Kyle Rittenhouse found not guilty in Kenosha shootings | USA TODAY

A jury has found Kyle Rittenhouse not guilty in Kenosha shootings.
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Kyle Rittenhouse was found not guilty of all charges against him Friday, including of intentional homicide – the most serious of five charges against him in a case that largely divided America along political and racial lines more than a year after he shot three men during a protest in Kenosha, Wisconsin.

Rittenhouse fatally shot Joseph Rosenbaum and Anthony Huber and wounded Gaige Grosskreutz during often violent protests in the summer of 2020 following the police shooting of Jacob Blake, a Black man, in Kenosha, Wisconsin. Rittenhouse, 17 at the time, faced charges ranging from intentional homicide to reckless and attempted homicide.

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  1. Even after the verdict is delivered, NBC News was still reporting that he carried the gun over state lines. God bless the jury.

    1. @blue truck hos -Self-defense is murder? OK. Remember that next time somebody tries to take you out – you should just let them.

  2. Thank god! He had every right to defend himself! Its a shame he has been dragged through the mud he should take some time out before suing the hell out of the media for their portrayal of him. He was the victim here and this shows it, well done jury you did your duty.

    1. @Jose Gerardo Fadon maybe in your puny uneducated mind he is. Did you see the police putting out fires, saving businesses or removing graffiti? In all reality you shouldn’t be here Jose!

    2. His house wasn’t burning or being looted. He went looking to make his justice. You live by the sword and you will die by the sword.

    3. @Warmonger8891 YT none of that has to do with a kid with a AR walking around like he’s Rambo instigating an already fucked up situation murder’s could’ve been avoided if parents were parents 🤷🏿‍♂️

    4. @CognacBoyz yeah keep all these crazy blm and antifa from destroying cities! Hell I wish he was Rambo and had an m60 there, they drew first blood!

  3. I can’t even imagine the feeling one has in their gut while waiting to hear the verdict. It has to be God awful

    1. @trey darling I honestly was writing bullet points to prove you wrong but….

      GUESS WHAT BUDDY! 12 jurors (and a majority of American’s btw) THINK YOURE WRONG!

      KYLE IS FREE! Hahahaha

    2. @Charly Lucky that “young man” took 2 people’s life but let this had been a POC “lock him up and throw away the key”

    3. @Buildplug TV, I’ll give the jury credit for going through the evidence. I thought they would convict him just because of the mob. So if this happened to a poc, I would hope the jury would do the right thing just like this jury did. I know chicanos in my area who have beaten murders. I took a case to trial, way back when, because I didn’t do the crime. I was home still in bed. Unfortunately, the jury found me guilty. Never been in trouble with the law, never been to jail. They gave me 4 years. So I am leery of jury’s. But if they’re straight shooters, I don’t think it matters your skin color. Kenosha is majority left leaning. But these folks put all that to the side, it seems. Sorry for the rant. But I have to believe justice is blind. Good day.

    4. @trey darling he was running towards the cops he said in the video he was going to the police. Yet they attacked him right before he could reach them they wanted to kill him

  4. Im so happy for kyle im crying right now. This poor kid had to make life or death decisions. Thank you jury for seeing the truth.

    1. the crowd has self-defense rights against kyle who before either incident was holding his gun at the ready with his finger on the trigger. Kyle provoked the first attack against him by improperly carrying his weapon. Kyle kills the threat….. The threat has subsided…..after 30ish seconds of just standing there no one attacks kyle even though people are near. Everyone that came over in that 30 seconds attended to the now dead man, none attacked kyle. Kyle runs from the initial crime scene into a crowd of people while he held his gun at the ready. Witnesses to the first incident then chase kyle only after he flees the initial scene while he continued to hold his weapon at the ready….. The crowd’s perspective is that they just heard gunshots and now see the active shooter running at them. Y’all’s logic would let school shooters have self-defense were this not a product of tribalism and instead logic.

    2. @trey darling You really let ANY other information during that trial that wasn’t blatant lies that support your ideology go in one ear out the other, didn’t you?

    3. @Cameron H doesnt matter its a open carry state and had a long rifle. He had a right to passes that firearm. Thats why the gun charge was thrown out. Kyle was innocent and yhe jury saw that

    1. He killed two people! You sound so ignorant. What a joke of a justice system you have. I hope he gets taken to civil court and they take his racist face for everything. WHAT A JOKE!!

    2. @Wolfeyes Vamp learn to read….. i said Kyle supporters are tribal. according to y ‘all’s logic the victims of a school shooting cant defend themselves. y’all didn’t come to the conclusion that Kyle is not guilty from logic, if you had y’all would be against the victims of school shootings on that same logic, instead y’all support Kyle for purely tribal reasons.

    3. @Wolfeyes Vamp also remember when I said none of y’all can rebuke what I’ve said? you’ve yet to even attempt.

    1. @urr purR He was not adult. He was not trained to deal with big crowds. He was underage to have firearms. Of course everything was OK if you ignore the facts, which is why I said “out of context”.

    2. @Bobby Child You’re the one who are lying. He was asked? Where is the evidence? And he was underage for the firearm.

    3. @Carlos Sanchez “While the rioters tried to kill a child” — Why did a child have a firearm? — you defeated yourself. Stop talking. You don’t have the intelligence.

    4. @Lie Debunker Wisconsin law says a Minor aka the Child Kyle Rittenhouse can carry a rifle as long as it’s within the minimum barrel length.
      He had it at the correct length so that charge was thrown out.

      Also he had the rifle for self defense.

  5. Thank the jury for upholding the United States Constitution. Self Defense was clearly defined and they responded accordingly.

