Laurence Tribe Makes The Case For Impeachment | Hardball | MSNBC

Laurence Tribe Makes The Case For Impeachment | Hardball | MSNBC 1


This will be only the fourth time in our country's history that a president has faced the imminent threat of impeachment. Laurence Tribe, author of “To End A Presidency,” makes the case for just that. Aired on 09/27/19.
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Laurence Tribe Makes The Case For Impeachment | Hardball | MSNBC

69 Comments on "Laurence Tribe Makes The Case For Impeachment | Hardball | MSNBC"

  1. Is it me or is something unraveling in front of our eyes?

    • Yes, Joe Biden’s run for President and the Democrat voters’ hopes of beating Trump in 2020.

    • Not really

    • @Drd20 This whole thing has moved up a notch. Treason is hanging over Trump’s head. This is no longer telling little stupid lies, he has betrayed the country he made an oath to protect AND those people in the senate who all knew that he’s a crook and selling out America, they too will be called up. Look Trump is already calling them out, he’s not going to go down alone. The man is a cheap, dirty rambling crook.

  2. This is historic.

    • Impeachment does not automatically result in the removal of the president, the GOP have to vote on his impeachment too, are you really so naive to believe they are going to vote against their dear leader? All this premature celebrating of Trump’s demise is going to end in massive disappointment, just like the Mueller investigation. I hate to be the bearer of bad news but I am a realist, Trump is going nowhere.

    • @Thyalwaysseek
      Your so stupid it’s a crime you have a brain.
      The Exercise is for the Democrats, an the Garbage Republicans, to do their duty,
      For the Ppl, America, an the world.

    • @Thyalwaysseek Sadly, you may be proven correct. That does not mean that it should not be done. Trying and failing to oust a corrupt President is better than not having tried at all. Dems are setting historic precedent for what is acceptable behavior from our leaders. It has to be done.

    • Dont get your Hope’s up

      Trump did nothing illegal but biden most likely did and Trump legally has the right to ask a Foreign National about Biden. This is a obvious coup attemp !

      This It is exactly what Trump is accused of discussing criminal activity with a foreign National as Ukraine. In the treaty signed by Bill Clinton in 1997 I have pulled out the words for you here that states it is not illegal.


      The United States has long been concerned about bribery of foreign officials. In 1977, the United States enacted the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act to criminalize the bribery of foreign officials, and has urged other nations to adopt similar statutes. The Convention is intended to ensure that Parties enact statutes to criminalize bribery and other kinds of public corruption. It establishes a treaty-based regime of obligations among OAS member states to fight corruption. Within the Convention are limited requirements similar to the U.S. Foreign Corrupt Practices Act and other U.S. laws relative to bribery of public officials.
      The purpose of the Inter-American Convention Against Corruption (“the Convention”) is to require Parties to the Convention to criminalize solicitation or acceptance of bribes and other corrupt acts, to criminalize transnational bribery in commerce, and to eliminate bank secrecy or political grounds as the bases to refuse cooperation with other Parties in criminal investigations under the Convention.

      Electoral Fraud:

      You have to be a nominee to be protected by any foreign influence by any persons Including the President. He is protected under the treaty !

      Many kinds of election fraud are outlawed in electoral legislations, but others are in violation of general laws, such as those banning assault, harassment or libel. Although technically the term “electoral fraud” covers only those acts which are illegal, the term is sometimes used to describe acts which are legal, but considered morally unacceptable, outside the spirit of an election or in violation of the principles of democracy.[1][2] Show elections, containing only one candidate, are sometimes classified as electoral fraud, although they may comply with the law and are presented more as referendums.

      This is no different than candidates digging up dirt bashing each other legally but Trump did need to get involved so my hats off to him and doing it legally

  3. Three of the four impeachments will fall within the last 50 years. What’s with that?

  4. “A high crime is a betrayal of the United States.”

    • Everything he does is for self gain.
      This has everything to do with our Congress holding him accountable to the laws of the United States.

    • @Steven Dean You are a pathetic Lost Soul, and a TRAITOR to your Country! GREAT SHAME ON YOU to put Party before Country. You, along with the rest of you need to be HUNG!

    • ​@Steven Dean Adam Schiff didn’t lie, it wasn’t a transcript, it was the ‘recollection’ of the whitehouse staff so he made fun of it. Nunez opened his questioning with a lie

  5. Thanksgiving ought to be interesting in some families this year.

  6. America has the death penalty, and must be abolished, but then I remember Drumpf and his son Fredo may be charged with treason and decide that actually it’d be rude to interfere with local customs.😜

  7. Exactly what I’ve been saying all along. Stonewalling should be treated as an admission of guilt!!!
    Is there a impeachment rally or march or something that I can take part in???

    • @Nadia Silvershine Thanks. I’ll check it out.

