Latest inflation numbers: Will gas and food prices decrease?

Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives senior economist David MacDonald breaks down the latest inflation numbers.

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  1. GREEDflation!!!! Corporations are CAUSING a lot of the inflation, because they’re jacking up their prices far more than what their actual costs are going up. PURE GREED!!!!!

    1. @mrpotatohead and hisfantastic eyebrows He obviously never read the excellent book “Creature From Jekyll Island”.

  2. How much money are they going to lose because they jack up food prices and then no can pay for it and ends up going bad 🤔?

  3. Gas is going too dollar this year. I run 91 in the Jeep and Si and I’m going to see $3.00 a L and that’s iffy and lucky it it’s just $3.00

  4. Start making your food at home, start growing your food at home, its the only way to show you disagree is by not putting any money in their pockets.

  5. *for every dollar they earn in profit, a percentage of each dollar should go to reducing the prices for the things that matter. lets vote for that*

    1. How about no.. because do you want justin trudeau tell you the price of food. Less regulation = better prices more competition.

  6. Our gov’t has, & continues to, keep our interest rates the lowest of the g7 & our credit rating is still top notch. Had the conservatives not created 34 of our pre-covid deficit, our rates wouldn’t have gone up so much.

  7. What they don’t tell you is that they have stopped including gas, food and housing in reported inflation numbers. You know the things that actually matter and are continuing to skyrocket.

  8. Latest inflation numbers: “You will own nothing, have no privacy, live in a pod, eat insects, and be happy”.

  9. the grocery stores are crooks and if you think prices will go down, I am sorry to inform you that will never happen.
    Many prices went up when they didnt have to.Never underestimate those who are rich to try even harder to squeeze every penny they can if they can get away with it.

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  11. They still have tobacco, books, and movie tickets in the basket of goods to calculate CPI.
    Who the F still buys books, smokes, or goes to the cinema in 2023? Those prices are used to pull the inflation number down.
    I suspect the actual inflation effects for the average family is about 30%

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