Law Experts Weigh In On Supreme Court Arguments | Morning Joe | MSNBC 1

Law Experts Weigh In On Supreme Court Arguments | Morning Joe | MSNBC


The Supreme Court on Tuesday seemed prepared to rule that Congress went too far in seeking broad access to the president's personal financial documents but that a New York prosecutor may be able to get his tax records. Benjamin Wittes and Barbara McQuade discuss. Aired on 5/13/2020.
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Law Experts Weigh In On Supreme Court Arguments | Morning Joe | MSNBC


  1. The SOB can owe a ton of money to the Saudis and the Russians and God knows whom else – what is there to argue about?

    1. @Dave Schultz what makes you think mueller had access to trump’s taxes? That’s not true.

    2. If SCOTUS supports Trump’s contention then Trump will have successfully sold the country to the highest bidder.

    1. @Mind Freshener Thank goodness, Trump had a team of special, crack “invisible” investigators to send to Hawaii to find out the truth

    2. Transparency…He’s been Compromised, he’s a FRAUD, or he’s Perfect! Let’s let the Facts liberate or destroy him. Transparency!

  2. Trumps acted like a king from day one and has obstructed like he breathes. Slowing this down isn’t surprising. It’s what trump does when he’s wrong and caught at it.

  3. The question remains, what is Trump so afraid of that would justify going to such length to hide his taxes?

    1. 1. He is not as rich as he claims. 2. He owes a lot of money to Russia and Saudi oligarchs. 3. He assisted in money laundering

    2. Knowing Trump he might be worried about his brand. That’s how he makes his coin. If it turns out he owes more than he has in the bank, for example, that could demolish his brand.

    3. I’m guessing illegally obtained fund’s. They have no direction in the White Houses, you think this carries over to the White House. Past performance with be a repeat of nature.
      Saying humans are creatures of repeated habit’s. Trait in how you’re run your businesses. How you treat people. Character able to run his business efficiently. Does he make a profit? How does he do it? How much does he make on each part in his company? Then I,’d tear into his finance’s. ALL OF THEM.

    4. @nosuchthing8 But what IS brand now–…Brand now is nly for the few circle of people and minions who can afford his hotels,resorts and golf courses. His brand as far as reaching the public people was through gambling,and we know how that went,huh? Out of touch with who his brand should be.

    5. Gilles Charbonneau — The answer to your question: – “…what is Trump so afraid of that would justify going to such length to hide his taxes?” is obvious to everyone, including the Justices of the Supreme Court! — Trump is afraid of being send to prison for the rest of his life, for his financial crimes, which he committed for many years!

      I still wonder, HOW he somehow managed to convinced many people, that despite being most hopeless “businessman”, who was losing thousands of millions dollars in every business he started, and going bankrupt SIX times, yet, by some incredible miracle, he emerged a “Billionaire”! Apart from being afraid of going to prison for his crimes, he is also scared, that his tax returns will reveal the truth about this ridiculous “billionaire” fairy tale, concocted by him.

  4. We have to get rid of Trump, McConnell, & Barr to make the USA go in the right direction. Lock them up!!!

    1. Then also disbar EVERY attorney/Judge who practice the Federalist versions of the Constitution, and the professors backing this, that THE PRESIDENT HAS FULL AUTHORITARIAN RULE over Judicial, Congressional, AND Executive Branches of Government, which is WHY they are restricted to 4 years, or we can elect him to a total of 8, OR we will keep facing this horror!. THIS is the rot against our Constitution!

  5. If the Supreme court rules in Trump’s favour then the American judiciary needs to be dismantled

    1. @boyo111 Who are YOU to tell others to be “less partisan” and then cast a slur like “Moscowmitch”? Then phony is YOU.

    2. @Jeff Gibson well if moscowmitch isn’t being less partisan I don’t know who is. Oh yeah, your Orange hero who regularly insults people while claiming they are being unfair and partisan. whooooooo

    3. How about added more members to the federal Supreme Court….the federal district courts have different size amounts of judges….some have over 20…time to get more modern like doubling the amount….

    4. @Jeff Gibson stop it man…..u think u talking to someone tht heard wat happen from someone…..I’m 50 years old so I remember clearly wat happen and u are mistaken according to the FACTS…

  6. congress has a right to see all his business dealing as to see too it that the emoluments clause has been followed,witch we all know hasn’t happened since Trumps been in office,and if the supreme court don’t see this,its cause they have been bought,period!

