LAUSD workers are on strike for better wages and benefits | USA TODAY

60,000 workers from the nation's second-largest school district are on strike, demanding better wages and benefits.

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The nation's second-largest school district shut its doors to 422,000 students Tuesday after more than 60,000 Los Angeles Unified School District employees – including school staff and teachers – made good on their promise to strike in response to a breakdown in contract negotiations.

District workers gathered outside schools and a bus yard with signs early Tuesday reading "RESPECT US!" and umbrellas, as another atmospheric river dumped rain on Los Angeles.

“This is what solidarity looks like right here,” said Max Arias, executive director of SEIU Local 99, which represents the striking bus drivers, custodians, cafeteria employees, campus security and teaching assistants. Passing drivers blasted horns in support as he spoke at a news conference outside Robert F. Kennedy Community Schools. Arias said LAUSD failed to bargain in good faith, instead subjecting workers to “stress and harassment.”

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  1. Notice most to all are elderly people that made a bad decision and want us to pay them more for the half effort work

  2. I would pay you 30% more but if your Students don’t pass or do well. Can I take 30% Wages out of your paychecks

    1. You can take 30 percent ….but your child must pay attention 100 percent of the time during instruction…

  3. Don’t fold to these criminals.
    Fire them all and start over with merit based hiring with no union. Performance based pay. No indoctrination camps either.
    Homeschool, private schools and student vouchers. No more Public Unions!

    1. But who is gonna plug in the TV and turn it on?…and what happens when the smart TV needs an update in the middle of a class session? Or worse in the middle of a final?..what happens if a kid trips over the wire? What if a Mischievous kid cuts the wire?
      If a Kid doesn’t understand the lesson is there a assistant Smart TV?…how are the kids going to get to the school with the TV, if all Bus drivers got fired?.if the kid who tripped over the wire needs a nurse, who do they go to if all the nurses got fired?…just a sample of many factual based questions …please answer and thank you

  4. Why can’t an employee ask for more money…this is a capitalist society, isn’t it?..

    1. Depends on if your working class can afford to pay them more. What happened to all the money these schools get payed go?

    2. I would agree..the superintendent should open up his accounts and display transparency…so everyone can follow the money…

  5. Probably better for the kids right now, as education has turned into weird woke indoctrination. Home school beats the tripe being peddled in most schools nowadays.

    1. @Just the Facts Ma’am because unlike you, I don’t just blindly believe what the system tells me. Unlike you, I am able to question said “education”, and what exactly it is attempting to “teach”” me. Very little which has actually assisted my actual evolution. But do go on, telling me how I need to be as educated as you and share the same herd mentality that you have been programmed to believe makes you more intelligent. 😄

    2. I never said I was smarter..I just want to see evidence of what you are stating..indoctrination and peddling..and you still have not done it…so that would mean , you don’t have proof… good luck with all your evolving….and please question things all you want…but if you make a an should provide evidence …

  6. Raise the taxes on every working-age adult in Los Angeles by $300 a month to help the poor that work at LAUSD

    1. So then THEY are homeless-Brilliant. All that needs to be done is to fire any and all cops who have cost the city $$$ in settlements-plus any cops who have multiple complaints and give the money to the teachers.

  7. LAUSD is one of the highest funded districts in the world. If you’re unhappy teachers blame the corruption that’s skimming off the top. I feel bad for these kids that are always being used as pawns

  8. If you looked at how much cops get paid it would make you sick. A sergeant in the LAPD can get paid $265,000.00 a year plus benefits. Teachers make maybe 10-20% of that. Slash the salaries of cops and give the money to teachers. When was the last time you saw a video of a teacher dragging someone from their car and beating them senseless? When did a teacher initiate a high speed car chase? When was the last time a teacher shot or tasered someone? When have you gotten a ticket from some dumb teacher for something you didn’t do? When have your civil rights been violated by a teacher? When was the last time a group of out of control teachers forced their way into your home? Never. I rest my case.

    1. There’s good and bad apples, and every line of work. Police are generally good. If someone breaks into your house to harm you or kidnaps your child, who are you going to call? A teacher…?

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