Lecce: Unvaccinated students in Ont. won't face any different rules within class setting 1

Lecce: Unvaccinated students in Ont. won’t face any different rules within class setting

Unvaccinated children will not face different rules than their vaccinated peers within the school setting this September, the Ontario government says.

Education Minister Stephen Lecce and Ontario's Chief Medical Officer of Health Dr. Kieran Moore took questions together for the first time on Wednesday since the back-to-school plan was released.

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  1. Tge government can come up ew ith the money to fix the air quality in schools during a Pandemic. That’s great. But it was also shows that the government could have come up with the money needed right awayto fix the water emergency in Indigenous communities. They could have come the funds needed to help with the extreme emergencies that have been happening for for many many years in Indigenous communities.

    1. The film industry is also booming and Trudeau was proud of his specially trained nurses for film sets while our granparents and children were on venitilators

    2. _But it was also shows that the government could have come up with the money needed right awayto fix the water emergency in Indigenous communities._

      You can thank the COVID paranoid hypochondriacs running public health for that.

    1. _I think its more important to lower the size of students in a class._

      That refrain has been going on for at least thirty years.

    1. @Jassi Singh you mean as *many not much. And thats not very liberal of you to wish death on others. I am a liberal and dont really care to see conservatives die but I guess thats just me and the fact that I dont treat politics like its a sport where we wish death on the other team.

    2. _Wow…doing the right thing. What sorcery is this???_

      Making kids wear masks is NOT doing the right thing.

    3. @Jac I’m obviously being sarcastic. Every video that suggests opening up and easing restrictions is popular with conservatives in spite of the Delta variant rampaging through. I figure that reverse psychology is a better tactic. What better way to scare conservatives other than making them realize it’s more likely that Trudeau will get re-elected as more of them are harmed by the virus.

    4. @Jassi Singh pretty hard for the “delta” virus to be rampaging considering sars cov2 has never been isolated. We have been saying this for a year now and Alberta health services has just admitted in court that this is true. Hopefully your house of cards will soon fall even further.

  2. Hahahaha weups forgot the order of the news release or testing to see if parents are paying attention??? Haha what a bunch of jokes

  3. Mouth breathers for literally a year and a half: “guyz! TEH government is goin 2 make u get vaxxed! It’s a 4ever lockdown! U won’t even be able 2 go to work or skool! It’s a conspiracy 2 control u!”

    1. uhhhh, that is happening in many places around the world. You sound foolish when you speak like that without knowing the whole story. It is apparent now where your blank space is.

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