Lawrence’s Last Word: The Campaign Is In The William Goldman Moment | The Last Word | MSNBC

Lawrence O’Donnell explains how an Oscar winning screenwriter has given us the best description of the current state of play in the presidential campaign. Aired on 2/12/2020.
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Lawrence's Last Word: The Campaign Is In The William Goldman Moment | The Last Word | MSNBC


    1. monokai mook, agree! When describing Trump’s True Believers, the prophetic words of the great Ozzie come to mind, “I’m going off the rails on a crazy train…”Be well.

  1. ‘boldly go where no man’s(person) gone before’……:D…out with the bad and in the new…no matter who…

    1. Why sully the base at Guantanamo? I say we either put him in a cell under the shrine on Epstein’s island, or build a confinement space for him near the section of his “border wall” that blew over in the breeze last month.

  2. Just follow the money 💰. Yup. But it’s going to get messy because all the laundered money coming into the Donald’s pocket is from literally everywhere.

    1. There will be no “follow the money” investigations by federal law enforcement unless Barr authorizes it in advance. So, no federal investigations. Investigative journalists like Woodward and Bernstein, assisted by whistleblowers from inside this corrupt clown car of an administration, will bring the facts to light. It’s too late to trust the Justice Dept or the Senate to do their jobs. I suspect the dirty money is not only going to Individual 1 but that it is a very deep source of RNC funding, has been for years, and the actual reason Trumpublican senators and cronies can’t seem to muster the courage to even question his most obviously corrupt conduct is that they know he knows they’re dirty, too. They can’t all be this afraid of just losing their seats – most know that’s a possibility and will springboard into even more lucrative “consulting” jobs. They fear being exposed, shamed, and untouchable as consultants, or possibly as criminals.

  3. trump has shiny gold trimmed conductor hat on and he’s ready to punch America’s ticket for a one way trip to Palookaville (aka, Loserland). Vote blue! Make America Decent Again

    1. @Devlin Avocado In a world where every bloke and his dog has a camera do you have even one photo of these, ‘fleets and fleets of buses full of illegals masquerading as dead people’ or is it just another lie pulled out of …the air?

    2. dalecs47, agree. The dems got so conditioned to winning, got carried away by the on-going loss of the demographic that voted Republican, that they got careless and the Republicans got wise. The latter, hijacked the gerrymandering process in state after state while the dems slept. As a result, GOP victory after GOP victory ensues despite the GOP being the minority party in the vast majority of states. In addition, the GOP managed to seat a GOP-friendly SCOTUS which delivered us to an un-democratic _Citizens United_ universe where money equals speech. So now PAC dark money flows to GOP campaign coffers practically guaranteeing that serious media propaganda will flood voters in 50 states, practically perpetuating GOP rule. Example, only 20% of Mitch McConnel’s funding comes from Kentucky voters. The man remains indentured to multinational corporations and Wall Street, as do the other GOP’s who must kiss Mitch’s ring to get access to the PAC money he divvies out. Vote Mitch’s way or he’ll fund your opponent… It’s cheating only if you’re ethical and ignore the destruction of our Republic in the aftermath of Citizens United. Under CU, it’s all legit!Be well.

  4. “Follow the money”?
    Supreme Court said you cant. So goodness knows how much of that is coming from outside countries.

    1. @autumn rain Oh I dont. It is practically a written rule with friends and family alike not to get me started on politics.

    2. @Annie don’t be silly. The oversight of the FISA courts was in response to abuse of power and spying by Obama and Hillary. The Democrats certainly are a cunning and traitorous bunch.

    3. @shkspr78 s That’s some fine spin. Comey’s violation of the Hatch Act exacerbated the situation in the 2016 election. Both candidates were under investigation (and should have been), but officials conducting the investigations were remiss in making hers public, which strangely enough fed into her opponent’s own criminal activity. Barr is hardly the right person to be arbiter in the 2020 election season.

  5. A Jewish President?
    If you listen carefully, you can hear some *very fine people* gripping their tiki torches that much tighter

  6. Bernie knows and follows the right track as you put it Lawrence!! I am American Indian, a ggrandma and I’m voting for BERNIE!! BERNIE2020! HE WILL MAKE THIS COUNTRY FAIR FOR ALL OF US!!

    1. G. G.
      Jews only know how to take care of themselves. It will be a continuation of the tRump administration (a little nicer/less toxic), but ALL about Israel! Mark my words on that. Why do you think that Mike Bloomberg is spending all of his money to so-called “defeat tRump”? It will be the same thing. Only that Bernie is a cleaner man. Jews only take care of Jews, and will use others to achieve their goals. Don’t say I didn’t tell you!

    2. Go for it Lady!! Yeah Agreed. 🙂 And Bernie is going to need everyone we can collect on the way to vote.

  7. But please, please America, don’t be complacent. Make sure you vote trump out. (and as a rider, take the house and Senate)

  8. He also had a great line in his book about Broadway, The Season: “You can paint garbage, but it’s still garbage.”

  9. Lawrence, it is time to do so serious education of the public about the intense voter suppression and gerry mandering that is happening for 2020

    1. It’s why justice Roberts ruled 5 to 4 against getting involved in stopping voter suppression and gerrymandering! McConnell is as big a danger to America as trump. But if the American people do the same as 2018 then they can take the Senate and hopefully kick McConnell into an investigation on why he deliberately held up bills to stop Russia from interfering in the elections. That act alone should be regarded as treason as he is aiding an enemy who did a cyber attack on America (an act of war, albeit cyber war).

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