    1. Not going looking for trouble makes me sleep good at night. Don’t get me wrong someone comes into my house uninvited and I’ll become a killer like Kyle but I will not be going out looking for someone to kill.

    2. @Jen R Actually in a self defense case you are allowed to shoot your attacker with whatever weapon is in your possession to eliminate the threat. Hence the term self defense. But don’t let facts get in the way of your feelings.

    3. @Jose Gerardo Fadon he wasn’t looking for ppl to kill. Rewatch the trial. He was even providing medical assistance to those in the area

  6. Glad to see that the jury has common sense, and overall BALLS, even though the media tried to dox them to pressure to continue their narrative.

    1. @LaSophiaMichael no clue what white or black has to do with this,but ok keep living in your made up world, the rest of us will stay in reality where Kyle is NOT GUIITY

  7. He, a minor, came to clean up. They, grown, violent, predacious men attacked him. He attempted to flee, and had to defend himself. Anyone that tries to call him a murderer is an effing pc of garbage.

    1. @Dummy Body 🤣 the fact that you keep saying, “he should be charged”, when he was, shows that you don’t understand much lol. I’ll take your station and badge number now thank you!

    2. @Dummy Body 🤣 he was arrested and charged.. thats how that works. He just wasn’t found guilty. You don’t go on judicial trial unless you’ve been CHARGED with a crime lololol So you’re clearly a troll and a liar lol cope harder. Cope all weekend before your Sunday afternoon shift at the Dollar Store 😆

    3. @Dummy Body 🤣 lmao you are a Karen cop. In your state sure but the laws in Wisconsin are very clear on self defense. State your opinion whatever but it comes down to the law that you clearly need to go study the law book again.

    4. @Dane Boca did you even watch the video footage? He was FLEEING the scenes when they were chasing him threatening to harm him🤦‍♂️

  8. This young man should sue the media for all the lies. May the truth set you free and it did. God is great 🙏🏼

    1. @Youtubehaslowvalues Predatorsgetfreespeech He would have DIED had he not defended himself, what the hell is there not to get?

    1. @Sha Of Anger do your homework. You don’t need a carry permit for a long gun. Typical uninformed liberal who knows nothing about the subject.

    2. On this:

      Facts don’t care about feelings. The prosecution couldn’t get a conviction in a jury trial of his peers because of the horrible facts they had, his presumed innocence and their burden of proof against self defense.

    3. @Sha Of Anger Once again, if the “victims” weren’t out burning down a city and terrorizing innocent people then they would still be alive today.

    4. @Sha Of Anger putting yourself in danger isn’t against the law, that’s the point of freedom and the constitution. Armed street justice is absolutely constitutional if you abide within the constraints of the bill of rights

    1. @Gokalp Kocer yeah…. Not what the country or the constitution was founded on. Weapons should be in the streets. Especially when scumbags are burning your town.

  9. When he was being read the verdict, you could see him desperately holding back tears. It made me cry.

    1. @Geronimo Pratt but he didn’t travel across state lines illegally!? This has been proven in court. So why don’t you catch up on the facts, because you’re just spreading misinformation to suit your left wing agenda.

  10. It’s sad reading some of the comments that think Kyle is a “white supremacist” and should be put in prison, they have no common sense. Bless you Kyle

    1. @John Mayernich I would condone it. I might not advise him to do that but that’s a separate issue. Also if I saw that my 17 year old son wanted to take the initiative to protect OUR community I would be down there with him. Sorry you’re too much of a coward that you would stand by and allow your community to be burned down. Like I said, that’s your opinion.
      If I had a son who was the same age as Kyle I’d know that I taught him well enough to make his own decisions based on values that I had instilled in him and I would support him. If he feels like he’s standing up for what’s right and I also agree then I’d be right next to him. Obviously Kyle knew what he was doing and acted appropriately to the situation. Do you think that the other people who were there with Kyle to protect the community are also stupid? Or is it just Kyle?
      Tyranny and lawlessness can run rampant when people are afraid to take action. The government showed to be unwilling to take the proper course of action to deal with the problem. When the government fails to protect the community then the community is forced to take action.

    2. @OohOoh AhAh lol you probably don’t realize this but you’re calling someone who has served in Iraq a coward. You’re right, I have no idea what it means to protect a community lol.

    3. @Iron Gamer Studios The police even said during the trial that they were not equipped to deal with the situation. How? We’ve already seen this before and the police were still not prepared? Why? Probably because the government simply didn’t care. If the government proves that they won’t take the proper course of action then you force citizens to do the job.

    4. @John Mayernich Sorry your service in a illegal war made you soft.
      You were busy blowing up communities buddy. Thank you for your service? I guess?

    1. @La Raza Bryan i did no such thing. Not guilty means innocent. Watch the damn videos. The kid was being attacked by 4 different people at the same time. Just the fact that he was outnumbered gives him the right too shoot them.

    2. A commie child molester got shot because he pointed a gun he was forbidden to own at a child he was forbidden to be in contact with. LOL! 😂

    3. @Arch-Cheriea Strachan Your comment demonstrates your lack of knowledge regarding law. You are innocent until proven guilty. To say that someone isn’t necessarily innocent just because they weren’t proven guilty is absurd. There’s video of everything that occurred from 10+ angles. There’s nothing missing, with regards to evidence, in the outcome of this trial.

  11. Did not expect this!
    I thought the jury would be too scared of BLM and Antifa, as they were in the Chauvin trial.
    But its nice to see that justice is done for once.

  12. This whole situation is so sad to ser. Just the fact that a child can run around ”patrolling” the streets with a semi-automatic weapon shows how sick American society has become. It would not surprise me one bit if you have a civil war in 10 years due to your enormously unequal society and medieval gun laws.

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