Labor Secretary: Infrastructure Plan Is ‘Investment For The Workforce, Our Future’ 1

Labor Secretary: Infrastructure Plan Is ‘Investment For The Workforce, Our Future’


The AFL-CIO and the U.S. Chamber Commerce have endorsed the bipartisan infrastructure plan. Labor Secretary Marty Walsh, a former union president, says that labor organizations and the business community both want the “good-paying jobs” the Biden infrastructure plan will create.

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  1. *”औरतों की इज्जत”,”किसान की जिंदगी”*
    *और “सैनिक की जान”*

    *इनको छोड़कर इस देश में सब कुछ महंगा है*

  2. I want to thank and congratulations Big tech and mainstream media for teaching us that we can ban The speech of the President of the United States of America from all platforms and I appreciate them showing us that The Commander in Chief and the leader of the free world doesn’t have freedom of speech and when they banned the chief executive officers speech they banned all the co equal branches simultaneously

    1. @Toneisha Johnson Biden follows the rules outlined in the agreement between the service provider and himself. Unfortunately Trump repeatedly broke those rules he agreed to follow and lost the privilege to use the private company’s product.

    2. Madam, does the name, “Karen,” mean anything to you? Do get over yourself? And Donny . . . He’s a loser

    3. Hey did you see Trump’s rally on Saturday with at least 50,000 people? They haven’t censored anyone.

    4. @N 827 No, what stories did he tell this time? Hopefully it was the one about goldilocks in the 3 bears.

    1. Not when they try and redefine what infrastructure is. Infrastructure is good when it’s not manipulated, politicized and ballooned beyond serviceable debt for current generations.

    2. “I don’t want my kids growing up in a jungle, a racial jungle.” – Joe Biden, Democrat

  3. To block the Infrastructure Bill, jobs and an improvement of the quality of ALL American’s lives, is anti-American. I think the GOP actually WANTS China and Russia to be better places to live? Or to make America into a Third World nation again? We’ve sure got Third World problems now.

    1. The GOP just wants to be able to service the debt rather than pass it to younger generations while saving the hegemony of the greenback. We should attack China today!

    2. You are promising all these new jobs in exchange for votes, but the problem is they haven’t solved any of the issues that are associated with delaying major infrastructure projects to even start.

      So what happens? Oh yeah we have a 1 million jobs in demand after the 10 years it takes to get through permitting procurement.

      Oh you voted for Bidens second term assuming you’d have a job next year? Whooops sorry we forgot to tell you about the rampant issues in preconstruction that haven’t been addressed for decades.

  4. Compromising with lies is out of the question. The compromise should not involve Harry creating more lies to feed them to the public, that is simply UNNECESSARY and WRONG. Harry does not need to advertise his fake relationship. He is typically very private about his girlfriend. He has never ever done what he doing is now. It is so out of character for him. It’s out of character and it insults me. You want the world to say: oh no, Harry was not hurt by all the articles in the media for over 10years, sorry that will not work. He was hurt and bullied for a very long time and fake photos in Italy won’t change that. The media messed up, that is that. Leave Harry out of this. And after a month Harry and Zayn are to be seen together.

    All these months and months of fighting, it can not be for nothing.

    Harry lying makes fools an fun of all the support he got from the black community and from as far as India, South Africa, Europe. No, I refuse to insult that kind humanitarian effort across the board. That kind of togetherness is rare, almost one in a generation and can not be spat on. Harry alot of people showed up and you choose to insult them? That I can not allow sorry. Harry be honest. This is not worth it. Minorities will turn on you for insulting their show of empathy – THINK!

    We need the truth from everyone except Gigi. She can excuse her lies however she wants, but Zayn and Harry can not lie…too many people across world invested in their pain when they didn’t have to. They could have just turned a blind eye, but they didn’t and that should be respected. There is simply is no way round that. Respect humans regardless of who and where they are from.

  5. our greatness was because of great works . dams roads bridges ect . the number one thing as far as public works would be a national water control system. we have more water then needed . but we need to put in a system to move that water. just the lost water from a gulf storm is more then whats needed to fill both lake mead and powell. we just need to move it behind those dams . yest the rockies are high. but there is a way . via black canyon to the gunnison river in colorado. yes its a lot of digging but 4.7 million people depend on those dams for power and water. and in cal about 18% of all crops in the nation. in fact the great lakes are over flowing every day all year now. we could use that water. but big floods can be made less big with a system to move the water fast. it can be done and its just waiting for us to do it. even if climate is a hoax as te primitives claim the not enough water is real . we need to get this done.

  6. US ANTIQUE INFRASTRUCTURE: “The eyes of history are on this appointment.” – Buttigeig.
    1964 Japan’s first bullet trains were put in service and the the first Beatles album was released.
    1998 China started the construction of 36,000km of high speed railways and high speed trains.
    2021 US still has NO high speed trains and NO safe overpasses or apartment blocks.

  7. Ah yes, the Great Obstructionist Party wirh their fat Fingers in every deal except that what would help the American People! Mitch McConnells Constituents do not even have CLEAN WATER!!!

  8. And for families, and for individuals, and for having a nation that is not crumbling. The 21st century is changing everything; the economy, society, civilization, how we live our lives … we are not servants to the rich.

    1. Yes; education, education, education, training, training, training, jobs, fair wages, and time away from work to live our lives in diverse and meaningful ways.

    2. There is currently a massive demand for labor in the infrastructure construction industry, yet there’s a labor shortage.

      So lack of available workers is not the problem.

      These plans are not addressing the real problems

  9. I was forced to interrupt my college education to pay health insurance claims in 1965. This type of coverage was only good as long as the man was healthy enough to continue working with that same employer. I was only 20, but it was perfectly clear that America needed to develop a National Health Care System that did not rely on health in order to obtain care. The rest of the World has made that transition in the last 56 years. However, inspite of years of reports on Public Radio regarding the success of these programs, our American Congress has continued to neglect our American public. They have continued to play to the corporate insurance song long after they were supposed to stop. Just as the big tobacco companies had plenty of time to diversify, these insurance companies offering employer health benefit packages have had sufficient time to diversify. It’s time for these people, who have been pretending to be Republicans, get off their butts and start working to move our country forward once again. We insist on an infrastructure being passed. We will also use the strength of our democracy to get what we want and need. If you stand in our way, we will remove you from office.

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