Labour, Social Security Min. Faces PAC – February 2 2021

Labour, Social Security Min. Faces PAC - February 2 2021 1


  1. Why is that lady yelling? Is she the priminister’s wife? Such tone is not appropriate to speak with/among or anyone in the government body and to further note that this is seen globally. This backyard tone is not appropriate in government. We can conduct ourselves and lower the temperature in these meetings. Your fellow government body will be more open to listen and respect you lady even if they disagree.

    1. These are the conducts that are bad examples why politics and discussion about politics and social issues become toxic on the streets. Members of government must set example and conduct themselves humbly, respectfully and appropriately. Lighten your voice with a smile yet still use factual points to get your message across.

  2. U all conspire with leading media houses….we intelligent as well misses holiness….to know that all politicians do… for its fame that makes winners in politics…. not fulfillment of the constitutional objectives…n well being of this island Jamaica…..

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