Late Maneuvers By Trump Add Anxious Air To Typically Tranquil Transition | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC 1

Late Maneuvers By Trump Add Anxious Air To Typically Tranquil Transition | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC


Rachel Maddow reports on the bizarre last-minute effort by Donald Trump, through acting-Secretary of Defense Chris Miller, to install a political loyalist, Michael Ellis, in the non-political role of NSA general counsel. Aired on 01/19/2021.
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Late Maneuvers By Trump Add Anxious Air To Typically Tranquil Transition | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC


  1. I’m looking forward to the Trump Presidential Library and Museum, otherwise known as the Department of Justice evidence rooms.

    1. @Joern Meadows and so you saying he harm you because of what he does in China is that what you’re saying?

    2. @Mairice Wilson no am say you mixed up corrupt criminal trump with biden ,but trump is the worst president ever us ever had !!! and he murdered 300k us citizens thrugh neglect of duty and office wide spread lies … and yet you pretend china is the problem !!! all i see is segregationist talk from you .. and yes his buisness is in china and he should not had been in office if he had his buisnss .. jimmy carter was forced to sell his peanut farm incase of corruption !!! trump was utter and pure sellout of us and totally corrupt .. commited treason and yet you believe him lol

  2. Every person Orange appointed. Biden should fire, he did not want Obama to appoint people his last month in office so why he get to do it?

    1. yeh, at the start of the t. administration, all diplomatic postings were declared vacant by him, career & political appointees (and it took him years to actually appoint his own ambassadors to a lot of critical countries after that too). Biden needs to do the same thing with all top level positions in the whole government

    2. I’m sure Biden will flush down all those corrupt Trump sycophant appointees in one discharge or two and they will all go down and out in a brown stinky swirl. Bye bye

    3. @R Brown Alaska would be a good few month assignment in January, but we can can rotate them to much worse – think globally – might give them a new appreciation for what people experience in what Trump calls shithole countries, ands how good we have it in comparison.

    1. @Hai Oaiuy we need a guy like this government. Good attitude. Can tell the difference from valuable to trash.

    2. martin dvk wrote:
      During Trump’s first impeachment, Lt. Col. Alexander Vindman testified that Michael Ellis had the idea of moving the memorandum of Trump’s infamous phone call with Ukraine President Volodymyr Zelensky to a highly classified server. So its probably the same now… Hide what Trump did in four years in office as Highly Classified from the american public as possible.

    3. Patsy? That and much more…wing nut, criminal, unqualified ( just recently got law degree), inexperienced, toady, Devin Nunes pal. Enough said.

    4. He’s fired. Cleaning out his desk now. He’ll be slinking out of the Whitehouse Wednesday morning with the First Lady in tow.

  3. I feel for everyone who has developed anxiety, depression or PTSD as a result of the last year of Trump’s presidency.

    1. @Donee Stoner I’m in Europe but follow everything Trump did. I developed anxiety and mild depression. Talking to my Doctor, I mentioned my concerns that Trump could cause a war. She suggested I stop looking at the news. I’ve tried that but I’m worried for tomorrow. I can’t wait until Biden & Harris are safely in the White House. Stay well and safe.

    2. I’ve dealt with anxiety, depression, PTSD, and borderline personality disorder ( due to the amount of trauma I have been through and how bad my PTSD was) for most of my adult life! But since trump has been in office it has made my anxiety and my PTSD more prevalent! It is troubling when you realize how divided we are as a nation and especially given what has happened this last year. ( I reside in Minnesota luckily I live about an hour north of Minneapolis but, I do have family that lives and or works there and has had to deal with the protests and rioters when that happened) it was a trying time in my life! Than there was the attack on the Capitol a few weeks ago! That brought back the feelings of after 9/11 even though I wasn’t anywhere near the towers when that happened it still was a horrible feeling and I had a hard time flying for years after that! But the veiled threats that have been made, and the open hate, and racism is unnerving. I can’t wrap my head around how these extremists think, nor how a president can allow this behavior to go unpunished. Not just that but how he by not fully or honestly discouraging his supporters (which I understand not all are that extreme) to stop this foolishness. I have lost sleep because I worry about the state of our country and if some of my friends who are hardcore trump supporters are going to turn on me or try to do something stupid. I sincerely pray that Biden can work on unity and help us get back on track, I wish trump all the best in life, but he needs to pay for what he has done to our country. I wish he would just be honest with himself and US

