Lawmaker calls Israeli action in Jerusalem ‘ethnic cleansing’

CNN's Bianna Golodryga talks with Arab-Israeli lawmaker Aida Touma Suleiman about the ongoing Israeli-Palestinian conflict as Israeli warplanes continue to pound Gaza, and Palestinian protesters hit the streets in cities across the West Bank and elsewhere. #CNN #News #CNNi #WorldNews


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    4. @Tedd Nagurski hhhh do you bieve that ? No temples there is just a trick extremist jush try to spread it on the world to find execuses to destroy the Aqsa Mosque

    1. @Horizon Eyes It is you who does not know what real racism is. You support BLM, a group made by self proclaimed trained Marxists who profit off the hate they create, who blame all cops and all white people for the actions of a few, and who want to defund the police which would hurt people of color even more, and attack society and our American way of life and burn it all down until they get their way and rewrite history and play political games, while harming thousands of innocent citizens and solving none of the real problems? Ignore thousands of lives lost to senseless violence in their own community each year, and riot about a few bad cops each year and destroy those communities further and attack the people who actually save the most lives and help keep the most people safe each year? LOL. Racism is your explanation for everything that goes wrong huh? Only a racist would think in such an ignorant way.
      All Lives Matter! Anyone who is against such a statement is obviously a brainwashed racist. Enjoy your Marxist propaganda I guess, and enjoy your Liberal fascist take over while it lasts. I am more well educated than you are and I am a person of color myself. Thanks for proving your ignorance and racist mentality, as expected.

    2. @Michael Farar Democrats stormed the Capitol and many other federal buildings and rioted across America but the fake news media seems to have forgotten. Democrats caused thousands of times more violence, damage, hatred, division and insurrection over the past several years than Trump or MAGA ever did, but the media ignores the facts. Far Left Radicals even bombed the Capitol before in the 80’s, and have been doing terrible things in America for decades, but Democrats ignore history as usual when it isn’t convenient. Funny how people like you are so ignorant to the facts. Fake News owns your soul obviously.

    3. @Michael Farar Trump denounced David Duke and the KKK years ago and many times in his life, and so the KKK and David Duke denounced Trump long ago. Biden has proven to be far more racist than Trump over his long career and shown to have given far more racist statements recently as well. Biden was even exposed as a segregationist by Kamala Harris during the DNC debates and Biden was literally best friends with Robert C. Byrd, his stated friend and mentor who worked on segregationist policies over their careers. Robert C. Byrd was a Democrat politician who was verified as an Exalted Cyclops within the KKK. Biden and Democrats praised that man…. Go look it up if you don’t believe me and stop being brainwashed by corrupt Democrats. Trump was slandered and cheated by the media and Democrat propagandists, and Trump had the policy that actually helped the people. Biden and Democrats are ruining it all now obviously with terrible policy and racist propaganda as usual. Stop being used. All Lives Matter! MAGA!

  1. They are tearing down the old system to bring in the new system. People are being played against each other so they can lock us all down. They create the problem so when the public reacts to the problems they create they can bring the solution.

    1. @Jacob Johnson The liberal education system didn’t train it to put any effort in to understanding something through analysis. The system trained the robots like A Bellpeper to just criticize something just because it exists.

    1. @Blanca Ochoa why does it matter who started it? It ain’t tag at recess. I think the your afraid if your wrong on this one thing that you could be wrong with religion and political picks you have made. Really your just wrong. You should branch out and watch other news sources you may not agree with more often and try to watch true independent news. If you want I can give some good sources.

    2. @jason dirt you are triggered with the truth. It does matter who starts a war especially when the other just wants peace.

  2. Dear Lord, those in power everywhere continually play with our lives to suit their own purposes.

    1. @Ephraim Viviankiri what I say is never a lie. I never lie. But I love how you said β€œtoo.” So you admit to not having any visions. Dumbass.

    2. @Jo B So you admit to persecuting Christians like me by calling me a Dumbass? Right…

    3. @Jo B I have visions, it’s just a part of me. You’re the one getting heated bro! Your daddy issues won’t get you anywhere I hope you know that! πŸ˜€

  3. The U.S.: β€œVery intensive diplomacy.” Translation: Nothing has changed, and nothing will change. It’s all posturing for the cameras to ensure that American politicians do not lose votes.

  4. “If you’re not careful, the newspapers will have you hating the people who are oppressed and loving the people who are doing the oppressing” Malcolm X

    1. @sherrcon there is a solution. Stop funding Israel when it is committing ethnic cleansing.
      Impse sanction until Israel stop oppressing Palestinian people. The reason that the problem cannot be solved because USA has been rewarding Israel for killing Palestinians.

    2. @H2 Lo BLM and ANTIFA riots last year caused dozens of deaths, thousands of injuries, billions of dollars in damages, multiple destroyed monuments and federal buildings, burnt down businesses and police stations, and the Democrats allowed and supported literal anarchy zones for months, all during the height of the pandemic which hurt and killed thousands more in their obvious lies and hypocrisy. Politics over the people, the Democrat way. 3% or 7% whatever you want to claim, of millions of people protesting leading to riots dozens of times daily for months across the nation is obviously a lot worse than what you are trying to lie about. BLM tore down plenty of communities and it is verified. Stop calling the riots “mostly peaceful protests.” It is what it is, and no amount of Democrat propaganda will hide the truth. The MAGA protest was mostly peaceful by your standards then. 75 million MAGA supporters are not rioting and did nothing at the Capitol, only a few hundred people actually did anything wrong, and most were just petty crimes that resulted in nothing other than a few hours of delay and slap on the wrist penalties. BLM and ANTIFA were actually killing and injuring people daily and causing arson and mass riots and theft and the destruction of monuments and buildings to burn down daily. I don’t see MAGA rioting across America ever. I don’t see MAGA harming thousands of innocent people and destroying communities and businesses and stealing and looting in mass. I don’t see MAGA setting arson to buildings and causing billions in damages or causing dozens of deaths or causing crime to double or triple in Democrat states. BLM and ANTIFA and Democrats caused all the real damage to America and the people. Fake News sure does love their false narratives designed to brainwash delusional Democrats though. Trump was right all along. All Lives Matter!

    3. @RedmanLaw000 problem with your long list of lies is you have zero evidence nor proof.
      Fact is there are 9 deaths in total during the more than 8,000 BLM protests in 2020.
      And of the 9 deaths, it include the killings of that right wing teenager bringing gun across stateline and the police shooting of that BBQ restaurant owners. Most of the killings are actually committed by the counter protesters that present in the BLM protests.
      Stop with your lies already.

    4. @H2 Lo America supports Israel because of democracy and decency, or at least it used to before Burisma Biden and the Marxist Democrats took over and made everything destabilized and worse than before. Palestine is not oppressed, they just want what they can’t have and don’t deserve. They are free to do what they want, just not in Israel which is free to live how they want and deserve to. Israel is not the nation using human shields and innocent children to protect their terrorists and weapons. Just a thought.

  5. I am so sorry for you people who are suffering such devastating tragedies! Praying4youALL!!! AMEN, SELAH❀

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