fraud than Trump.

    • PhoenixKnight | May 21, 2020 at 7:59 PM | Reply

      whom ironically votes by mail himself as well.. life is full of these delicious little ironies

  9. Trump has changed the Post Master with one of his cronies. I wonder why. 🤔

  10. shimmy 1973 Schermerhorn | May 21, 2020 at 7:27 PM | Reply

    Every precaution and solid procedure for mail-In voting has been taken in Nevada for new drivers license and voting. It’s verified and authenticates at ever step. The ballot is synchronised with your Nevada identification, address, phone number, and signature. It is hand verified once it arrives at the election centers for authenticity. If there is any doubt it is without question reviewed. The voter will be contacted and insured their vote is tabulated and accounted. Trump needs to visit a state and look at the procedure. If there is a discrepancy, the Secretary of State for each State will determine the outcome under penalty of state and federal law. They take this extremely serious and under oath. It’s called ACCOUTABILITY..Yes it’s something that Trump has NEVER heard of or promoted.

  11. paul signac | May 21, 2020 at 7:29 PM | Reply

    Putin ain’t gonna like this.

  12. Brother Sanguinary | May 21, 2020 at 7:30 PM | Reply

    Republicans know they would never win another national election if they actually let every eligible American to vote. They hate freedom.

  13. Republicans continue to battle those windmills.

  14. chauncey the gardener | May 21, 2020 at 7:51 PM | Reply

    YouTube is just like television, only you can see much further. I like to watch TV 📺

  15. Steven Moomaw-Tupper | May 21, 2020 at 8:03 PM | Reply

    Republicans are pure evil👹☠☠☠

  16. Paulo Freire | May 21, 2020 at 8:09 PM | Reply

    According to Republicans, Washington Oregon Utah and Colorado are not democraticies. That’s a real shock to those of us living in those States.

  17. The criminal GOP syndicate will always oppose mail-in voting because it limits their possibilities to rig elections.

  18. The only one thinking about cheating is Dumpf. He’’s so afraid of losing. Republicans are going to use every trick in the book especially voters suppression. My state vote by mail.

  19. Trump won 2016 with only 25% of eligible voters voting for him. Republicans do not want everyone voting, because they know they will loose most elections.

  20. The snowflake in the WH votes by mail. My state is mail only. Donnie can cram it.

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