    1. It is weird that these seditionists thought they could stop the vote, topple the government, and suffer no consequences. In the olden days radio had civil requirements for their airtime. The FCC used to control that. The little bit of Fox tv and snippets of radio and chat that I’ve seen told these little boys that they could play soldier. Ignorance of the law… Still, I feel a little sorry for them. Not much though.

    1. @Roman Ward What are you doing listening to Rachel Maddow? Go back to Hannity where you belong, and enjoy the Koolaid.

    1. @Dana Daniels I think you are right ! He is up to something, probably to protect his departure. That appointee will be sacked immediately anyway.

  4. Trump wants a civil war and he hasn’t given up on doing so! They absolutely must stop him from ever holding political office ever again.

    1. And any last-minute appointments really ought to be ASSUMED to be hidden IEDs, “Trump Mines,” slated to go off when someone who is NO LONGER in office “gets” into trouble… and on that account alone, I say we FIND the reason to fire him post haste. AND the person who put him in there at the Orange One’s direction…

    2. @Kade Campbell Good. The GOP should be labeled as a domestic threat & disbanded. Republican congress people are already being arrested , & the MAGAts should be declared domestic terrorists & they ALL should be branded as traitors & treated as such.

      The republicans, the MAGAts, they brought this on themselves by supporting, enabling & abetting a wannabe tinpot authoritarian dictator like Tr*mp. You’re reaping what you’ve sown.

    3. @Kade Campbell Aww Diddums – are those awful people on the left picking on you? I notice that you didn’t say whether you support Trump or not. If you don’t, when did you stop supporting him – did you vote for him in 2016? If you did, what made you stop supporting him? What was your “line in the sand” moment?
      If you don’t support him then say so, rather than whining about how mean the left is being to you.

    1. It’s just throwing his toys out of the pram knowing that everything he does to hinder the Biden government gives him more credo.

    1. ​@Ray Cist Do you think religion supplied you with the computer & technology of the internet? Somewhere out there, a couple of trees are working very hard to replace the oxygen you’re consuming. Now go & apologize to them.

  5. Even now in his last hours as POTUS he shows how much he is a tinpot dictator, making his country the laughing stock of the world

    1. I just wish that after tomorrow we would never have to hear his name again, that this awful spell will be relegated to the history books after we are all dead and gone. He needs to be declared PERSONA NON GRATA for ever!!
      I know, I know, we must all suffer through this forthcoming impeachment process, so we can’t really exhale yet.
      Four years ago I wrote that we should fasten our seatbelts; it’s going to be a bumpy ride. Three years ago I said Get him out of there!! A year ago I had a bumper sticker made: TRUMP . . . Unsafe At Any Speed.

  6. Then soon has President Biden gets sworn in this lawyer should be out of his new job….no trumplicans ALLOWED

    1. @myko freder Look at Scaramucci (the Mooch). He’s on CNN these days after about 10 days as Trump’s Chief Propagandist.

    2. @Vafflin / ヴぁっふりん the president makes “political appointments” such as director of NSA etc so he can hire and fire as he chooses. The job this guy got is not SUPPOSED to be made for political reasons (but it’s obvious it was) which also means you can’t fire them for political reasons. But we shall see.

    3. @A-Terrible-Fate Tr*mp is a fascist. The GOP Republicans are the dirty ones. You got it all twisted, sn0wflake.

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