    • A Queen Stands Alone | September 28, 2019 at 10:56 AM | Reply

      Rebecca Bello Congress knows if Executive privilege is invoked that Trump will have to step down. He’s on a marathon to keep raising millions for the RNC and the Chairwoman of the RNC put out a tweet in support of trump last night. He can raise billions of dollars but this situation is bad.

    • Let’s see how many 5th amendments are claimed…and we know what Trump said about that!!

      And Congress needs to actually act on people who ignore or hold it in contempt…daily fines or imprisonment required.

  8. Elect a failed businessman with a shady past….what could possibly go wrong?

    • @James Porter Cheap hair, cheap tan, cheap suites, cheap teeth, and a cheap wife. I think most rational people know Trump doesn’t have that sort of person wealth. Fast food Whitehouse dinners and there is plenty of videos of his daughter flying coach.

    • @Bill Doh Never bought it. Always thought of Trump as a crook, false, thief and a very mean bully. A coward and a dummy, grandstanding all the time, con artist

    • A Queen Stands Alone | September 28, 2019 at 10:47 AM | Reply

      Perry Walton 🤣

    • A Queen Stands Alone | September 28, 2019 at 10:52 AM | Reply

      Thyalwaysseek he should not be in power. He lost the popularity vote. People don’t like Hillary Clinton but she makes excellent points on what happened to the electoral college votes. I don’t know why Obama didn’t safeguard the election voting system. He received warnings from the intelligence agencies a year prior. Maybe he didn’t think that we would truly be attacked virtually. Maybe the Republican majority Senate & House would not pass legislation. We can’t “what if” but that’s important. McConnell HAS to put election security on the floor.

  9. Unicorn On The Cob | September 27, 2019 at 10:34 PM | Reply

    For the sake of America and our allies Conman Don has gotta go. We have no choice.

  10. How ironic is this? Don’t forget what he did to the federal workers three days before Christmas.

  11. This is such good news! Just have to hope the Senate republicans show up like they’ve said in private. And if they vote against his impeachment… They will be on record voting no.. goodluck keeping your seats you corrupt politicians.

    • Bro. BOTH sides are corrupt! BOTH sides are in it for their own benefit, not yours or mine. I feel so bad for people who blindly think one side is more righteous than the other. No matter what, the politicians and government wins, you and I the everyday normal Americans LOSE.

    • If they vote No, history will renenber them — especially as Trump, enboldened, commits even worse transgressions against America and it’s Constitution, And if he gets another 4 years, America would likely be ruined.

    • They should vote yes, that’s what Trump wants. A public display to expose their crimes.

  12. The Russian Trolls are really working overtime.

    • @keith parkhill Its not black mail Trump has the right to ask about corruption between countries whether biden did right or wrong but it has been an ongoing issue regarding the bribery issue, this is why Clinton signed the Treaty. You must not have a full functioning brain to figure this out after reading the convention

    • Russia Russia Russia

    • @keith parkhill There was no quid pro quo you may want to look that up lol

    • You just provide my point. ( This a crime against the nation, the constitution is impeaching Trump, all his anti-American supporters can leave if they do not respect this country and the constitution )
      WTF does that mean ? to the troll with a new account.

  13. more Tribe. Tribe’s words are strong. We need this beacon. The target of impeachment is a dangerous one, using dark means. Tribe must be in the watch tower as we take each breath.

  14. ” We’re not going to allow you to stonewall. We’re going to treat your stonewalling not only as consciousness of guilt, but as actual guilt. “

  15. Traitor Trump’s presidency (crime spree) has been one long cover-up from day one.

  16. Dems played nice and got punked by these crooks long enough, they ain’t playing anymore.

  17. The spin trolls are everywhere, Russian and Republican. 🤣

    • Russia Russia Russia

    • @Barry Sutton Привет володька 😜

    • Mike Sprague Same thing 😆

    • He has out maneuvered them again. You realize they are trying to impeach him for crimes, including treason, that they committed, because he was talking about them.

      When this gets in front of the Senate where do you think the line of questioning is going to go?
      Also don’t forget the declass is coming.

      What you are witnessing is preparing the public for the end of this criminal cabal they trusted. This is what draining the swamp looks like.

  18. Éamonn Síoċáin | September 27, 2019 at 11:16 PM | Reply

    Faker 45 has unabashedly committed treason.

    • Yes! He is so guilty of treason that he brings it up all the time if someone in his evil mind exposes his wrongdoing. He’s a ditry coward

    • @Irma L @ Eamonn Siocain.. Should this be punished as treason ??? Why are the not talking about the punishment of such a crime??

    • @Ruby Ice Yes, Donald did! He said we handled treason and spies differently in the past! We executed them!

  19. Whistle Blower + Laurence Tribe = Save Democracy

  20. That’s Professor Tribe to you MAGA Trumpers. All MAGA / KAG Hats should be thrown in the 🗑. Trump is a treasonous traitor.

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