  7. They had no problem when it was Bill Clinton getting consensual BJ in the White House, now all of a sudden they have a problem with a traitor and pathological trump has obviously committed a a litany of crimes and they don’t want to enforce a subpoena to release his financial information that EVERY president before him has done for the last 50 years…… travesty of justice

    1. @Mike Kober – did you care this much about the Clinton Foundation, or just Trump?
      Was it okay for the Clinton Foundation to receive foreign donations for years while she was Secretary of State to gain influence and access?
      Also… was it okay for Hillary to traffic in classified material and operate a private server out of her house for 4 years?
      Even Comey said under oath that an average GMail account had more protections than Hillary’s.
      Of course all that is okay with you. Because you are an ignorant hypocrite. LOL

    2. @Charles T Thank you for such a clear, intelligent and well thought out response to critisism.

    3. @epic103 Hillary Clinton did release her income taxes in 2016 when she ran for president to be fair.

  8. Trump’s impeachment lawyers argued that even though he was guilty that he was too important to convict and Trump’s hand picked SCOTUS team will allow him to get away with tax evasion and all other crimes!

    1. @Mind Freshener : And you don’t even know how to construct a sentence. Interesting screen name for someone who’s mind is a cesspool of lies, ignorance, and willful stupidity is grammatically correct. Back to school, Ivan.

  9. Congress should pass a law that anyone who runs for president or any high office must be completely vetted…revealing all requested information…or will not be permitted to run…

    1. @James Campbell And you reallt need to get over your upset that he was voted president almost 12 years ago, buddy.

    2. T Electronix I voted for him the first term. Worst mistake of my life. Ruined my retirement portfolio. Guy was all smoke. Still is.

    3. ​@James Campbell Your portfolio never existed, ask Putin to add your Russian portfolio.

    4. @James Campbell as they say..fool me once, shame on you; fool me twice, shame on me

  10. Again, Americans get screwed.
    Everyone knows if the documents were favorable trumpy would have copies sent with the “congratulations you have won a stimulus check”!!!

  11. When others apply for a top secret clearance they have to show financial records (taxes, bank statements, and all loans). And yet the president who holds the highest clearance doesn’t have to show anything. Something is wrong with that picture.

  12. I hate that our nation’s freedom currently relies on this politically biased supreme court. It’s a fear that every american should recognized

    1. Let’s see if this is a conspiracy lol Tick tac lets investigate the Matter.
      Just Another Tuesday: Donald Trump Tweets Conspiracy Claim Against Joe Scarborough, Again
      Let’s see if this is a conspiracy lol Tick tac lets investigate the Matter.
      let’s replace Morning joe with Paul Manafort lets give him a long run for his money…

      Donald Trump again tweeted conspiracy theory about Morning Joe co-host Joe Scarborough, again suggesting that he was involved in a 2001 Hmmm very interesting let’s Digg up the matter from the past jack to see if this is true. Remember Murder doesn’t have a statute of limitation

    2. Dee Pattison I’d like to get rid of the electoral congress. But, I’ll never live that long.

    3. The Supreme Court is the only governing body that is not politically biased knucklehead you sound like you’re From Russia with that statement

  13. If trump didn’t want himself and his family under a microscope he shouldn’t have run for president!

  14. So only Democrat Presidents can be investigated and “harassed”
    Republican Presidents can harass EVERY ONE and not be investigated?

  15. The question is not ” what is TRUMP hiding”, the question is ” what are they helping him hide”.

    1. Since YOU have nothing to hide, I expect YOU to post your tax returns on the internet today. YOU do pay taxes don’t you? Prove it.

    2. @Jeff Gibson so all the other previous President’s had shown their tax returns did you say they shouldn’t have. If not your showing bias for a Lying Traitor Imposter who only cares about himself and filling his pockets with money any which way possible he can get it. He’s a grifter always has been but you seem OK him not showing his tax returns even if it means him in putins pocket b’coz putin is his way out of trouble ticket. If he has nothing to hide as he keeps saying or sed he would show his returns then he should show it but he knows he’s been doing crooked deals with dictators who are your country’s enemy.
      Drump has made the country weak and pathetic and your happy with his LIES and Embarrassment. JS

    3. The thing you guys are all asking for is a “STOP AND FRISK HIS TAX RETURNS”. If a cop says to you, “c’mere, ngggr. What are you doing in this neighborhood? Are you carrying? Show me!” You would be right to know your rights under the Fourth Amendment are being violated. The cop has no probable cause to believe you have done anything wrong. You have your Fourth Amendment right to be in any public place, subject to it’s rules. Oh, sure you agree with that. But you don’t agree it’s also a 4th Amendment violation to “STOP AND FRISK THE TAX RETURNS” of Donald Trump because YOU think YOU want to find something crooked. Only a judge can issue a search warrant. It’s in the Constitution. I feel sorry for you young people that you cannot comprehend the last 300 years of history. And now you’re going to lose it.

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